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NHRA Los Angeles Announces 2023 Executive of the Year Finalists

IMA Financial

The National Human Resources Association Los Angeles Chapter (NHRA-LA) has announced its 2023 Executive of the Year finalists. The shortlist includes Anjelica Garcia, Chief Human Resources Officer and SVP at Red Bull North America; Mamoon Syed, SVP and Chief People Officer at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; and Ann Jackson, SVP and Chief People and Culture Officer at OVG Facilities. For almost a decade, NHRA-LA has honored human resources professionals for their exemplary leadership and commitment to their organizations. The annual Executive of the Year Awards Gala, held at the Skirball Cultural Center on September 21, 2023, will recognize the HR community in Los Angeles. One winner will be chosen from the three finalists. “This year’s theme for the Executive of the Year awards is agility, which represents the Los Angeles HR community’s ability to be nimble and adapt quickly to the changing landscape,” said NHRA-LA Co-President and Bolton Executive Vice President Andrew Agress. “We are proud to recognize our three finalists for their exceptional contributions.” The Executive of the Year award finalists are the best of the best in the Los Angeles Human Resources community. NHRA-LA will celebrate the finalists and their accomplishments in the months leading up to the awards event. Anjelica Garcia leads all HR functions for Red Bull’s 6,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada, giving wings to people and ideas that drive change and enhance organizational effectiveness. With more than 20 years of experience in health care human resources, Mamoon Syed provides strategic direction to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ HR functions to make a difference in patients’ lives by bringing optimal business practices to the management of physician offices. As Chief People and Culture Officer at Oak View Group, Ann Jackson is working to better the careers and lives of OVG employees by implementing groundbreaking HR practices. Each finalist will undergo a 360-degree assessment, a panel interview with their peers and a video session to determine the overall winner in September. About the NHRA Established in 1951, the NHRA focuses on advancing the development and leadership of human resource professionals. Through professional programs and services offered across the country, the organization strives to support human resource professionals throughout their career life cycle – from intern to executive – as Human Resources leads the way for change in today’s businesses. Contact Details Center Reach Communications Jessica Poulalier +1 720-989-3530 Bolton, an IMA Company Andrew Agress Company Website

May 01, 2023 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Velocity Global Announces Linda Lee as Chief People and Culture Officer

Velocity Global

Velocity Global, the world’s expert on work, announced today the appointment of Linda Lee as Chief People and Culture Officer. In her role, Linda will build a best-in-class people strategy, overseeing culture-related initiatives as well as talent development and employee recruitment efforts. She will provide strategic counsel to leadership across functions, engaging with teams and employees throughout the company as it works towards its next level of growth. “Linda is a unique HR executive whose impressive career has spanned across functions, giving her a well rounded understanding of corporate strategy and strategic business priorities. She will be an integral part of building and scaling our people strategy along with connecting closely with our customer base,” said Frank Calderoni, CEO at Velocity Global. “She is a data-driven champion of company culture and has an innate ability to lead with empathy, creativity, and thoughtfulness. I am thrilled to have her join the leadership team and Velocity Global.” Linda was most recently the Chief Culture Officer at Anaplan, where she played a vital role with the HR team and serving as a ‘culture champion’ to ensure Anaplan had a strong, effective, and accountable culture. Over the course of the rest of her career, Linda has also worked at Red Hat, Cisco Systems, and Qualcomm in a variety of roles including Business Development, Operations, Strategy, Communications, Culture, and Human Resources. “To lead this team at Velocity Global, who is at the forefront of the future of work, is a dream role for any people leader,” said Linda Lee, Chief People and Culture Officer. “I am excited to further expand on the company culture and to help drive impact and scale across functions as we grow. I also look forward to developing a community for HR leaders to come together and connect on best practices and shared interests. The opportunities for impact are endless and I look forward to working with all the teams at Velocity Global.” Linda’s appointment comes shortly after the announcement of Frank Calderoni as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. The company also recently announced that it has crossed the $200M ARR threshold, exceeding more than 40% organic growth YoY, revealing its growth and promising trajectory in the tech world as the desire for remote work continues to grow. For more information, visit About Velocity Global Velocity Global gives you the power to build your team everywhere—combining seamless technology and local expertise in 185+ countries. We make it simple to compliantly hire, pay, and manage talent anywhere. With Velocity Global, the world is yours. Start hiring across borders at Contact Details Media Contact Company Website

May 01, 2023 07:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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With Remote Work Here to Stay, Asure’s (NASDAQ: ASUR) Partnership With Harbor Compliance Will Help SMBs Navigate Multi-State Payroll and Labor Regulatory Requirements

