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The Ultimate Customer Engagement Exhibition in Las Vegas

Call & Contact Center Expo

Fortem International is set to launch The Call and Contact Center Expo on March16 &17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event is 100% Free-To-Attend and will provide unparalleled coverage to companies, organizations and professionals that work within the customer engagement, IT, and telecommunications industries. The expo will showcase all the latest tools, products and solutions for the customer experience and support industry professionals and business owners alike. The Call and Contact Center Expo will have over 5,000 unique industry executives including CEOS, Directors of Product Management, Senior UX Designers, VP of customer experience and more. The expo features over 200 speakers, 300 leading suppliers and 200 seminars. Learn from Zoom, Google Chrome, Facebook, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and Google Chrome, as they speak on topics such as customer engagement, best strategy for product management, and home grown machine learning. Head of Data Science from Goldman Sachs, Brennan Lodge said,”Through my experience of managing data science teams in both cyber security and the business, we'll discuss fundamental implementations to building a home-grown machine learning capability. I am elated to engage with experts, suppliers and professionals at such an amazing event. The Call Center and Contact Expo has done an amazing job bringing the best and brightest together. I am honored to be a keynote speaker.” Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the VIP lounge sponsored by SingleComm. This will be the premiere influencer destination for all trying to elevate their customer experience to the next level. Visitors can connect with invaluable new business contacts, communicate with CX industry pioneers and discuss tomorrow’s next innovation that can transform the fundamentals of customer support and satisfaction. Companies and professionals will have a chance to engage their business with the latest masterclass courses. These hands-on courses are designed to give practical knowledge that can be applied to business methods for optimal customer engagement, inbound and outbound calls, and overall customer support and satisfaction. The show will highlight and cover multiple parts of customer engagement, contact and support. All in one show transformative solutions and technology will be on full display. Darren Prine, Co-Founder of Cloud Tech Gurus, said he is “Super excited about the expo and sees it as a next gen disruptive customer engagement contact solutions show.” As thousands of customer experience professionals and businesses convene to this free event in Las Vegas on March 16 & 17 2022, this is a golden opportunity to build relationships and bring together all leading experts in the customer engagement and solutions field. Contact Details Laren Fernandez +1 702-707-7627

February 28, 2022 02:28 PM Eastern Standard Time

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International Association of Political Consultants Condemns Russia Invasion of Democratic Ukraine

International Association of Political Consultants

Matthew Klink, President of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) released the following statement in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “We join the global community in condemning Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. The fledgling Ukrainian democracy is the victim of an unprovoked action by Russia. They should cease this destructive action and immediately restore the democratically elected government and illegally seized territory.” “For over 54 years IAPC members have promoted democracy around the world. We are distressed to see an authoritarian government, in this case Russia, attempt to depose the democratically elected government of Ukraine.” “Democratic governments around the world need to come to the aid of a fellow democracy. We are witnessing increasing attacks on democracy around the world, and Russia’s actions only act as encouragement for other dictators and despots. The free and democratic nations of the world need to stand up to such a brazen assault on democracy.” “The IAPC stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and offer their support for the restoration of the democratically elected government of President Volodymyr Zelensky.” Established in 1968, The International Association of Political Consultants is committed to fostering democracy and the democratic process throughout the world. Members span a variety of political backgrounds and activities fostering the growing and diverse profession of political consulting as well as the practical aspects of democratic elections. Please note: Members of the IAPC are available for commentary on the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. Contact Details President - IAPC Matt Klink +1 310-283-6267 Vice President - Communications IAPC Marcel Wieder +1 416-907-2126 Company Website

February 25, 2022 04:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

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BNZSA Appoints Johan Olberding as Chief Operating Officer to Help Transition the Company to the Next Level and Maintain Its Stellar Growth


