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Argoid’s AI-driven Personalization Enhances Stickiness Among Millions of Mitron TV users

News release by Argoid

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What do you do when you have a large volume of short form video content available and millions of users but half of them are inactive? You know that the content is engaging and caters to diverse tastes, but matching preference to individual users is a tedious, mammoth task? You can either wish for magic or bring in the power of Artificial Intelligence.

 Argoid, an AI Recommendation and Search provider, based out of Silicon Valley and Bangalore, helped Mitron TV, a leading short format video app, enhance stickiness among consumers and new users with its AI-driven hyper-personalised personalization engine.

YourNest-funded Argoid’s video recommendations activated approximately 50% of its idle user base and helped Mitron add one million new users, and

  • Over 75% of app users watched all the videos recommended by Argoid
  • With a 90% completion rate
  • Video bounce rate dropped by 20%


Mitron TV, had grown its user base to 50 million-plus downloads fairly quickly. To enhance its customer experience, Mitron TV wanted to personalize it. Argoid's algorithm unravelled the core technical challenge that Mitron TV faced - serving the best consumer experience to individual users.

By leveraging machine learning to automatically understand each user’s preferences & behavior and serving them hyper-personalized video recommendations, Argoid sent personalized push notifications to each subscriber based on their individual interests and preferences.

Argoid’s recommender system engaged viewers with the most relevant recommendations, at a personalized time, when they were most likely to act. It learnt the individual user’s behavior in real-time and recommendations became more accurate with every interaction, such as watching the video, liking, sharing a video, or following a creator.

Not only that, the Argoid recommendation engine also supported content creators by serving them with relevant follower engagement notifications such as views, likes, shares, follows, encouraging them to keep creating.

The cold-start problem - what to recommend to new/cold users - and other critical complexities were also solved with AI-driven seamless and relevant recommendations. Mitron TV saw the highest consumption and engagement from the 18-25 age bracket with Entertainment and Politics being most-watched categories.

Anish Khandelwal, co-founder and CTO, Mitron TV, said, “AI-based personalization has been a game changer for Mitron TV; identifying when to nudge the user was as important as what (content). Argoid’s AI personalization engine made all the difference for our user retargeting campaigns.”

“The amalgamation of AI technology with the Mitron app was an exciting challenge for us. We were focused on providing unsurpassed cutting-edge technology that would help the consumers to leverage the best the app had to offer. Understanding the gap between consumer’s wants and what was recommended, we were able to solve the most complex issues while maintaining consumer stickiness and engagement in the app through accurate video recommendations to millions of users. The AI-driven technologies developed by Argoid can help achieve the best conversion rates possible by providing hyper-personalised recommendations to each user at any touchpoint in real-time,” said Argoid’s CEO & Co-Founder, Gokul Muralidharan.


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