Spotlight Growth/ASUR

The rise of remote work has been a key silver lining for U.S. workers in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Three years later, working from home remains popular amongst younger members of the workforce. Despite the recent headlines of companies trying to force their employees back to the office, remote work is not going anywhere. According to a recent survey from Robert Half (RHI), nine in ten workers who said they were considering changing jobs noted a preference for hybrid or fully remote opportunities. In fact, nearly a third of workers who are required to go into the office at least one day a week have stated their preference for taking a pay cut in exchange for a fully-remote position. Furthermore, Robert Half noted that 28% of all new job postings in January 2023 were categorized as remote positions, compared to 29% in January 2022. As workers dig in and refuse to give up on remote and hybrid positions, businesses will increasingly need to ensure their payroll tax registration and compliance requirements are met across federal and state laws. For small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), this presents a potential headache, along with higher costs to attract and retain quality employees. However, Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR), through its latest partnership with Harbor Compliance, seeks to provide SMBs with a streamlined solution for this issue. Asure & Harbor Compliance Partnership Combines HCM With Multi-State Compliance Solutions The economy is at an important junction currently, which has been characterized by the highest interest rates & inflation in decades. This, in turn, has led to rising costs across the board from goods & services to labor and more. For larger enterprises, these higher costs are likely more easily absorbed than compared to SMBs. For SMBs to stay competitive while controlling costs, they need to leverage technology-based solutions in human capital management (HCM) and human resources, which can help streamline back-office operations without increasing their headcount. This is exactly where companies like Asure Software come into play and fill this cost-cutting need for SMBs. Asure’s comprehensive cloud-based HCM platform provides an all-in-one solution for smaller businesses to streamline and manage their payroll, taxes, employee time & attendance, retirement offerings, and other elements under the umbrella of human resources. Asure’s latest partnership with Harbor Compliance effectively expands its existing comprehensive HCM platform to now include multi-state regulatory compliance solutions. Maintaining proper payroll and taxation compliance with each federal, state, and local governing entity is essential for SMBs to offer their employees the ability to work remotely or under a hybrid model. Unfortunately, labor laws are constantly changing, which can place an unreasonable cost burden on SMBs to ensure they remain compliant with any changes at the federal, state, or local levels. However, the integration of the Harbor Compliance platform with Asure’s HCM solutions provides SMBs and nonprofits with the ability to ensure labor regulations are met throughout the United States. In other words, Harbor Compliance effectively helps SMBs streamline their labor compliance by simplifying license and registration requirements at the federal, state, and local levels. "Out-of-state hiring poses specific challenges for businesses needing to set up tax registrations and process payroll efficiently,” stated James Gilmer, Strategic Partnership Manager of Harbor Compliance. “Growing companies need a solution that keeps pace.” Asure Wraps Up Q1 2023 With Several New Partnerships and Integrations Asure has made a handful of major new partnerships and integrations through the first three months of 2023. The company’s latest partnership with Harbor Compliance joins H&R Block (HRB), Intuit (INTU) TurboTax, and ZayZoon, which were announced earlier in the year. The H&R Block and TurboTax partnerships were enacted to provide SMB employees with the ability to streamline their tax filing process. This is an important perk and feature that SMBs can use to attract and retain quality employees, considering that TurboTax and H&R Block are the numbers one and two market leaders in the consumer tax prep services industry. With Tax Day just around the corner, these integrations are likely providing much-needed streamlining support to SMB clients’ employees. The ZayZoon partnership provides another tool for SMB employees to gain access to financial wellness and earned wage access solutions. With the ZayZoon integration, employees can access their earned wages even faster, which can help alleviate financial pressure and provide employees with greater peace of mind. Allowing employees to access their earned wages in real-time is yet another important tool for SMBs to retain and recruit key talent in the labor force. Overall, Asure Software provides an impressive solution for SMBs because they are always looking for ways to help their clients with new features, new partnerships, and capabilities. For SMBs, this is a huge advantage, not only to help cut costs and streamline operations but to also remain competitive in recruiting top-tier workers. The latest partnership with Harbor Compliance is just the latest example of Asure adapting and providing its clients with solutions that look to solve current challenges. Work-from-home and hybrid working are not going away, no matter how much some big companies kick and scream for employees to return to the office. The statistics and preferences are very clear…workers are willing to take pay cuts to preserve their flexible working conditions. By offering streamlined compliance with payroll and taxation regulations across all 50 states, Asure’s SMB clients now have a competitive advantage against these major enterprises that are trying to force a return to office by potentially attracting their former workers that left in pursuit of a more flexible working environment. Disclaimer: Spotlight Growth is compensated, either directly or via a third party, to provide investor relations services for its clients. Spotlight Growth creates exposure for companies through a customized marketing strategy, including design of promotional material, the drafting and editing of press releases and media placement. All information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from public sources. Spotlight Growth and its employees are not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker Dealer or a member of any association for other research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and we are not qualified to give financial advice. The information contained herein is based on external sources that Spotlight Growth believes to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Spotlight Growth may create reports and content that has been compensated by a company or third-parties, or for purposes of self-marketing. Spotlight Growth was compensated five thousand dollars cash by Asure Software for the creation and dissemination of this content by the company. This material does not represent a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Certain statements contained herein constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements may include, without limitation, statements with respect to the Company’s plans and objectives, projections, expectations and intentions. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about the Company’s industry, management’s beliefs and certain assumptions made by management. The above communication, the attachments and external Internet links provided are intended for informational purposes only and are not to be interpreted by the recipient as a solicitation to participate in securities offerings. Investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors and may not be permissible in certain jurisdictions. Spotlight Growth and its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees may have bought or sold or may buy or sell shares in the companies discussed herein, which may be acquired prior, during or after the publication of these marketing materials. Spotlight Growth, its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees may sell the stock of said companies at any time and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. For more information on our disclosures, please visit: The Post “ With Remote Work Here to Stay, Asure’s (NASDAQ: ASUR) Partnership With Harbor Compliance Will Help SMBs Navigate Multi-State Payroll and Labor Regulatory Requirements ” First Appeared On Spotlight Growth. Contact Details Asure Software, Inc. Spotlight Growth