Olberding re-joins BNZSA at a critical period of growth and transformation and has proven track record of driving strategic business improvements, executing cost efficiencies, business process redesign and resource optimization Leading European B2B marketing agency, BNZSA has appointed its former Business Development Director, Johan Olberding as Chief Operating Officer (COO), to oversee a crucial period of growth and transition for the company. Specialising in data, account based marketing (ABM) and lead generation, BNZSA has been growing exponentially in recent years and has made some significant investments in both technology and people to help underpin its growth. Last year it has increased its head count 250% to 350 and in Q1 2022 has already further increased its head count by 14% to 400 employees. It is also looking to add a further 250 hires to its teams that comprise of 45 nationalities and speak 25 different languages. As well as key hires in management, it is also actively recruiting data science professionals to underpin its new digital and programmatic offerings as well as more Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to validate data, garner consent and generate high quality opportunities such as the trademarked Warm Handover TM for its existing and prospective clients. The company has also invested in new 5500m2 campus facility in Las Rozas, one of Madrid’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, to accommodate its rapidly expanding workforce. Speaking about the appointment, CEO and Founder of BNZSA, Brahim Samhoud said: “When you experience a tsunami of growth, companies can quickly drown under the torrent of new things you have to put in place whilst juggling business as usual activity. “This year we have an aggressive road map of new hires, data services, connected workflows, CRM and Marketing Automation Platform roll outs, as well as the logistical challenges of moving into bigger premises whilst maintaining flexible and remote working practices. “And when transitioning from an agile start-up to a mid-size enterprise, this is where a lot of companies struggle because they haven’t put the right processes and planning in place to evolve. “By bringing Johan back into the business we have someone that has a not only has a proven track record in managing change and transition, he has the skills to ensure BNZSA can surf the tsunami of change. He also has an intimate knowledge of our business in previous roles with the company and has been a key figure in getting us to where we are today,” Samhoud said. Olberding joins BNZSA from Rubix, where he was the EMEA key accounts director. He was also formerly the Managing Director of Mobility Mix. Speaking about his appointment, Olberding said: “It’s great to be back at a company where I started on the phones as what is internally called ‘a Rocker’.” “It’s also a great time to re-join the company and help in its growth trajectory and maintain its overall vision. Growth is exciting and reflects the hard work being put in by all the employees of that company. But without business resource planning and procedural structure it is very easy for companies to get overwhelmed by their own success. “I am looking forward to working with a tremendous team that is constantly looking to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients.” Olberding said. By Soniya Ganvir, Chief Marketing Officer About BNZSA BNZSA is a leading sales & marketing agency specialising in data and tele-based demand generation with a team of 400 who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over eight years. BNZSA is privately-owned, has never relied on third-party funding, and has been profitable since day one. The company is based in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in the UK, France, and Morocco. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native language speakers and deliver client campaigns in languages globally. In addition to the uniquely human and personal dimension of the company, BNZSA is a leader in the application of technology to underpin its value proposition. It built its own bespoke CRM platform, and is a pioneer in the use of AI, NLP and ML technologies. Contact Details For more information contact: Soniya Ganvir, Chief Marketing Officer

February 24, 2022 06:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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amika Taps Assembly to Lead Integrated Media Program Aimed at Growing Its Passionate Communities of Haircare Enthusiasts


