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ANGLE partners with AstraZeneca in groundbreaking oncology contract

News release by ANGLE PLC

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ANGLE PLC chief executive Andrew Newland joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with news the company has entered a significant contract with AstraZeneca, marking its second major collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company.

Newland, expressed enthusiasm about this development, noting the contract's potential to expand ANGLE's services in oncology trials. The initial phase of the contract is valued at £150,000, but it holds substantial potential due to the possibility of implementing a new assay in numerous cancer trials involving AstraZeneca. The scope of the collaboration includes the development of assays for examining proteins on cancer cells across multiple trials, with potential earnings of £2,000 per time point in over 460 trials.

The contract also enables ANGLE to further validate and possibly expand its FDA approvals, positioning it uniquely as a provider of comprehensive diagnostic solutions internationally.

Looking ahead, the successful execution of the contract could lead to extensive financial gains for ANGLE PLC, ranging into the tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds, particularly as AstraZeneca's trials progress and its drugs approach commercial launch.



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