April 28, 2023 08:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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The National Anti-Corruption Commission in Thailand (NACC) noted Private sector must have clear details of bribery-prone activities

Integrity Way

BANGKOK THAILAND - Media OutReach - 28 April 2023 - The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) encourages the private sector not to offer bribes to government officers and advises them to impose internal measures to control bribery risks. NACC Secretary-General Niwatchai Kasemmongkol said bribery was a national problem and there were cases in which bribes were offered for business benefits across borders, affecting the country's credibility and efficiency of budgetary spending. The NACC, therefore, promoted good governance in the public sector to create the "No Gift" culture, he said. NACC has set up Anti-Bribery Advisory Service (ABAS) Center to provide knowledge and guidelines to the private sector concerning the laws on offering bribes to government officials and to have appropriate measures to prevent bribery. This will lead business to be transparent operations with good governance and sustainable growth. In addition, NACC also has rules for prosecuting private sector firms involved in bribing government officials and those working in international agencies. The rules have been issued to make private sector firms aware that they could be prosecuted if they are involved in corruption. Mr. Niwatchai stated further that bribery should be prevented at both ends – the private sector or the bribe giver and government officers or the bribe taker. Those who offered bribe to government officers were subject to penalty under Section 176 of the Anti-Corruption Act B.E. 2561. Juristic persons who bribed government officers would face large fines, said the Secretary-General. The NACC encourages juristic persons susceptible to public bribery to clearly identify their expenses for government agencies and impose measures to inspect these expenses. According to the NACC Act, the value of the gift given to government officers must not exceed 3,000 baht. The Secretary-General warned that juristic persons or businesses should not pay commissions to government officers for whatever reason to avoid risking breaking anti-bribery laws. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is a constitutional independent organization and supervised by nine commissioners selected from various professions. It is authorised to undertake work on the prevention and suppression of malfeasance, particularly in government agencies, on assets investigations, as well as on the monitoring of ethics and virtues of political position holders. It has the authority to file charges in court as well as support and build up awareness of the penalties for committing corruption. The NACC is supervised by the NACC Board and has the Office of the NACC as its administrative agency. Since 1997, Thai Courts have ruled against and punished politicians, former ministers, high-ranking government officials as well as executives of the private sector in the thousands of cases submitted by the NACC. Contact Details Media Contact The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)

April 28, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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PTOP Renegotiates MOBICARD™2.0 Contract - MOBICARD™1.5 will Be Released First