Global omnichannel agency, Assembly, has been chosen by prestige haircare brand, amika, to lead its integrated media program, with an emphasis on driving sustained awareness and building brand equity. amika has emerged as a go-to haircare brand through its ‘ all hair is welcome ’ positioning, which represents 10 unique collections of haircare for every hair type, texture, and style. amika has called on global data-driven agency, Assembly, as its partner in expanding its community of brand enthusiasts through its distinct, disruptive, and impactful messaging connected to purpose and inclusivity. “amika is a brand that has authentically lived its core values of kindness and inclusivity while doing good for the planet far before it was ‘cool’ or even an expectation from consumers,” said Kim Davis, Vice President at Assembly. “This is one of those best of both world partnerships where we get to bring the latest in media innovation to a brand that’s as committed as we are to nurturing people and the planet. We’re looking forward to developing an out-of-the-box channel strategy that maximizes brand awareness for amika.” amika was built with purpose at its heart by creatives, stylists, and product enthusiasts alike, and encourages a diverse and creative culture that’s fueled by radical thinking. In placing people and the planet at its core, the brand has maintained its mission of bringing progress to the beauty industry. “The name ‘amika’ means friend—to hair, hairstylists, the planet, our communities, and each other—and it’s truly embedded into everything we do. We want our customers to know us for not only our high-quality products, but our commitment to making a positive impact on people and the planet," said Chelsea Riggs, amika’s Brand President. “We were impressed by Assembly’s integrated approach across the funnel to help accomplish our goals and we were immediately aligned in our vision.” This year marks a strategic shift in digital media investment for amika, with an increased focus on driving awareness and new customer acquisition. Assembly will partner with amika to develop a full-funnel multi-channel strategy to achieve these goals. The team’s focus for the year includes strengthening paid social investment, a renewed focus on paid media influencer integrations, and continued momentum in search and display. Assembly and amika will also work together to introduce new high-impact channels to amika’s mix, including CTV, TikTok and localized OOH. “We’re flexible and agile, which gives us an opportunity to test and learn in new channels and platforms where we know our customers are spending their time. We have some big brand and product moments coming up this year, and we’re also excited to see how measurement helps support all of the work we’re doing in increasing the focus on brand awareness and consideration,” said Kelley Martin, amika’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. About Assembly: Assembly is made of the ingredients of the modern agency, bringing together data, talent, and technology to deliver a connected set of solutions for media + more to the best brands on the planet. We’re home to more than 1,500 of the industry’s top talent, who bring unmatched global omnichannel media expertise + data, technology, and business consulting capabilities that help brands find the change that fuels growth. Assembly is a proud member of Stagwell, the challenger network built to transform marketing. Visit for more information. About amika: A friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you. The name amika means friend in the language Esperanto & represents our belief in the power of community and the beauty of diversity. Straight out of Brooklyn, where creativity and hustle are a way of life, we’re a collective of creatives, hairstylists, chemists, and product enthusiasts. We only make products that make us proud. 10 collections for every hair type, texture and style. Visit for more information, and follow @amika on Instagram. Contact Details Assembly Sara Pollack, VP of Marketing +1 917-438-4922 Company Website

February 23, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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35-Year Printing Business SprintPrint Converts to Minuteman Press Franchise in Madison, Wisconsin

