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Autonomix Medical Inc. Covered in Benzinga Article Highlighting Innovative Nerve Treatment Technology Company is targeting pancreatic cancer pain with advanced nerve detection and treatment technology

News release by Autonomix Medical, Inc.

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New York, April 15, 2024 - (Plato Data) -- Benzinga has published a new article on Autonomix Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: AMIX), featuring the company's groundbreaking approach to peripheral nervous system (PNS) disorders. The Benzinga article delves into the critical role of the PNS in human health and highlights how Autonomix Medical is pioneering with its catheter-based microchip sensing array technology.

The article provides a comprehensive look at how Autonomix Medical is redefining treatment protocols for nerve-related disorders. By targeting the root causes associated with the PNS, rather than just managing symptoms, Autonomix Medical's technology offers a novel solution that combines both detection and ablation of problematic nerves in a single procedure. This approach, likened to a "GPS" for nerve treatment, allows for precise identification and treatment of the nerves involved, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of procedures.

In a notable application, the company is focusing its efforts on managing pancreatic cancer pain—a condition notoriously difficult to treat due to its proximity to critical nerves. The technology's high sensitivity in detecting neural signals—up to 3,000 times greater than existing technologies—promises not only to improve outcomes in pain management but also to significantly reduce the need for opioids, addressing a major public health challenge.

This exposure in Benzinga underscores the potential of Autonomix Medical's technology to transform the field of electrophysiology and pain management, potentially tapping into a market exceeding $100 billion. As the company progresses with its clinical trials, the successful implementation of its technology could revolutionize treatment approaches for a wide range of diseases, offering hope to millions of patients worldwide.

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Note: The details provided in this press release are based on information featured in the Benzinga article and do not constitute forward-looking statements.


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