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Best Casino Affiliate Program Betbeard

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Betbeard Casino Affiliate program is the best as it offers high commissions, and various affiliate deals including revenue share, CPA, CPL, and Hybrid deals.

Casino affiliates can contact Betbeard and ask for a special affiliate deal that fits them best.

This article will analyze what are the best casino affiliate programs and will shed light on the online gambling affiliate industry as a whole.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Although there are numerous online casinos offering revenue share deals, and casino affiliate network sites searching for traffic, this article looks over affiliate partner casino sites that are fair, transparent, and most importantly profitable.

Betbeard Affiliate Program

 Betbeard's affiliate program is flush with features that make it easy for partners to earn high commissions, including a high-converting sales funnel, and lightning-fast payouts 24/7 real-time statistics.

On top of that as an affiliate you get:

  • Industry-leading revenue share package of up to 50%, CPA, CPL, or even a Hybrid deal.
  • Fast monthly payouts - Receive your earnings monthly through BTC, Skrill, or Bank wire.
  • Lifetime Revenue Share - With no negative carryover, you'll be able to make money on your players for the rest of their lives.
  • Flexible marketing tools - Hiring a creative team is essential to designing a successful advertisement. Betbeard offers banners and landing pages that convert well.
Betbeard casino affiliate program has huge payouts
Betbeard casino affiliate program has huge payouts

Betheat Affiliate Program

Betheat online casino also has a great affiliate program, which is highly rewarding for partners bringing traffic to the casino's online slots. Betheat offers thousands of casino games and accepts casino players around the world, so that affiliate partner sites can benefit from their high conversion rates.

You can get paid through Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin (minimum payout 50 EUR) or Wire transfer (minimum payout 500 EUR). Payments are always made by the 10th of each month.

Bitstarz Affiliate Program

Sign up for BitStarz Affiliates to begin earning money right now by filling out the form on their affiliate website. You will be able to locate a tracking link and reports after your account has been activated.

By clicking on one of your unique links or banners to BitStarz Casino, a cookie is placed onto their computer. This allows Bitstarz to see your code and automatically assigns the player to your affiliate account. From there, you'll receive a revenue share every time that person plays at the casino.

Creating an affiliate account at BitStarz is simple and only requires a few minutes, you will be paid after your third FTD and that will continue once a month on a lifetime basis.

What Is An Online Casino Affiliate Program

An online casino affiliate program is a type of partnership between an online casino and an external website. The casino gives the website owner or affiliate a commission for every player that’s referred to the casino and makes a deposit.

The casino affiliate program industry has become very competitive in recent years. casino affiliate programs are a great way for casino sites to generate new business, and they’re also a great way for webmasters to make some extra money.

There are hundreds of casino affiliate programs to choose from, and it can be tough to know which one is the best for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best casino affiliate programs. We place on top of the Betbeard online casino affiliate program, because of how well the site converts and its high commissions on offer.

How to Choose a Casino Affiliate Program

Different casino sites will convert better in different regions or for different keywords. For example, you may have a great casino affiliate website for Brazil, and it is pointless to add casinos that are targeting Australia.

Some factors to look at before deciding whether a casino will convert for your audience include checking their traffic, whether the site is translated into your desired language if they offer local payment methods and you may check their live chat as well and ask them something in your audience language. If you target LATAM markets and the casino support answers in English, that's a sign that this casino may not be suitable for your customers.

Casino Traffic

You can check where the casino traffic comes from using tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, or Similiraweb. These tools will show you the main countries the casino operates in, and keywords that it ranks well for. For example, if the casino targets roulette players and you have sports betting audience, then you may look for a better sports betting affiliate program.

Have a look at the marketing mix to find out if the casino gets the most traffic from Direct sources, Search traffic, Social media, or Referrals. Bear in mind that email campaigns and display ads may come from a direct traffic source.

Online Casino Language

Would you act as a referral for German players to a Brazilian casino? Casino players, like to have their language, so advertise casinos that suit your target audience. The most important thing is to know your audience and find suitable casinos for them.

Local Payment Methods

Same accounts for payment methods, for Brazil look for Boleto Bancario, Itau, and Astropay, for African casino affiliate platforms look for deposits with text messages ex. MPesa. Every country has its local payment methods that are preferred by players so before choosing a casino make your research.

Casino Live Chat

Live chat support is important to increase conversion, so check what languages are supported by the chat, before engaging in casino affiliate activities.

Types of Casino Affiliates

There are various types of casino affiliates within the gambling industry including SEO sites, affiliate networks, media buyers, casino agency schemes, etc.

  • SEO sites like casino guru rank online casinos, and online slots and provide a meaningful comparison between the participants in the gambling market. Best casino affiliate programs offer them marketing tools such as banners, landing pages, and special bonus codes to incentivize them to rank higher.
  • Affiliate networks are marketplaces for casino affiliate programs, affiliates can compare payment models and choose the right program. Affiliate networks act like a connection between casinos and affiliates, some network even offers their weekly payout system.
  • Media buyers spend money on buying ads and advertising casino offers. Push notifications, pop-unders, and display ads are popular, but there are grey affiliates that utilize google search ads via cloaking. Beware that not all gambling affiliate programs allow media buying so make sure you ask your dedicated affiliate manager before you spend your budget.