Minuteman Press International Inc

For 35 years, Phil Van Kampen and his wife Liz built their family-owned independent printing business SprintPrint into a multimillion dollar company by doing what they’ve always done for their customers. “We make printing easy,” says Phil. With the business doing well and retirement on the horizon, Phil has decided to sell the business to the Kenney family: Chrispin, Lynn, and their son CJ. Moving forward, SprintPrint will be rebranded as Minuteman Press in Madison as part of the Minuteman Press Conversion Program. The business will remain at their location at 2790 South Fish Hatchery Road. The Kenney family also owns a Minuteman Press franchise in Waunakee, which they have owned since 2013. Selling the Business As Phil approached retirement and was looking to sell the business, he wanted to make sure that there would be minimal disruption for both his clients and his employees that helped make SprintPrint a success. Phil says, “We had 12 employees, with at least half of them being with us for over 20 years. I wanted to make sure they were taken care of even after I sold the business.” Phil continues, “Originally, we were approached by another company but all they wanted was to buy our customer list. We were also contacted by a business broker and found that their commission rate was expensive. They also seemed to have no sense of urgency as if we wouldn’t be a priority, and so we decided not to go forward with them.” Eventually, Phil found the right partner to sell his business in Minuteman Press International. Phil explains, “After we decided not to use the business broker, Liz came home with a flyer from Minuteman Press that we received in the mail. I called Steve Szymanski, who is the Midwest Regional VP, and we talked for over an hour. I simply trusted him, liked what he had to say, and so we moved forward.” “The Minuteman Press Conversion Program was exactly what we needed to sell our business. There was no charge, no commission, and no broker fees. I also liked the fact that Minuteman Press would aid the new owner in running the business, and that I could retire without worrying about my customers and employees. In fact, my wife Liz is staying on to work with them because she isn’t ready to retire and loves her job. Steve Szymanski helped coordinate the sale and made it work, and it has been an easy transition for all involved.” -Phil Van Kampen, Retired Owner, SprintPrint, Madison, Wisconsin Meet the New Owners Lynn Kenney is the majority owner of the newly acquired business that is being rebranded as Minuteman Press in Madison. Lynn shares, “For the last 17 years, I’ve been working for the post office as a rural carrier. I also have a background in accounting and payroll in my early career working at Excalibur in Las Vegas.” For the Kenney family, the acquisition of SprintPrint simply made sense. Lynn explains, “My husband, Chrispin, was interested in expanding our current business while also building the business with our son CJ. We look forward to offering the same quality and experience customers have relied on in the past. In addition, we will be offering expanded products and services to existing and future customers.” “I believe good communication, accountability, education, and execution are the keys to running a successful family business. After 9 years of building our first location, we are looking forward to building another successful Minuteman Press franchise with our son CJ and creating great relationships in the Madison community.” -Lynn Kenney, New Co-Owner, Minuteman Press, Madison, Wisconsin CJ Kenney graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in December 2021 with a degree in Communication Arts. After graduating, CJ knew that he wanted to take the next step forward with the family business. “I’ve been working with my parents at their center in Waunakee for eight years, since I was in high school. I did whatever they needed me to do. I ran deliveries, I helped with in-house apparel and production, and I loved going to BNI meetings and customer calls with my dad.” CJ continues, “I love talking to people, and I learned a lot from my dad. It always seems like he knows what to say and how to build relationships. I love this business because we can meet so many people that become friends in addition to working with them as clients. I just felt like this was the right track to take for my career and for the family business.” “With SprintPrint, we saw some tremendous expanding points for our business. Phil and Liz built a fantastic business over 35 years that will help us grow our in-house wide format printing services for the production of banners, signs, and posters. They also have a fantastic staff and clients I am excited to work with them as we begin this new chapter as Minuteman Press in Madison.” -CJ Kenney, New Co-Owner, Minuteman Press, Madison, Wisconsin History of the Business Before opening SprintPrint in 1987, Phil worked for another large printing chain based in Madison for 10 years. He says, “I decided to leave and start my own business. I knew what I wanted to do, and I decided I wanted to work for myself. We started the business and I made sure we differentiated ourselves as a quick printer focused on B2B clients rather than walk-ins.” Like many other business owners, Phil grew SprintPrint by building long-term relationships and becoming the face of the business. He also provided products that made sense and helped him stand out. Phil says, “One thing that set us apart early on is that we got into the mailing side of the business, invested in the equipment and the expertise, and became a one-stop source for in-house printing and direct mail.” After six years in business, SprintPrint moved to a 6,000 sq. ft. facility, then added onto the facility in 1997. “This is the same location at 2790 South Fish Hatchery Road that Minuteman Press is taking over, which I am very excited about because it makes for an even easier transition.” Over the past ten years, SprintPrint has continued to evolve and grow. “The biggest change over the past decade was getting into large format printing, which has been a huge benefit to our clients. During the pandemic, we experienced growth in large format, and direct mail held steady. We always try to make printing easy, and the past few years have been no different.” During the pandemic, SprintPrint continued to operate as an essential business and meet the needs of their clients. Phil says, “We have many long-term customers for 30 years or more with well-established businesses. They were able to weather the storm and continue marketing, and we were there to help them adapt and pivot as needed.” Retirement and Advice for Others Now that the sale is complete, Phil is looking forward to his well-earned retirement. “I’ve taken up woodworking as a hobby, and it is very relaxing to be able to enjoy each day.” Phil summarizes his experience with Minuteman Press and shares his advice for others who are looking to sell their printing business: “As owners of SprintPrint, my wife Liz and I had decided in the last year that, after 35 years, it was time to sell our business. It was of utmost importance that our employees were taken care of – we were looking for someone who would run the business in place and retain our staff. We originally explored selling it ourselves or working with a broker, which was not working out for various reasons. We then contacted Steve Szymanski, Regional Vice President of Minuteman Press International, to explore our options with their firm. We found their system to be very attractive as there was no cost to us to market our company for sale, and we could exit the business entirely upon sale. Minuteman Press was able to find a buyer that was the best fit for how we wanted to leave the industry. We could not be more pleased with the whole process. We would highly recommend working with them to any print shop owner looking to sell their business.” Learn more about Minuteman Press in Madison, WI by visiting their website: For more information on how to sell your printing business through Minuteman Press International’s Conversion Program, call 1-800-645-3006 or visit Contact Details Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