Peer to Peer Network

Peer To Peer Network a.k.a MobiCard Inc. (OTC: PTOP) (“PTOP”) is proud to announce that we have renegotiated the MOBICARD™2.0 contract so that a release of the improved apps can be released sooner. “Due to a lack of funding, it has been difficult to advance all of the interests of Peer To Peer Network, specifically some of the terms of payment to the developers. I had hosted a shareholder meeting where I detailed that we had hit the halfway mark on the development contract in August of 2022. I expounded that in order to complete it we needed to be able to pay another $20,000. After numerous months of no compensation and the app development at a standstill, Nicholis Santana and Jay Wallace came to me with a solution to bring a MobiCard 1.5 to the stores. They implored that they would be willing to do a release prior to the full launch and an amendment was made to compensate in shares for this task and resume cash payment on MobiCard 2.0 after. I was very pleased to have the developers willing to work with me on the contract to make an amendment that would get us an app in the app stores without having to shell out that cash up front,” explained CEO Joshua Sodaitis. The new amendment to the original MOBICARD™2.0 contract signed by all parties (Developers and Peer To Peer Network) now stipulates that the developers will receive shares in PTOP to release a MOBICARD™1.5 version of the apps and then resume cash payments after in order to have the full MOBICARD™2.0 released. The MOBICARD™1.5 version will not include the enterprise features, nor the paid subscriptions, or advertising. There will be no revenue generating ability until the developers are compensated their cash payments as stipulated in the original agreement. “Look, I am excited about MOBICARD™ and the plethora of invitations both myself and Jay Wallace feel will change the industry as a whole. We want MOBICARD™ to thrive. We agreed to take shares because we believe in ourselves and in the application. I told Josh after we release MOBICARD 1.5 he can start to sign up users. But that is only half the job, the other half is generating positive momentum and growing the user base. Plus, Josh can put out press every time we add the other features therefore creating a real BUZZZZ beforehand prior to the full MOBICARD™2.0 release. I think we are looking at 3-4 months and we have the MOBICARD™1.5 apps in the app stores,” expounded Developer, Nicholis Santana. Hopefully after YOU the shareholders see the supreme job compared to the last apps and the fact that EVERYTHING works will make a BIG difference for the shareholders and will increase the value of the company overall. PTOP’s plan will be to release the MOBICARD™1.5 app within the next 5 months. The plan will be to be able to build a buzz for the apps and be able to make increased press announcements as further functionality is added after the cash payments are made. “I am thrilled that the tech developers were willing to make this amendment to the contract, I can’t wait to start signing people up for the new apps. These new apps are going to be 100% better than the broken mess we were left with from Think Latitude. Not only will they be easier to use, but they will have easy steps to follow. The biggest change is the look and feel of the application, to increase usability and the overall flow. I will still need to get the developers paid their cash component of $20,000 and be able to pay for the AWS servers that cost roughly $1,200 per month in order to have the revenue generating ability, but having an AWESOME app in the app stores will deliver us the ability to start to get a larger user base prior to the MOBICARD™2.0 launch,” concluded CEO Sodaitis. Like us @MobiCard on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @freemobicard PTOP A new phase is coming soon. Contact Info: Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO MobiCard, Inc. 45 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139 Phone: 1-617-481-1971 Email: Investor website: Safe Harbor Statement: This release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The Company invokes the protections of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategies, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, as well as statements that include words such as "anticipate," "if," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "could," "should," "will," and other similar expressions are forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. Factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements include those set forth in our filings at The company is no longer a fully reporting SEC filing company. We are under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Contact Details MobiCard, Inc. Company Website

April 26, 2023 10:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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How AmeriLife is Unlocking the Power of Data to Drive Increased, Accelerated Growth


