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Anson Resources taps into high-grade lithium brine at Green River

Anson Resources Ltd
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Anson Resources Ltd (ASX: ASN, OTCQB: ANSNF) CEO and MD Bruce Richardson joins Jonathan Jackson in the Proactive studio to discuss the significant progress at its Green River Lithium Project in the Paradox Basin, south-eastern Utah, USA, with the extraction of supersaturated brine from the Mississippian Units. This development confirms the potential for Green River to become Anson's second lithium project in Utah. The Bosydaba #1 well at Green River, located on newly acquired private property, penetrated the Mississippian Units, which measured over 255.55 metres in thickness and exhibited high pressures of 4,900 psi. The brine, with a density of 9.5 pounds per gallon, flowed into the well from a depth of 10,470 to 11,210 feet and reached up to 600 feet below the surface. Anson's experience from the nearby Paradox Lithium Project has been leveraged to accelerate exploration and mineral delineation at Green River. The high pressure and porosity noted in the Bosydaba #1 well confirm the geological conditions favourable for lithium extraction, similar to those at the Paradox project. Extracted brine samples are being stored in a 400-gallon frac tank and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for ongoing process testing and metallurgical work. These samples will be sent to a certified laboratory in Texas for assaying lithium, iodine, bromine, boron and other minerals. Additionally, a 400-barrel tank of brine has been collected for process testing at Anson's Sample Demonstration Plant (SDP), which is fully commissioned with capabilities for lithium extraction and purification. The SDP operates continuously, producing high-purity lithium carbonate for potential offtake partners. The Bosydaba #1 well remains open to allow further brine extraction for ongoing processing needs. Richardson also discusses a cornerstone binding offtake term sheet which provides strong market validation of Anson Resource's Paradox Basin Lithium Project, showcasing its strong presence in the US market. he discusses the terms of the agreement as well as discussions with other potential partners and the timing of this news with the shift in manufacturing investment in the US.



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