February 22, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Trust & Will

Trust & Will, the leading digital estate planning platform in the U.S., today released the findings of its second annual millennial estate planning study, providing insight from more than 20,000 millennials on end-of-life planning preferences. As the U.S. enters into another year of living in a pandemic, estate planning continues to see an uptick as Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as the largest generation caring for young children and their aging parents, entering into what is known as the ‘Sandwich Generation.’ “Millennials are building their own families while also caring for their aging parents amid a global health crisis, prompting more caregivers to plan for the future,” said Cody Barbo, Founder and CEO of Trust & Will. “Even though millennials are taking the lead on writing wills and establishing trusts to set up their families’ financial health, the majority of American adults still do not have any plan in place. We hope that by making digital estate planning as accessible as possible, more families will create a plan for their unique needs and situations.” Key findings from this year’s report, “Millennial Estate Planning Continues in a Pandemic” include: 34% report that having a child prompted them to create an estate plan 22% are part of the Sandwich Generation, caring for both their children and their parents 77% of pet owners designated a specific pet guardian within their plan 57% only want to receive end-of-life care if benefits outweigh the burdens 81% elected to donate their organs According to the study, most millennials (75%) chose to complete a will-based estate plan, enabling them to appoint guardians for minor children, along with pets, and make decisions about healthcare wishes and final arrangements. Only 19% opted for a trust, which helps those with more complex estates manage and distribute assets during their lifetime and after death. The study explored the top reasons millennials create estate plans. Consistent with last year’s results, the birth of a child continues to be the leading reason, followed by the death of a family member (11%) and buying a home (9%). The pandemic and work-from-home policies spurred many families across the nation to add a pet to their families. More than half of the millennials in the cohort have a pet, with three-fourths of pet owners designating someone to act as a pet guardian. The data shows that it’s clear that millennials are flouting certain traditional family norms. The study indicated that Millennials are steering away from tradition to create modern, personalized legacies. On average, millennials now list seven people in their estate plans. Their closest circle might not necessarily include blood relatives. Nearly one in four of those surveyed said they chose a non-family member as a guardian for their kids or pets or to act as an executor, trustee, or beneficiary. The study also revealed trends in end-of-life planning. Nearly 40% of the cohorts completed their health documents, including a HIPAA Authorization form, and the majority (57%) elected to receive care only if benefits outweigh the burdens. In terms of end-of-life preferences, nearly half of the cohort (48%) chose to have their body cremated, with only one in four choosing a conventional burial. Eight percent wanted their body to be donated to science. These numbers suggest that millennials are moving away from traditional end-of-life arrangements. The millennial generation is passionate about causes that matter to them and donating to non-profit organizations. Like last year, the top charities for bequests included St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Planned Parenthood, and Girl Scouts. This year, there was an increase in planned gifts to The Trevor Project, which provides crisis support for LGBTQ+ teens. For the full findings and to download a copy of the report, visit Methodology Trust & Will analyzed data from 22,850 individuals aged 25 to 44 in a proprietary study to explore specific insights and behaviors of the millennial generation when it comes to estate planning. Additionally, Trust & Will surveyed 323 individuals aged 25 to 44 to ask them about the process of creating their Estate Plans. Trust & Will plans to revisit this data each year to see how trends and behaviors among millennials continue to change over time. ABOUT TRUST & WILL Trust & Will is a modern approach to digital estate planning, offering legally valid documents designed and approved by estate planning attorneys to adhere to individual state guidelines. Since 2017, more than 300,000 Trust & Will members have created an online estate plan to set up their family legacy. We make estate planning simple, affordable, and accessible by providing a secure way to set up a plan online in minutes, using bank-level encryption that protects customer data and complies with the highest security standards, including SOC2. Trust & Will is the official estate planning benefit provider for AARP members and is a proud partner of several leading financial institutions, including Northwestern Mutual and Haven Life. To learn more, visit Contact Details Trust & Will Danielle Nuzzo +1 631-807-7772 Company Website

