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Avrio Announces Investment Agreement and Share Exchange with SocialTrader

News release by Avrio

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, San Diego, London, Abu Dhabi | March 01, 2024 07:51 AM Eastern Standard Time

Avrio Worldwide, PBC (Avrio) announces a 1:10 share exchange agreement resulting in a bi-directional common stock acquisition between Avrio and SocialTrader.AI, Inc. (SocialTrader). SocialTrader will offer AI-Driven investment strategies, risk management and education for a new generation of traders and investors using Avrio’s global digital financial market infrastructure.

The deal marks another milestone for Avrio’s ecosystem of companies that will develop and scale new, innovative digital financial products and services for private markets, public markets and digital assets.

SocialTrader is an AI-powered, consumer fintech platform providing affordable access to professional investing tools for all. SocialTrader’s advanced investment platform combines AI, quantitative trading, investment strategies and risk management, with robust security. SocialTrader will deploy Avrio’s digital financial market infrastructure to access public markets, private markets, and digital markets across multiple asset classes including stocks, commodities, options, crypto, ETFs and ETXs.

AVRIO is the parent of several companies delivering digital financial market infrastructure and services across public, private, and digital markets. Avrio’s ATS technology, Arkonis, is designed to be used by the operators of private markets that facilitate the issuance and secondary trading of securities and includes a Quotation Bureau, a Transfer Agent, and a Qualified Matching Engine for LP investors.

Avrio’s public market technology includes an API farm for exchange management (EM), order management (OM), portfolio management (PM) and client management (CM) and routes to global public markets. Avrio’s NFT technology provides exchange access and capabilities to trade digital assets and collectibles.

Avrio technology is blockchain protocol agnostic.

Commenting on the strategic partnership with SocialTrader, Avrio CEO Lawrence Wintermeyer said, “Avrio’s commitment to education and awareness of financial services is mirrored by our dedication to digital security and community management, all of crucial importance as a new generation comes to the market to learn to trade and invest.

Alfonso Arana, SocialTrader Co-founder, and CEO says, “Avrio’s state-of-the-art digital financial market infrastructure will power the SocialTrader platform with cost efficient, secure and reliable access to global markets. The experience of its management team of traders, quants and investment managers, will be invaluable in supporting SocialTrader through the development of its next generation product roadmap allowing its users to invest in stocks, options, commodities, ETXs and quantitative investment products that will expand the range and depth of access to assets and markets for global retail investors.”

Wintermeyer adds, “The SocialTrader team has created a platform with access to a comprehensive suite of tools, powered by AI, to enable users a curated trading and investment experience tailored to their experience and financial circumstances and propensity for risk – we believe this is the next generation of trading and investing.”

About AVRIO Worldwide PBC

AVRIO is a registered market infrastructure provider with a full technology stack.

Avrio is the parent company of:

  • Arkonis is the operator of a broker dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the United States. Arkonis Capital, LLC, a US broker dealer (BD) and market infrastructure, services, and data provider with an institutional grade full technology stack transacting across public markets, private markets and digital markets:
  • Trading engine (ATS), qualified matching services (QMS), and quotation bureau (QB) for transacting in unregistered securities, alternatives, or digital asset securities,
  • Exchange management (EM), order management (OM), portfolio management (PM) and client management (CM) for transacting in registered securities, ETFs, and funds in public markets,
  • NFT trading platform for collectibles in digital assets markets.


The technology enables clients to create, manage, and trade any product on a global platform, and is blockchain agnostic. This enables clients to capture and scale market opportunities while creating standardization and best practices designed to prevent fraud, protect investors, and comply with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering compliance laws.

Arkonis Capital LLC is a member of the FINRA and SIPC.


About SocialTrader

SocialTrader is an advanced investment platform that combines AI, social learning, and robust security.

In the rapidly evolving world of trading and investing, SocialTrader stands out as a leader offering:

RoboAnalyzer – AI-powered advisor that personalizes investment profiles to realistic investment goals, proposing potential allocations of income to go towards customer savings accounts, and investment accounts, providing insights for their financial goals.

RoboTrader - AI-powered algorithm trained on 20+ years of financial data enabling suggestions, or direct trades on behalf of users, given their risk tolerance and financial goals, simultaneously educating consumers by linking AI-suggested trades with real-time news, historical context, and logic.

RoboFunds - A marketplace of investment strategies developed by AI and the SocialTrader community on RoboTools. Will allow pro traders to create, test, and publish stock, crypto and multi-asset ETX strategies to the retail investment markets. Robofunds gives pro traders and investors unparalleled access to subscribe to new, innovative strategies via SocialTrader’s community-driven investment platform.

RoboTools – Tools to enable users to create, customize and test their own financial investment strategies against 20+ years of financial data before deploying them for personal use in trading. Customers can also publish their strategieson the RoboFunds marketplace for consideration and paid-adoption by other investors.

An SEC-Registered Investment Advisor

SocialTrader is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), which will allow the company to offer:

  • AI-enabled robo-advising in all 50 states, utilizing SaaS model in addition to revenue from AUM fees and performance fees from accredited investors.
  • Monthly subscription fees from clients subscribed to algo and AI fund offerings.
  • Hedge fund-like strategies for both accredited and non-accredited investors.

SocialTrader.ai Inc. is a member of FINRA and SIPC and is a California-domiciled SEC-registered Internet-Only investment adviser. Investments are SIPC insured up to $500,000. https://www.socialtrader.ai/ 


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