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Applied Graphite Technologies lists on TSX-V as it advances vein graphite properties in Sri Lanka

Applied Graphite Technologies Corporation
News release by Applied Graphite Technologies Corporation

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Applied Graphite Technologies Corporation CEO Don Baxter joined Stephen Gunnion with news of the company's listing on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol 'AGT.'

Baxter, a seasoned mining engineer, discussed the company's evolution since 2012, centering on graphite purification technologies for batteries amidst growing demand in the battery industry.

Listing on the TSX-V will increase access to capital while building investor confidence, he said.

Highlighting the company's strategic acquisitions in Sri Lanka, Baxter explained the unique advantages of the vein graphite found there: high carbon content (95% in the ground), environmental benefits (no tailings or waste rock), and cost-effectiveness in mining. Unlike flake or synthetic graphite, vein graphite from these properties has higher crystallinity, translating to enhanced battery capacity and a smaller environmental footprint.

The company is rapidly moving towards production to meet burgeoning graphite demand, prompted by China's potential restrictions on graphite exports. With plans to scale up to 30,000 to 50,000 tonnes annually, Baxter envisions starting with selling run-of-mine graphite, and progressing to producing battery-grade graphite. He emphasized the company's unique position to meet the critical supply demands for battery anodes, highlighting quick development times due to favorable terrain in Sri Lanka.


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