How Do Online Casino Affiliate Programs Work

Affiliates promote online casinos by placing links and ads on their sites or if they don't have sites, in their email campaigns, or media buying ads. They sometimes utilize banners asking people to do something right away, such as sign up or deposit at a certain casino. The most important aspect is that affiliate websites provide high-quality traffic with a greater ratio of converting depositors.

So how do casino affiliate programs 2022 work? It is simple. Casinos integrate trustworthy affiliate software like Affilka, Income Access, and My Affiliates.

When affiliates register and start bringing traffic, this software allows casinos to create tracking links so every affiliate can track their performance.

The right casino affiliate programs have their affiliate managers who look after partners, help with links, and banners, and set up S2S Postbacks.

Postback integration is important for media buyers who want to break down any clicks and conversions to the slightest detail so they can optimize their campaigns.

What are Affiliates

Affiliates are individuals that utilize their websites to bring people to online casinos. Affiliates in the gambling business, on the other hand, are frequent players themselves. They typically have a lot of expertise as internet casino users and run blogs or live streaming to share their gaming experiences with other players. Affiliates (or expert affiliate firms) are not strangers to the world of iGaming and know its ins and outs whether they have prior experience in online casino operation.

Casino Affiliate Program Payments

Online casino affiliate programs offer four main payment systems:

  • Revenue Share - This is the most popular payment, and good online gambling sites offer a lifetime revenue share. That means that as long as the players you brought are active you will receive a certain percentage of their monthly losses. The revenue share model is the most lucrative in the long term, however, there are some affiliates mainly media buyers that prefer CPA or CPL.
  • CPA - Cost per Acquisition means that the affiliate is paid for every new depositor he brings (FTD). It is a fixed sum and is determined by the average lifetime value of the players brought. Casino affiliate programs will have different CPA rates for different regions, for example in Brazil the prize will be 30 euros per FTD, whereas in Switzerland it could reach 250 euros per FTD.
  • CPL - Cost per Lead means for registration. It is popular in the crypto business, but some top casino affiliates prefer it, as it allows them to budget their expenses. Affiliate network sites use frequently CPL as they have a casino, Nutra, and dating offers.
  • Hybrid - Best affiliate programs like Betbeard offer hybrid deals as well, which means revenue share with CPA. In that case, you get some money for the first deposit but you also get a lower percentage for his losses. Casino brands value their affiliate partnership with you hence are flexible and offer various marketing tools and affiliate deals to keep their partnership successful.

Maximize Revenue Generated in the Gambling Market

When you search for casino affiliate programs look for no negative carryover. Negative carryover is the net amount at the end of the month, if your players have won more than they have lost, then the loss carries over to the next month. In case some player referred by you wins a massive jackpot that would be the end of your commission with that casino site.

Some affiliate program sites are willing to pay a fixed fee for an affiliate to list them on their SEO site. It is an option you can explore once your affiliate site in the online gambling niche grows.

Betbeard offers a good affiliate program with a relatively modern interface and secure gaming environment, it is easy to open an affiliate account and be rewarded for the net revenue brought by you.

Most casino affiliates are paid monthly based on the net gaming revenue they generate while advertising virtual slots, online poker, and skill based online tournaments.

How To Become An Online Casino Affiliate

Becoming an online casino affiliate is easy, as you have all the tools casino partners need. You can write articles about poker games, or include a casino bonus section on your site. If you have a sports news website, you can add sports betting affiliate program. You will enjoy the revenue generated by your players and can advertise multiple casino brands simultaneously, that way you can compare which converts best.

Contact Betbeard affiliate manager to get more advice on how to log in to the affiliate platform and enter the online gambling industry. An affiliate program covering all casino games will give you a good start, and you can always add more casino brands later on.

Affiliate Marketing for Online Casinos

Return on investment is essential for any business, so it's no surprise that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote an online casino. While other methods like SEO, PPC, media advertising, etc. are all important parts of a comprehensive plan–affiliate marketing usually has the highest ROI when compared with investing expenditures and outcomes.

Big casinos have thousands of active affiliate accounts bringing them players for their online slots, table games, and sports betting sections.

The online casino market is expanding rapidly, with new exciting casino games being developed daily so even if you don't have a website you can promote online casinos.

You can stream and play online games or classic slots and be paid your commission to your bank account or crypto wallet.

Non Casino Affiliate Programs

Other affiliate programs include Nutra, dating, and product affiliates. Casino affiliates are however by far the best paid in the business, granting the online gambling industry a leading place in terms of exposure.

Nutra and casino affiliates are very similar and the casino industry is very competitive, so casino affiliate programs are always looking for new affiliates to join their ranks. You can be sure to find a casino affiliate program that meets your needs.

Nutra Affiliates are paid on CPA and CPL whereas casino affiliate programs prefer the lifetime revenue share model.


Betbeard is a great bitcoin casino, striving to satisfy its players by offering thousands of slot games, and massive bonuses.


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