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ASMBLE launches powerful micro-community platform for brands, influencers, and their superfans 98% of influencers are ignored by tech, brands, and influencer platforms as ASMBLE sets out to democratize access to content creators and influencers around the world.

News release by ASMBLE

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Boston, Massachusetts | November 23, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

 Micro-community network ASMBLE has today announced the public launch of its platform for brands, creators, influencers, and superfans. Brands are using ASMBLE to build communities of influencers, creators, and superfans to identify and develop direct relationships with these powerful creators. These brand-owned micro-communities serve as a launchpad enabling content co-creation, influencer campaigns, focus groups, and customer insights.

Following a year of beta testing with 2000 influencers and a range of brands in the US, ASMBLE is now accessible globally for all creators, influencers, and brands to join.

ASMBLE was launched to help brands with creator-powered marketing while also addressing major underlying problems faced by the average semi-pro creator. Over 35 million semi-pro creators report burnout, isolation, and negative outcomes stemming from social media. In addition to financially rewarding creators through brand communities, ASMBLE’s creator-led communities provide creators with in-app tools, educational content, and peer support around topics of interest. Micro-communities from TikTokTips, to BlackParenting, to MindSet Matters - and dozens of other micro-communities - provide valuable industry insight and support that creators can’t find anywhere else.

ASMBLE: CEO and co-founder Nadeem Mazen on a mission to connect brands with influencers and creators
ASMBLE: CEO and co-founder Nadeem Mazen on a mission to connect brands with influencers and creators

Nadeem Mazen, CEO and Co-Founder of ASMBLE commented: “The creator economy is today worth $100B every year and growing. Creators and influencers are the future of advertising because they wield authenticity and unprecedented audience trust, while the ground is shifting under traditional digital tracking and digital ads. Everything from streaming studio content wars to Big Tech acquisitions hinges on creators. Creators - as technologists, as producers, as trend-setters, and as subject-matter experts - are the fulcrum on which enormous industries tip. Trillions are at stake.”

How ASMBLE works

  • Brands purchase a seat to spin up one or more micro-communities in ASMBLE

  • A dedicated community-building consultant is assigned to each brand.

  • Brands and community-building consultants populate their micro-communities by inviting influencers, creators, superfans, or customers with whom they have an existing relationship.

  • Brands invite influencers and superfans to their micro-community from other relevant micro-communities in ASMBLE, in order to grow their base and extend their creative capacity or reach.

  • Brands create conversations, contests, focus-groups, live in-app events, and paying influencer marketing projects within their micro-community to learn from members or leverage their valuable skills.

  • All micro-community members see when the brand responds to any given community-member - whether that is approval for a project idea, feedback on co-created content, or instant payment from the brand.

  • Each community member learns from feedback that any other community member receives, creating a race to the top in ideation, collaboration, and quality content.

ASMBLE in action: a place for brands, creators and influencers to meet
ASMBLE in action: a place for brands, creators and influencers to meet

Regarding the problem that ASMBLE has set out to solve, Nadeem Mazen said: “The creator economy is naive in its current state - almost every corner of this brave new world is messy, painful, stressful, and unsustainable for stakeholders on all sides. Marketplaces are lackluster, brands are skeptical, influencers get squeezed, and new creator business models fail to capture enough influencer buy-in to really scale. Both long-standing influencer marketplaces and new business models implicitly rely on creator trust and wellbeing in order to scale - yet explicitly treat popular creators as disposable and interchangeable. ASMBLE addresses these problems by addressing creators’ needs: creators are our partners and our fuel. By committing deeply to collective creator community and individual creator wellbeing - something largely missing across the social internet - we assemble a foundation of creator trust, retention, and activity that brands can leverage for their campaigns and strategic imperatives.”

Looking ahead Nadeem Mazen added: “ASMBLE creators takes the opposite approach of the industry at present. Instead of focusing on how to woo paying brands, we offer influencers access to real, substantive emotional, professional, and creative support. The core of what we do is offer influencers and creators a safe space where they can talk about their work - which is seen as a cake walk from the outside, but is actually one of the highest pressure jobs”

“ASMBLE will become the Y-Combinator for creators - an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurship curriculum, peer and mentor support, and even direct investment where we take a stake in content development and other financial growth.”



As the only social network for influencers and content creators, ASMBLE is uniquely positioned to accelerate brand awareness and market penetration for businesses. Our mobile-first platform promotes collaboration that raises the bar for compelling, authentic content. Our community focuses on human development, peer/mentor connections, and the value of authenticity. ASMBLE is deploying its network of talented, brand and product-obsessed creators against the toughest challenges of today’s leading brands. To explore ASMBLE, please visit:


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