February 22, 2022 07:16 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Velocity Global integrates Contractor Payments to its Global Work Platform

Velocity Global

Increased demand for a simple hiring solution as number of independent workers wanting to work from anywhere is on the rise Velocity Global makes hiring and managing independent contractors easy with consolidated invoicing, automated, seamless payments, and locally compliant contracts Manage all talent in one place, including contractors and employees Velocity Global, the leading provider of global talent solutions, today announced the integration of its Contractor Payments solution into its Global Work Platform ™ as the latest solution for businesses and talent to work with anyone, anywhere, anyhow. “Contractor management and payments are traditionally a cluttered time suck for both businesses and talent, but now the Velocity Global platform removes this friction,” said Eric Schroeder, Velocity Global chief operating officer. “In today’s virtual workplace, companies want to engage the best talent in any country, which adds more complexity. Our platform simplifies the process from onboarding to payments for contractors around the world. This now creates one single location for managers and talent to connect, contractors and employees alike, freeing them to focus on the task at hand - delivering results.” Businesses are increasingly turning to independent workers, a rising classification of knowledge workers. The number of full-time, part-time and occasional independent workers in the U.S. increased by 34% over just two years to 51.1 million in 2021, according to the State of Independence in America survey, and spending by businesses on contingent talent rose by 23%. “We are in a new era of work in which talent takes more control over their time, location, and how they choose to engage with their employers,” said Schroeder. “With this shift in talent comes a shift in investment from businesses to meet talent where it is. The world of work is changing quickly and we offer all of the tools for businesses and talent to engage with each other in a single, accessible platform.” Currently, most contractors face archaic onboarding processes and payment confusion, while companies face the administrative complexity of managing a distributed workforce. Velocity Global’s new Contractor Payments solution provides locally compliant contracts, consolidated invoicing, automated and seamless payments, and mobile access to solve these issues for both sides. Velocity Global’s Contractor Payments solution is now available in the company's Global Work Platform. Learn more at About Velocity Global Velocity Global accelerates the future of work for anyone, anywhere, anyhow. Its Global Work Platform™ simplifies the employer and talent experience through its proprietary cloud-based talent management technology, backed by personalized expertise and unmatched global scale. With talent solutions in more than 185 countries and all 50 United States, the platform combines global Employer of Record and Contractor Management to onboard, manage, and pay talent worldwide. More than 1,000 brands rely on Velocity Global to build global teams without the cost or complexity of setting up foreign legal entities or state registrations. Velocity Global was named a “Leader” in Global Employer of Record services by prominent analyst firm NelsonHall. Founded in 2014, the company has hundreds of employees across six continents. For more information visit Contact Details Velocity Global John Hall +1 720-650-4348 Company Website

