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Annamite Resources working with Rio Tinto in "underexplored" Laos

Annamite Resources
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Annamite Resources CEO Didier Fohlen speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about the work the junior explorer has been doing in Laos since being founded in 2019 Fohlen explains the reason for the focus on Laos, describing it as significantly under-explored, with only 10% of the country having been "properly assessed" by major players like Newmont and Oxiana. The company's name references a mountain range in Laos, highlighting its commitment to the region.

Fohlen emphasises the company's successful low-cost operations in Laos and the discovery of some promising projects. Their primary focus is on the Loei Fold Belt in the region, where they've identified a potential copper, gold, zinc, and molybdenum project named "Sokdee".

A significant development for Annamite is their partnership with mining giant Rio Tinto. The agreement sees Rio Tinto funding the exploration work at Sokdee, with the option to continue or withdraw based on the project's viability.

Fohlen expresses optimism about this collaboration, stating that the best-case scenario would be a discovery that aligns with Rio Tinto's standards, potentially making them a majority shareholder in the project. Despite current economic uncertainties, Fohlen remains confident about Annamite's future, hinting at another significant project in the pipeline.


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