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ATHA Energy Corp hard at work on "largest land position in the entire Athabasca Basin"

ATHA Energy Corp
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ATHA Energy Corp (CSE:SASK, OTCQB:SASKF) CEO Troy Boisjoli speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about the work he's been doing with the mineral exploration company since taking on the role earlier this summer.


He discusses the company's vision and prospects, highlighting the company's impressive land package that spans 3.4 million acres across Canada's Athabasca basin. He also notes that ATHA Energy has acquired a 10% carried interest in key parts of successful companies like NexGen Energy and Isoenergy.


Boisjoli emphasised uranium's significance as a sustainable energy source, calling it "the only true energy metal... fundamentally [it] represents the solution to meet net-zero requirements moving forward". He expresses confidence in the company's outlook, driven by its expertise in capital markets, excellent jurisdiction and other factors.


ATHA Energy is currently executing what he calls "the largest multi-platform electromagnetic geophysical survey ever undertaken in the Athabasca Basin" with a view to "teasing out" the best areas for further exploration in the future.


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