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Avvir Launches Avvir Accelerate to Support AI-Backed Planning in the Construction Industry On the heels of its Series A funding, new service and product updates will enhance the construction project management process

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 Avvir, a reality analysis company providing a system of record for buildings to the construction industry, today announced the launch of Avvir Accelerate. The new product is a software solution that offers planning and consulting services to help users at every stage of the project lifecycle, whether it’s from the early programming stage pre-RFP, the design development phase, or the pre-construction and construction phases. This service came to life because Avvir realized that gathering documentation, understanding design intent, federating trade-specific BIM models and translating that information into a comprehensive schedule and cost estimate is an uphill battle every project team faces. With Avvir Accelerate, customers get help streamlining their entire project with Avvir tools and best practices for finding, communicating, and acting on project information more efficiently, allowing them to gradually build up confidence and mastery to continue autonomously.

In Q1 of this year, Avvir announced the close of its Series A fundraise. Since the raise, Avvir has utilized the funds to drive significant product upgrades and new capabilities, fundamentally enhancing the construction project management process. In addition to announcing Avvir Accelerate, the company launched several product upgrades aimed at creating a new level of analysis for the built world including; the addition of a 4D dashboard, updates to its robust 3D Viewer, and 4D/5D analysis that eliminates the need for weekly LiDAR scans. These product enhancements allow construction industry professionals to break down and effectively analyze a project’s progress and status through improved tracking and reporting capabilities, increasing accuracy, safety and timeliness for construction projects.

“Our goal at Avvir is to create a turnkey solution for construction industry leaders that informs and supports the entire lifecycle of a project,” said Raffi Holzer, CEO and Co-founder of Avvir. “Everything that we accomplished this year is another step in that direction, allowing us to go far beyond providing only a point solution, and instead offer a full suite of tools needed to empower construction professionals with intelligent, data-driven job sites that enable them to reliably deliver on schedule, within budget and safely.”

Without a unified data source to keep plans up-to-date and reflective of on-site activities, construction professionals can end up with an incomplete view of the project at hand, leading to mistakes, engineering flaws, and wasted resources. Avvir’s revolutionary platform enables complete knowledge of a project at any time by harnessing the power of reality capture data.

Beta user Kevin Marren, Superintendent at AECOM, said, "I could move faster, giving updates to the project team on a weekly basis so they could proactively get ahead of predicted clashes that had to be addressed in the field."

As 2021 comes to a close, Avvir is set to launch additional upgrades to its technology, including enhanced BIM integrations, updates to the user interface, and new machine learning progress analysis. These innovations are designed to provide automatic status updates across platforms and prioritize immediate tasks and actions. Looking ahead, Avvir will continue to augment its analytical technologies to increase prediction accuracy, decrease the time it takes to receive results, and accelerate the development of new analyses and features.


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Avvir aims to transform the way human beings interact with the built world. Avvir’s reality analysis platform enables construction professionals to reduce costly rework by detecting mistakes and taking immediate action, transform their BIM into an official system of record, and take project insights to the next level with automated progress vs. schedule and earned value tracking. Avvir delivers the only hardware agnostic platform that not only provides critical insights but closes the loop by updating the BIM, allowing customers to focus on solving issues, not finding them.




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