February 17, 2022 07:01 AM Mountain Standard Time

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Brand South Africa to host a special debate on the sidelines of the EU-AU Summit

Brand South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – African Media Agency - 16 February 2022 - The debate titled “The South Africa perspective: Can the EU & Africa reboot their relationship” will be hosted in partnership with Euronews, Europe's leading international news media, and its sister channel Africanews. The live debate will take place on the first day of the Summit, 17 February 2022, at 16:00 CAT and will be live-streamed on and, and across their social platforms. The internationally acclaimed former Euro News anchor, Chris Burns will host the session. The debate will focus on main issues shaping South Africa-EU relations, including vaccine production, sustainable development, security, energy, education and economic integration and recovery. “Africa has come a long way since the first summit held in Cairo in 2001. The upcoming sixth summit presents an opportunity to achieve the vision of the 2001 summit, something that has been elusive for two decades. This sixth installment is taking place at a time governments are implementing recovery plans to rebuild their economies dented by the pandemic, the worst to hit the world in more than 100 years,” says Sithembile Ntombela, Acting CEO of Brand South Africa. Chris will be joined by Colin Coleman, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and former senior fellow at Yale University; Domenico Rosa, Head of the Task Force on Post Cotonou at the European Commission; Bajabulile Tshabalala, Senior Vice-President at the African Development Bank Group; Ronak Gopaldas, Director at Signal Risk; Dr Carlos Lopes, economist and honorary professor at the Nelson Mandela School of Governance at the University of Cape Town (UCT); and Luisa Santos, Head of International Relations at BusinessEurope. “No emerging market has the sophisticated capital markets, strong business sector, independent judiciary, central bank and free press that South Africa has; yet the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality threaten its’ stability. Come discover if and how the nation can thread this needle.” Colin Coleman “As South Africa, we would like to play a key role in leading the discussions on how EU can partner with African countries to rebuild their covid-19 ravaged economies, thereby contributing to solutions to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. There are opportunities for the two continents to co-operate in the manufacturing of covid-19 vaccines,and increased efforts in reducing vaccine hesitancy.. All nations, rich and poor, have an obligation to work together to end the pandemic,” adds Ntombela The debate will be live streamed on:, viewers can also follow the conversations under the hash tag, #EUSouthAfricaFocus and #BrandSouthAfrica. The audience is invited to send their questions to the experts via social media. About Brand South Africa Brand South Africa is the official marketing agency of South Africa, with a mandate to build the country's brand reputation, to improve its global competitiveness. Its aim is also to build pride and patriotism among South Africans, to contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship. This electronic communication and the attached file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which can be viewed at If you are unable to view the disclaimer, please email for a copy. Contact Details Phindile Maduna

February 16, 2022 09:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Volatus Aerospace Forecasts Revenues of $38 million in 2022, a 138% Growth from 2021, with an expected gross margin of 31%

Volatus Aerospace Corp.

