AI-Driven Intelligence From FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) Helps Organizations Navigate Crises At A Time Of War And Economic Turmoil | News Direct

AI-Driven Intelligence From FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) Helps Organizations Navigate Crises At A Time Of War And Economic Turmoil

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By Austin DeNoce, Benzinga

Unpredictability and change are ironically, among the few constants in life, leaving organizations across the globe seeking reliable ways to stay ahead of emerging challenges. This is where FiscalNote Holdings Inc (NYSE: NOTE) steps in, offering an AI-driven intelligence platform that harnesses the power of global intelligence to power analytics, decision-making and predictive modeling to future-proof organizations in the face of inevitable crises.

FiscalNote: A Comprehensive Overview

FiscalNote provides solutions that empower organizations to navigate rapidly changing political, corporate and regulatory landscapes. Its range of services includes geopolitical and market intelligence, policy analysis, advocacy efforts, ESG goal achievement and data-driven decision-making. Key to FiscalNote’s approach is the use of AI to transform unstructured information into actionable insights, allowing organizations to access unbiased insights from a trusted community.

Geopolitical Market Intelligence: The FiscalNote Edge

FiscalNote's Geopolitical Market Intelligence solution equips organizations to mitigate global risks effectively. It boasts a team of over 1,500 global experts delivering macroeconomic and geopolitical risk analysis. This expertise – combined with AI-powered insights, automated reports and built-in dashboards – enables clients to identify global trends, threats and opportunities, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.

Strategies For Organizational Resiliency

To future-proof against crises, FiscalNote emphasizes three key strategies:

  • Bringing Teams Online: Establishing an online workspace is crucial for seamless collaboration and transparency, especially for government and public affairs professionals monitoring legislative and regulatory changes.

  • Developing a Recovery Plan with Stakeholder Management: A focus on stakeholder management ensures swift responses during crises, keeping organizations at the forefront of emerging public policy issues.

  • Identifying New Risks at Every Level: Proactive risk management at domestic and global levels allows organizations to mitigate risks and uncover new opportunities.

Leveraging Technology In Times Of Crisis

Technology plays a pivotal role in managing public affairs strategies. FiscalNote's platform aids in facilitating collaboration, coordination and communication within organizations, thereby enhancing their capacity to prepare for and respond to crises. Leveraging its technology and global network, businesses can more easily manage their risk and protect themselves from the impact of future crises.

Data Intelligence Solutions By FiscalNote

FiscalNote's data intelligence solutions offer businesses and financial institutions enhanced analytics and decision-making capabilities. According to the company, these solutions lead to a 56% reduction in operations costs and a 96% AI-assisted accuracy rate. FiscalNote automates machine learning stages, enabling users to identify and label various data types. This accelerates data-driven decisions by extracting insights from diverse unstructured data sources.

ESG, Relationship Building And Custom Solutions

FiscalNote also plays a key role in helping organizations achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Their ability to build and maintain constituent relationships can be an asset for impactful advocacy and public affairs. Furthermore, FiscalNote offers custom and scalable intelligence solutions backed by in-house advisory teams and hands-on support, highlighting their adaptability to various organizational needs.

Comprehensive Data And Custom Integration

FiscalNote's offerings extend beyond market intelligence to provide a robust suite of services:

  • Comprehensive Data Access: Clients gain access to comprehensive datasets, enhancing the depth and reach of their intelligence solutions. This includes providing alternative data for institutional investors, encompassing consumer transactions, trade data, machine-readable news and sentiment analysis.

  • Customized Environments and Integration: The platform offers customized environments and licensed APIs, facilitating technical integration and adaptability. These features cater to specific organizational needs and technical requirements, ensuring seamless incorporation into existing systems.

These integrated services underscore FiscalNote's commitment to providing versatile and comprehensive solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of organizations navigating complex global landscapes.

Preparing For The Unpredictable

In these times of uncertainty, adaptable strategies are essential to driving effective policy decisions. FiscalNote's AI-enhanced tools provide foresight and risk management capabilities, empowering organizations to stay ahead of potential challenges.


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