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Adsure Services gearing up for London listing

Adsure Services PLC
News release by Adsure Services PLC

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Adsure Services CEO Kevin Limn speaks to Thomas Warner at the Proactive London studio ahead of the business assurance services company's planned listing on London's Aquis exchange. Limn starts by giving an overview of the business, explaining that Adsure Services PLC is the parent company of a group specializing in business assurance services, including internal audit services, anti-crime security management, and related consultancy and advisory support services such as digital cyber assurance and terrorism prevention.

The company has a strong track record of over 20 years in the field. He goes on to address the listing, clarifying that they won't seek an initial placement and instead plan to leverage the opportunities it brings to expand into new markets and diversify their service offerings in the longer term.

Looking ahead, Limn emphasises a controlled yet ambitious growth strategy, focusing on the UK's public and related private sectors, particularly healthcare. The company aims to broaden its value proposition for existing customers and explore new market opportunities. He also addresses a common misconception about their business, clarifying that while they employ accountants, Adsure Services is a specialist provider of business assurance services with expertise in organizational change management, policy development, corporate governance, and more.


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