If the fervor around ChatGPT and similar emerging technologies have taught us anything, it’s that technology is only as good as the data upon which it’s built – and the real, business-driving insights it can generate. Over the past two years, AmeriLife’s Enterprise Data & Analytics team has been assembling an industry-leading group of data scientists and business strategists who are working to fundamentally change the game for predictive analytics in insurance distribution. Leveraging the latest in machine learning and predictive modeling, the team’s efforts culminated late last year with the launch of Atlas for the 2023 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Atlas is a best-in-class data platform that leverages proprietary internal and third-party external data to predict the most popular Medicare Advantage plans down to the county level, allowing AmeriLife affiliates to identify coverage gaps in their areas, build more performative and sustainable sales and marketing strategies, as well as support agent recruitment and carrier relations. “The incredible potential of a platform such as Atlas demands an intentional approach that brings together the right people, data and technology at the right time, all combined with continuous feedback we receive from our distribution partners,” said Tim Calvert, Chief Operating Officer for AmeriLife. “The success of Atlas proved that a true, cutting-edge data platform requires more than a ‘field of dreams’ strategy; it’s about delivering a bespoke experience with real value to our partners whose insights can also benefit all of our companies collectively.” “Data and our data scientists are at the core of Atlas. THL partnered with Tim, Mark Springett, and their team, along with our Chief Architect, Jagjit Singh, to create a model that drives insights across the full value chain, driving benefits previously unavailable,” added Mark Benaquista, Managing Director in THL’s Strategic Resource Group. “In its inaugural year, we have seen the impact and are excited for the next set of advancements.” As the team looks ahead to balance of 2023, it anticipates a number of new enhancements, dashboard expansions, and other forecasting tools will be added to its solutions suite for agency owners, marketers and agents to optimize their sales and marketing activities and grow their client bases. Most critically, though, will be the continued expansion of its proprietary dataset, which will arguably be the industry’s most comprehensive dataset of both proprietary internal and external third-party data for an unparalleled view of the evolving Medicare market. “Partnering with our agents, advisors and marketers, along with leveraging data, technology and data science, has allowed us – in a short amount of time – to provide the highest level of actionable insights to help them grow and sustain their businesses,” said Mark Springett, senior vice president of Enterprise Data & Analytics for AmeriLife. “We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the transformative impact of these insights, and look forward to rolling out more resources in the coming months." ### About AmeriLife AmeriLife’s strength is its mission: to provide insurance and retirement solutions to help people live longer, healthier lives. In doing so, AmeriLife has become recognized as the leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities and retirement planning solutions to enhance the lives of pre-retirees and retirees across the United States. For more than 50 years, AmeriLife has partnered with top insurance carriers to provide value and quality to customers served through a distribution network of over 300,000 insurance agents and advisors and 120 marketing organizations and insurance agency locations nationwide. For more information, visit, and follow AmeriLife on Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact Details Media Jeff Maldonado +1 321-297-1112 Partnership Inquiries Patrick Nichols +1 727-726-0726 Company Website

April 25, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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43-Year Printing Business Graphic Communications Converts to Minuteman Press Franchise in Shelby Township, Michigan

Minuteman Press International Inc

43-year printing business Graphic Communications has been sold by Dennis Wrobleski to new owners Nathan and Jane Kogan. Following the sale, the business is being converted to a full-service Minuteman Press franchise. The new Minuteman Press in Shelby Township is located at 50671 Wing Drive, Shelby Township, MI 48315. On buying the business, Nathan Kogan says, “My background was in finance and accounting. I held a position as an Assistant Controller for a privately owned wealth management company for almost 19 years. My wife and I decided to become business owners because we wanted to build something for ourselves and our kids. Our hope is that someday, our kids will join us and want to be a part of this wonderful company.” Seller Dennis Wrobleski shares, “My main objective in transferring the business was the security of my employees and the care of our clientele. I was happy to learn that Minuteman Press franchise owners are supported and trained to handle the print and marketing needs of local businesses. I believe this will be a huge benefit to our clients adding access to more products and services. The most likely prospect of growth with the expansion of products available to our existing clientele and new clients ensures a beneficial outcome for the employees.” History of the Business Graphic Communications began as a Michigan partnership in 1980. Dennis explains, “My former partner Bill Schulz and I worked together at Kux Manufacturing Company in Detroit, Michigan. In the early 1950s, Kux Manufacturing Company, founded by Richard Kux, became the largest manufacturer of decals and identification markings for cars and trucks in the country. Kux was set up for high volume production of fleet graphics, and worked mostly with national brands. Our goal was to provide this same level of high quality graphic products and service to local businesses. Kux was very helpful and supportive of our venture and continued to outsource work to us as our business grew.” Dennis continues, “Graphic Communications made the transition from manual tooling processes to digital graphics. We rely on the latest software, computerized cutting machines, large format printing, and mostly our talented staff of graphic designers and production artists, to serve our clients with professional graphic art solutions.” Selling the Business As he was exploring his options for selling the business, Dennis ended up meeting with Minuteman Press Regional VP Rich DeRosa, who explained the benefits of Minuteman Press International’s conversion program that connects sellers like Dennis with buyers like Nathan and Jane Kogan. Dennis shares, “When I met Rich DeRosa, my business was already listed for sale with a broker. As soon as the broker contract expired, I called Rich and we set up a meeting. Rich not only had a very good understanding of my business, he had a potential buyer in mind that he had been working with. Rich explained the straightforward process and I also learned a lot from the Minuteman Press website. “I think it’s great working with an organization that is interested in success for the buyer and the seller. Knowing that the new owner of Graphic Communications will be equipped with the knowledge and support from Minuteman Press to continue to serve our clients is a big relief for me. I am confident that the business and employees will be in good hands.” -Dennis Wrobleski, Selling Owner, Graphic Communications Buying the Business From his perspective as a new business owner, Nathan Kogan found the right fit in buying a well-established business while also being supported by Minuteman Press as a franchisee. Nathan shares, “We chose to buy an established business because it gave us comfort and a feeling of stability to come into something that is already a proven model, but would also have tons of upside for growth. We chose Minuteman Press due to its incredible reviews and a support system for the owners.” Nathan continues, “Working with Minuteman Press International was extremely easy and comforting. Rich DeRosa was extremely supportive and helpful throughout this whole process. And patient, especially with me. The training and support is extremely important; it's definitely one of the main reasons we were drawn to this particular franchise.” “I look forward to building on the legacy that Dennis created with Graphic Communications for 43 years while also beginning this new chapter with Minuteman Press, Shelby Township.” -Nathan Kogan, New Owner, Minuteman Press, Shelby Township, MI Transition & Advice for Others With the transition of the business from Graphic Communications to Minuteman Press, Shelby Township already in motion, Nathan shares the following advice for aspiring business owners: “I would highly recommend following your passion and dreams. But before jumping in, do your due diligence and be sure you are ready for all that is to come.” As this chapter closes for Dennis, he reflects, “It wasn’t easy starting a business with few resources besides time and determination. In many ways, it’s even harder to make an exit. I’m thankful for everyone I met through this business. I’m blessed that I was able to use my talent as a graphic artist to serve so many great people and businesses in the Metropolitan Detroit area. I know the business is being left in great hands with Nathan and Jane Kogan and Minuteman Press.” Dennis also offers the following parting advice for business owners looking to secure a sale of their printing businesses: “Call Minuteman Press. Also, having all bookkeeping and financial reports up to date helps for a smooth transition.” Minuteman Press, Shelby Township (formerly Graphic Communications) is located at 50671 Wing Drive, Shelby Township, MI 48315. For more information, call 586-566-5200 or visit their website: Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at To learn about selling your printing business through Minuteman Press at no cost or broker fees to you, visit Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

