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Artisanal Spirits Company targets new markets as it expands global experience for afficionados

Artisanal Spirits Company PLC
News release by Artisanal Spirits Company PLC

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Artisanal Spirits Company CEO Andrew Dane tells Proactive's Stephen Gunnion that the company specialises in the creation and sale of exceptional, limited-edition whiskies and related experiences globally. Its primary operations are managed through a subsidiary, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, with recent expansions including the launch of JG Thomson in 2021 and the acquisition of a new independent bottling business, Single Cask Nation, in the US earlier this year.

Artisanal Spirits Company procures whiskies from over 150 Scotch malt whisky distilleries and additional spirits from 20 countries, maturing and bottling these under their brands. The company sells these products exclusively to its global membership, which has surpassed 40,000 members. Members enjoy exclusive purchasing rights and access to member rooms in the UK and partner bars worldwide, enhancing the whisky experience.

Marketing strategies vary by region, leveraging digital platforms, affiliate programs, and gifting, particularly in the US during Father's Day.

Dane emphasized the enjoyment of whisky over investment, offering bottled casks for personal consumption. Membership growth, a key indicator of revenue potential, increased by 10% last year, contributing to an 8% revenue growth.

He said the company explores new markets through a franchise model, transitioning successful franchises into subsidiaries as seen in Australia and Taiwan. Currently, opportunities in Vietnam, Brazil, India, and Nigeria are being considered.

The recent acquisition of Single Cask Nation in the US aims to further penetrate the American market, exploiting the minimal overlap between their respective audiences to target the American whiskey segment.


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