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Aclara Resources pioneering sustainable rare earth mining - PDAC 2024

Aclara Resources Inc
News release by Aclara Resources Inc

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Aclara Resources Inc (TSX:ARA, OTC:ARAAF) CEO Ramón Barúa joined Proactive's Angela Harmantas at PDAC 2024 to share insights into the company's Carina Module ionic clay rare earths project in Brazil.

Barúa said Aclara Resources has been actively engaging with both Brazilian and Chilean delegations at PDAC 2024, indicating strong regional support.

The company's rare earth deposits, particularly at Carina, offer significant advantages due to a simple extraction process involving clays, water, and ammonium sulphate, bypassing the issue of radioactivity. These deposits are valuable for containing scarce elements critical for a sustainable future.

Recent developments include the completion of processing Carina clays in the company's pilot plant in Concepción, Chile, which is a step forward in showcasing the product's quality.

Additionally, Aclara has initiated a drilling campaign to potentially expand its $168 million resource base, with results expected soon.

The company emphasizes sustainability in its mineral harvesting process, claiming to produce the world's cleanest rare earths by avoiding explosives, crushing, and milling, thereby minimizing its carbon footprint. Water is recycled with 95% efficiency, and any additional water needed is sourced from utility companies, avoiding natural sources. A 99% recycling efficiency for fertiliser ensures zero tailings, with the byproduct being spin clays that are returned to the site for reforestation efforts using native species, aligning with local environmental values.


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