April 25, 2023 09:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Shareholder to Urge Warren Buffett to Relinquish Some Power at Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

National Legal & Policy Center

Ahead of the annual meeting for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. on May 6 in Omaha, National Legal and Policy Center is sponsoring a shareholder proposal and will again call for a separation of powers between the Chairman and CEO – with both roles presently held by legendary nonagenarian investor Warren Buffett – to proceed on what the company says is inevitable, and to smooth the oncoming leadership transition. NLPC presented a similar proposal at last year’s meeting, where the organization’s Chairman, Peter Flaherty, said in a speech that since Mr. Buffett is “the face of capitalism, why don’t you do something to save it?” Flaherty will again present this year’s proposal, and plans to address the company’s flawed reasoning for delaying the preordained outcome. NLPC filed a proxy memorandum with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, which explains why the transition from Mr. Buffett’s concentrated leadership and power should start now instead of waiting until he leaves. The Berkshire Hathaway board of directors oppose NLPC’s proposal in the company’s proxy statement, but state that “once Mr. Buffett is no longer Berkshire’s CEO, a non-management director should be named Board Chair.” “Warren Buffett turns 93 this year and his top advisor, Charlie Munger, is 99 years old,” said Flaherty. “We are not ageists, but Berkshire Hathaway has already designated who the next CEO and likely Chairman will be, so what are they waiting for?” Berkshire Hathaway has identified Gregory Abel, Chairman and CEO of subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, as Mr. Buffett’s future successor as CEO. NLPC argues in its report to the SEC that the company’s identity is inextricably linked with Mr. Buffett’s, and if there is not an immediate transition or “handoff” to the next generation of leadership, it will only be more difficult for Berkshire Hathaway to shift from its personality-driven image to a performance-based one. Also, NLPC calls into question Mr. Buffett’s reticence to provide guidance to CEOs of companies in Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio, such as American Express, Apple, and Coca-Cola. All three companies have suffered a backlash over their involvement in divisive political issues, a practice the celebrated investor has warned against in the past. NLPC argues that Mr. Buffett’s influence could improve the performance of the companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway. “Warren Buffett clearly still has his mental faculties and his acumen,” Flaherty added, “but Berkshire Hathaway’s loyal investors need to see how the succession plan will work for the long-term interests of the company. He has been different from every other Chairman and CEO in history, he needs to recognize that, and he should give his successor Greg Abel a running start for the future.” Founded in 1991, NLPC promotes ethics in public life and government accountability through research, investigation, education, and legal action. ### For more information or to schedule an interview with Paul Chesser, contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or Please visit Contact Details National Legal and Policy Center Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

