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Avation advances its fleet with low emission aircraft and strategic financial moves

Avation PLC
News release by Avation PLC

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Avation PLC executive chairman Jeff Chatfield joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with more on the company that that specialises in leasing modern commercial passenger aircraft to global airlines.

The company's business model involves purchasing, financing, and trading aircraft, with customers including EasyJet, AirBaltic, and several others across various continents. Avation's fleet comprises three main sectors: widebody, narrowbody, and regional aircraft, with a focus on low CO2 emission models adaptable to sustainable aviation fuel.

Chatfield said Avation has exercised purchase rights for ten new ATR aircraft with plans for future deliveries spread over the next ten years. This move aligns with their environmental strategy, emphasising aircraft that support reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, the company manages a young fleet, which contributes to its market strength, particularly as industry demand surges post-COVID due to supply constraints from manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus.

Chatfield noted that Avation is also restructuring its capital by repurchasing bonds and reducing debt, aiming to optimise its financial leverage and benefit shareholders.



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