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AMSC CEO reveals strategic shift and exciting investment opportunities in offshore sector

News release by AMSC ASA

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AMSC CEO Pal Magnussen joined Steve Darling from the Proactive studio at the OTC in New York to discuss the company's transition and investment focus.

Formerly known as the American Shipping Company, AMSC sold its entire Jones Act tanker business, signalling a shift from being a leasing company to an investment-focused entity.

The CEO highlighted the sale and a subsequent special dividend, emphasizing the company's move towards becoming an investment firm.

AMSC now aims to explore opportunities beyond traditional shipping, particularly in the offshore sector. Magnussen sees potential in the offshore industry, citing the positive outlook in the offshore oil sector and the emerging offshore wind sector.

As the company broadens its investment mandate, Magnussen notes the importance of exposure in the United States, where AMSC has historical ties.

The CEO expressed optimism about the industry's response to their strategic shift, noting that the public company status allows for a more diverse range of investment activities compared to the leasing focus.


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