April 24, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce (JFCCT) works closely with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to continued support its anti-corruption efforts

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT)

BANGKOK THAILAND - Media OutReach - 24 April 2023 - Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce (JFCCT) advocates for zero tolerance, and works closely with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) and Thai Collective Action Against Corruption ( CAC) to support anti-corruption in Thailand. In 2017, JFCCT hold a seminar to Exchange Information on Corruption Prevention and Corruption Suppression with NACC and have formally met annually to share experience and learning. The Conclusions from that seminar, JFCCT reported that in just about all cases, corrupt practices always takes at least two parties. Private sector need to continue to do our part to reduce corruption. So JFCCT continue to: Make members aware of the various effects of corruption, and move away from the view that some corruption is OK as long as the economy continues to do well, or that someone may 'miss out' if they do not engage. Engage in meaningful and not just token ways in anti – corruption organisations. Take responsibility to achieve outcomes. Bring to members' attention legal and policy changes Provide recommendations on measures to reduce corruption. We are developing an anti–corruption Code of Conduct. However, JFCCT is not an enforcement body but we can (and do) aim to make an impact. For example promoting the Rule of Law and really understanding what it means is one way to support respect for the laws in force in Thailand. In addition, on 9th December 2022, JFCCT Chairwoman, Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag meet the NACC, alongside Prime Minister General Prayut, Pol. Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit President of the NACC and others related organization on the occasion of the Zero Tolerance "Ending Corruption: Key to Boosting Investment in Thailand" Leirvag was pleased to share the arguments from JFCCT on the negative effect corruption caused to Thailand and its competitiveness for both existing and new investment, as well as sharing a series of concrete recommendations for the government and private sector to work together to improve the ease of doing business. These steps included improved protection for whistle-blowers and witnesses, better education, stronger investigative powers as well as courts more empowered to enforce stronger penalties. "JFCCT try to share the relevant toolkits with our members and guide them as best we can, so that they embrace the information," Leirvag said. In an recent exclusive interview, Ms Leirvåg presented her point of view and suggestions about ways to anti-corruption. Of primary importance is doing away with the mindset that 'a little corruption is acceptable' Leirvåg suggested. Nowadays, Thailand has a long and difficult journey ahead to fight corruption. This will require the participation of all parties, the government, academia, the public and the private sectors, said Leirvåg. The current Thai government has worked to improve the issue of corruption, but the situation needs to be addressed more, and much remains to be done, said Leirvåg in an exclusive interview. Ms Leirvåg added that Thailand could do much better and it was time for the government and the political establishment to walk the talk, not only talk. "We also need to set goals and work as a team towards real and effective zero tolerance for corruption." According to Leirvåg, it is the general mindset that needs to be changed; without the change it will be impossible to increase transparency and rid the country of graft. "That mindset needs to change. There should be zero tolerance for corruption if we are serious in moving ahead." While public surveys have been held, many have answered that fighting corruption is impossible and therefore some grey zones are acceptable, also that a little corruption is OK as long as the wheels of business keep turning. Thailand's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) in the 2022 Report improved by nine places to 101st out of 180 countries and the overall score also improved from 35 to 36 out of 100. The CPI had been on a slide from 99th in 2019 through to 110th in 2021. Early education is key One of the points Ms Leirvåg raised is the fact that children are not taught from an early age that corruption is wrong. She believes that malfeasance can be stopped if people are educated starting in kindergarten. Ms Leirvåg hails from Norway where children are taught at an early age that stealing and telling lies are wrong. Norway ranked fourth and scored 84 out of 100 in the 2022 CPI report. Children look up to grownups as role models, but when role models don't play their role right, the educational system must step in and point the way. Ms Leirvåg is managing director and founder of Felicia Design, a high-end jewellery manufacturer in Thailand and has lived in the Kingdom since 1989. She was elected chairperson of JFCCT last year, becoming the first woman to hold the position. Asked to compare the difficulties of doing business in Thailand with other countries, Ms Leirvåg said she did not think doing business in Thailand was more difficult than elsewhere overall, as all countries have positive and less positive sides. Thailand still has a lot going in a positive direction and by working together it is possible to tackle challenges like corruption. The Thai premier made a commitment on International Anti-Corruption Day last December that Thailand would work towards zero tolerance for corruption. "The work towards zero tolerance has to be a joint effort by all parties. We have to work together to tackle graft problems instead of pointing fingers at each other or other stakeholders. Ms. Leirvåg encouraged success stories to be shared, not only wrongdoings. Stopping corruption is a gradual process but it must start now Rome was not built in one day, Ms Leirvåg said, "this is a journey and the journey needs to start at the top, meaning that the government must show serious willingness