Volatus Aerospace Corp. (TSXV:VOL) ("Volatus" or the "Company") is pleased to pre-announce its unaudited Pro-forma revenue for FY2021 of approximately $16.5 million of sales and expects to release its audited 2021 financial statements in April of 2022. Additionally, Volatus is providing revenue guidance of $38 million for FY2022 with a blended gross margin of 31%. The forecast includes twelve months of all operating subsidiaries and ten months of MVT Geo-Solutions, an acquisition scheduled to close on or around February 28th, 2022. All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted. The Company will host a webcast on February 28, 2022, at 3 pm EST to discuss recent operational highlights and forward-looking guidance in connection with 2022 forecast revenues. “Volatus is recognized as a leader in the drone industry. Our ability to scale has allowed the Company to accelerate growth, consolidate earnings, and access greater revenue-generating opportunities,” said Glen Lynch, President and CEO of Volatus. “We have a mature aerospace team with a demonstrated ability to execute and a growing opportunity fuelled by the rapid adoption of drones across industry, government, and defense sectors.” "Volatus grew revenues from less than $1 million in 2020 to more than $16 million in 2021. At the same time, we completed a reverse take-over and were approved for listing on the TSX Venture by year-end," said Abhinav Singhvi, Chief Financial Officer. "Volatus is built on the foundation of scaling businesses on a sustainable basis – we are blitzscaling, but responsibly, with our eyes on the bottom line. While the global drone industry is a US$58.4 billion market, growing at a CAGR of 16.4% ( as per the Markets and Markets 2021 report ); we intend to capture as much market as possible through our growth strategy." Business Highlights for 2022 Emerging, growth segments of the business include public safety, defense, unmanned commercial cargo and military re-supply, forestry, and autonomous solutions with integrated remote flight operations software Scaling existing customers with national service offerings Leveraging the Company's premier Canadian position in the services and equipment sales into growth in the US and Latin American markets Commencement of assembly and testing of long-range, high endurance drones at the Lake Simcoe facility in Ontario Business Outlook and Webcast Details Glen Lynch, President and CEO of Volatus, Abhinav Singhvi, Chief Financial Officer, and Rob Walker, Chief Operating Officer, will host a conference call and webcast on February 28, 2022, at 3 pm EST to discuss details of the company's performance and certain forward-looking information. The session may be accessed here. The webcast will be available for replay on March 1, 2022. About Volatus Aerospace: Volatus Aerospace Corp. is a leading provider of integrated drone solutions throughout Canada, the United States, and Latin America. Operating a vast pilot network, Volatus serves commercial and defense markets with imaging and inspection, security and surveillance, equipment sales and support, training, and design, manufacturing, and R&D. Through its subsidiary Volatus Aviation, Volatus carries on the business of aircraft management, charter sales, and cargo services using piloted, remotely piloted, and autonomous aircraft. This news release contains statements that constitute “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including statements regarding the plans, intentions, beliefs and current expectations of the Corporation with respect to future business activities and operating performance. Often, but not always, forward-looking information can be identified by the use of words such as “plans”, “expects”, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, or “believes” or variations (including negative variations) of such words and phrases, or statements formed in the future tense or indicating that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” (or other variations of the foregoing) be taken, occur, be achieved, or come to pass. Forward-looking information includes information regarding (i) the business plans and expectations of the Corporation; and (ii) expectations for other economic, business, and/or competitive factors. Forward-looking information is based on currently available competitive, financial and economic data and operating plans, strategies or beliefs as of the date of this news release, but involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Corporation to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking information. Such factors may be based on information currently available to the Corporation, including information obtained from third-party industry analysts and other third-party sources, and are based on management’s current expectations or beliefs. Any and all forward-looking information contained in this news release is expressly qualified by this cautionary statement. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking information is not based on historical facts but instead reflects expectations, estimates or projections concerning future results or events based on the opinions, assumptions and estimates of management considered reasonable at the date the statements are made. Forward-looking information reflects the Corporation’s current beliefs and is based on information currently available to it and on assumptions it believes to be not unreasonable in light of all of the circumstances. In some instances, material factors or assumptions are discussed in this news release in connection with statements containing forward-looking information. Such material factors and assumptions include, but are not limited to: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Corporation; meeting the continued listing requirements of the TSXV; and anticipated and unanticipated costs and other factors referenced in this news release and the Circular, including, but not limited to, those set forth in the Circular under the caption “Risk Factors”. Although the Corporation has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking information, there may be other factors that cause actions, events or results to differ from those anticipated, estimated or intended. The forward-looking information contained herein is made as of the date of this news release and, other than as required by law, the Corporation disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. There can be no assurance that forward-looking information will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Source: Volatus Aerospace Corp. TSXV: VOL Contact Details Volatus Aerospace Corp. Rob Walker +1 514-447-7986 Company Website

February 16, 2022 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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