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Arecor Therapeutics takes major step with first commercial sale of AT220

Arecor Therapeutics PLC
News release by Arecor Therapeutics PLC

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Arecor Therapeutics PLC CEO Sarah Howell speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the biopharmaceutical group announced the first commercial sale of a product that incorporates its proprietary Arestat technology, known as AT220.

Part of a licence agreement with an unnamed global pharma partner initiated in 2017, the milestone has triggered a payment to Arecor. It will also receive royalties on sales.

Howell explains the significance of the news, emphasising its importance for patients and the business. She says the achievement aligns with Arecor's vision of building a large, self-sustaining biopharmaceutical company focused on improving patient care.

While the partner involved in this achievement remains undisclosed, Howell shed light on Arecor's appeal to pharmaceutical collaborators and says the Arestat technology enables the company to enhance biosimilar products, providing more benefits to patients and giving partners a competitive edge in a high-value market.

She says the financial impact is significant, with the milestone triggering licensed payments and initiating recurring royalty streams for Arecor.

As the year approaches its end, Howell hints at potential updates. The partnered portfolio shows promising progress, with recent announcements of licensed milestones and positive developments in clinical studies. Ongoing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies are expected to expand, contributing to Arecor's growth.

The company is actively developing its proprietary products, focusing on specialty hospital medications and diabetes treatments. One of their lead diabetes products, AT278, targets patients with high insulin needs, presenting a disruptive solution in a growing market segment. Results from the clinical study are anticipated in Q1 2024.


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