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Adore Stories announces Closed Beta for Adore Romance Stories in the hot Interactive Story Games Mobile Gaming Category Take Part in this Mobile Game Experience Today!

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Salt Lake City, UT | November 11, 2021 09:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

Adore Stories, a woman-owned business focused on strengthening women’s voices at the intersection of literature and gaming, is pleased to announce the imminent launch of Adore Romance Stories, in Closed Beta.

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In our competitive research, we have found that gaming companies are largely run by men, while the readership and audience for these story games is primarily women. The lack of gender equity in the gaming industry has long been established by articles in Forbes, The Guardian and many others, and we are here to help balance the scales.

We also find that this genre calls for higher quality writing and so we are adopting best practices long-since established in the screenwriting industry that create better emotional engagement with our audience to craft captivating interactive stories. Similarly, we are focused on greater diversity in our characters, stories, and character customization, to provide important representation for the diverse gaming community that plays these games.

With a background in literature and a passion for interactive experiences, it only made sense to take our abilities to the mobile gaming world, and create a better literary experience for all readers, whether male or female.

Our stories contain a more diverse mix of characters, and are written to higher standards, with award-winning authors signed on and a 100% female editing staff ensuring that women’s voices are heard and supported, and that our stories feel as authentic as possible to lived experience, while retaining a fun, fantasy feel.


About Interactive Story Games:

Interactive story games allow you, the player, to step into the shoes of the protagonist in a story, choosing how you look, what your name is, and what actions you choose to take in the story. In our stories, you can choose who you want to date, what activities you take part in, and experience the life of a character in a story, whose actions and reactions are written to exacting literary standards.

We feel that interactive story games are fundamentally a new category of media consumption, located somewhere between a book, a traditional gaming experience and a movie. The ability to have a choose-your-own-adventure type experience while having additional music, audio cues, and visual experiences create something that’s not quite a book, not quite a movie, and a fundamentally different experience from other mobile, console or desktop gaming experiences.


About  Adore Stories:

 Adore Stories has found acclaim for its writing tools like our Character Template, which helps aspiring and established authors provide more color and meaning behind their written characters. Adore Stories is building a writer community, starting with online writing contests, coming soon! The Adore Stories blog also reviews popular books and authors, and features writing tips and tricks to help you write the stories of your dreams, and the next bestseller!

If you would like to learn more about Adore Stories or the mobile experience that we are crafting, please reach out to - we will be happy to talk!


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