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Align Surgical Associates Welcomes Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon to Burgeoning Gender-Affirming Healthcare Practice Dr. Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, also a researcher, will perform full range of operations for transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse patients

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Dr. Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, reconstructive plastic surgeon at Align Surgical Associates Inc.
Dr. Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, reconstructive plastic surgeon at Align Surgical Associates Inc.

The California-based gender-affirming healthcare provider Align Surgical Associates Inc. (Align Surgical) announced today that Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, M.D., M.P.H., has joined its practice. Align Surgical is one of the few interdisciplinary surgical practices in the United States that exclusively provides comprehensive gender-affirming care.

“Breanna is a tremendous addition to Align Surgical’s roster of gender-affirming surgeons,” said Align Surgical founder Dr. Thomas Satterwhite. “She brings a breadth of experience, intelligence and compassion to her work and enables us to offer our patients a wider range of practitioners to choose from.”

Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, M.D., M.P.H, is a reconstructive plastic surgeon, specializing in gender-affirming surgical procedures for the face, body, chest or “top” and genital or “bottom” areas. Dr. Jedrzejewski received her M.D. from Brown University and holds a Master of Public Health in Global Health from Yale University. She completed her residency in integrated plastic surgery at Oregon Health and Science University, where her training included a high volume and full breadth of gender-affirming surgeries. Dr. Jedrzejewski is based at Align Surgical’s San Francisco office, serving patients from California and across the United States.

Recently, Dr. Jedrzejewski was lead author on “Regret After Gender-Affirming Surgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach to a Multifaceted Patient Experience,” published in the July 2023 issue of Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In the study’s cohort of 1,989 patients, only 0.3% requested reversal surgery or transitioned back to their sex assigned at birth. This finding of an extremely low rate of regret is below the 1.0% rate found in a 2021 review of 27 studies that examined rates of regret following gender-affirming surgeries. It is also significantly lower than rates of regret reported for other common surgeries, such as total knee replacement (10%), hip replacement (3%) and numerous cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (9%), breast augmentation (3%) and liposuction (13%), as reported by Statista.

Dr. Jedrzejewski’s research also identified that providing a care environment that “welcomes and normalizes authentic expression of gender identity, affirms surgical goals without judgment, and destigmatizes the role of mental health in the surgical process [is] foundational to mitigating the occurrence of any form of regret.”

“I am thrilled to have found a practice that is as committed to providing a respectful and safe environment for patients as it is to advancing the field of gender-affirming healthcare through ongoing research,” said Dr. Jedrzejewski. “From the beginning, it was clear to me that Align Surgical shares my approach to the practice of medicine, which is to engage with each patient as a whole and unique person.”

Align Surgical’s Commitment to Research and Surgical Innovations

Align Surgical is distinguished among private surgical practices in having a foundational commitment to research and training, which typically only occur at large teaching hospitals. Its surgeons actively initiate and participate in ongoing research with academic and peer organizations, such as Stanford University Medical Center and World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), to improve outcomes and advance the field of gender-affirming healthcare. Align Surgical is an official rotation site for Stanford’s plastic surgery residents as they receive training in gender-affirming care.

Align Surgical is also one of the only private interdisciplinary surgical practices in the United States that is 100% focused on gender-affirming surgery. While the majority of its patients reside in California, nearly 30% of Align Surgical’s patient base comes to the practice from 48 other states and outside the U.S. Initial consultations are tailored to every individual, whether they are transgender, nonbinary or gender-diverse. Align Surgical’s roster of plastic surgeons and reconstructive urologists offer the full array of gender-affirming procedures, including facial feminization and masculinization; chest or “top” surgeries such as mastectomy or breast augmentation; body contouring; and many forms of genital or “bottom” surgery, such as phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty and more.

Since founding the practice, the surgeons at Align Surgical have been at the forefront of developments in surgical technique and practices to improve patient outcomes. Whether it is addressing patient-focused needs such as finding a better solution for post-vaginoplasty dilation; questioning existing and pervasive practices such as withholding hormone therapy prior to surgery; or examining access to care by studying what operations surgeons in the U.S. are willing to perform for patients, the surgeons at Align Surgical are always seeking to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge. Their priority is always to improve patient outcomes and deliver the best care possible.

“The field of gender-affirming healthcare – and surgery specifically – is one of the great new frontiers of medicine,” added Dr. Satterwhite. “As societal acceptance of transgender identities grows, our ability to expand access and improve outcomes for patients grows along with it. This is why I went into medicine: to deliver life-saving and life-affirming care to those who need it most.”

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Align Surgical Associates was founded in 2018 with the mission of providing gender-affirming surgery to the transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse community with excellence, compassion and the belief that all people deserve to experience the freedom of living as their true selves. Align Surgical’s surgeons in San Francisco and Los Angeles provide the full range of facial, body contouring, top and bottom surgeries and share a commitment to advancing innovation and research in their specialty fields. More information at

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