to fight malfeasance. It is impossible to expect Thailand to go from the current situation to the situation of a country being perceived as least corrupt. For many countries, including her native country Norway, this was a journey that took a century or more." The government needs to "walk the talk and not only talk." In the past, governments have focused their efforts on establishing policies, but now it is time to take action and implement what they have promised. The premier has promised to work towards zero tolerance but dealing with corruption is a task for everyone including politicians from all parties as well as government officials, and of course, the private sector, Ms Leirvåg said. A general election is to be held soon and a new government will take office, she recommended that everyone joins together to set expectations up front, so that changes and serious goals to fight corruption, which would also improve the corruption perception ranking. "We must accept that corruption exists, we must deal with wrongdoings and together find preventive solutions as well as educate and communicate the evils of corruption.", Ms Leirvåg said. "All firms, big and small, Thai and foreign, public and private, should be working together to tackle corruption. Efforts should go hand-in-hand with government initiatives to stamp out corruption." Willingness to pay, means willingness to collect With bribery, we usually point the finger at each other. "We say that it is the government, the firms and the public sector that made us pay tea money. However, if you pay the tea money, things will never change. It's teamwork; you are willing to pay, so they are willing to collect. It will definitely be embedded deeper in the Thai culture and society. So if you stop paying bribes, they will stop taking them. She also praised the new Anti-Corruption Law that criminalizes bribe-giving by legal entities and can make senior executives accountable under the new law, legal entities—including corporations—can be criminally liable for bribes paid to state officials, Thai and foreign, and officials working with intergovernmental organizations. "However, all stakeholders need to be made aware of the laws" Ms Leirvåg said, adding that the foreign business community in Thailand has a role to play in informing and training their staff in anti-corruption work including understanding of the legislation. Experiences with "tea money" Throughout her years of doing business in Thailand, she has been involved many situations where paying "tea money" would speed up her company's applications especially on permits and licenses. However, Ms Leirvåg has steadfastly refused to bow to pressure and to pay bribes for her firm to obtain what it wanted. "I have had somebody telling me that if I paid under the table or gave him the money, he could speed up the process. I said no, I can wait." Saying no to bribery resulted in her firm's applications taking longer time to process, but she is happy to wait. Understanding that her company would not agree to pay bribes, officials stopped asking. Many foreign companies have complained that some rules and regulations which delay or create administrative burdens to their business could be potential risks of corruption. This includes rules and regulations that give authority to the official to use their own judgement to process the request from companies. She suggested that processes should as much as possible be fully digitalized as digitalization is one way to reduce corruption. In Thailand, anti-corruption regulations and laws have been issued and are in place, but laws are not enforced, sometimes out of ignorance. The assumption is that paying a bribe can resolve the issue. It is important to emphasize the principle of rule of law and how to enforce the law effectively. Organizations like the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has prepared policies and guidelines including for example about implementing internal controls (an essential aspect of a company potentially avoiding criminal responsibility where the company leaders did not know about a corrupt act and had put in place procedures to prevent it, Thai Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) also has training clinics, and recently, OECD launched a tool kit for SMEs The Anti Corruption Network (ACN) also has measures. These tools must be better communicated to both the public and agencies, with training and implementation. Most are available in English and other languages but if there is no communication about their existence, they are as good as useless, Ms Leirvåg said. Asked about the role of whistleblowers, Ms Leirvåg said that this was a major challenge as most do not feel they are protected and feel pressure to be silent instead of reporting the wrongdoing. The government has to do more to protect those who report wrongdoing, she said, as well as having witness protection schemes. The future workforce should be educated about zero tolerance for corruption. They should also be ensured that they will be protected if they decided to become whistleblowers. When they work in a business and they see malfeasance, only then will they feel safe enough to report it. The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) is the umbrella body for various Thai- foreign chambers or business associations operating in Thailand. It was back in 1976 that the entire foreign community of business people joined in an idea where the American Chamber invited members of the British, French, German and Japanese chambers to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister. A foreign business organization which came to be known as the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) was formed.We work with the Royal Thai government and various government agencies such as the Board of Trade, Board of Investment and the Federation of Thai Industries and many sector-specific agencies, and by way of advice and recommendation to foreign governments – for the benefit of the Thai economy. Contact Details The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) Media Contact +66 2 018 6995

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