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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad Guide

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If your dad is difficult to buy for, don't worry; you can discover the perfect gift here. From slippers to a share in a racehorse. The article below covers some gift ideas for your old man to capture the season's spirit this Christmas. Keep reading to find out more.

Horse Racing Syndicates - Racing Club

Do you want to push the boat out this year? Then, buying a share in a racehorse is a brilliant Christmas gift idea. The Racing Club is a perfect candidate for this; you can purchase a share in the ownership of a racehorse for anything as little as £45 with RC syndicates. The racing club aims to bring like-minded people together at affordable prices. So, if your dad is a horse lover, jump in on the action and gift a horse share this Christmas.

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Driving Experience

Is your dad a daredevil and always up for a thrill? If so, a driving experience day is the perfect Christmas gift for your dad. If you want to see him smile, let him loose on the racetrack with all his favorite high-performance or exotic cars. The price can vary depending on the package you purchase. You can get a driving experience day from £50 to £500 or more.

A New Pair of Slippers

Suppose you are tired of hearing your mum moan about Dad's old holey slippers or about Dad walking around in his socks. Then it may be time for new slippers; it's a win-win: Dad gets some new comfortable slippers, Mum will be happy, and you won't have to listen to the arguments. And hey, nobody likes having cold feet in the winter.

Tickets to a Concert

Another fantastic Christmas gift idea that both you and your dad can enjoy are concert tickets to his favourite band or show. You could even make a day of it and spend some quality time with your old man. If your dad enjoys making memories, this is a fantastic and thoughtful gift idea. Why not give your dad something to look forward to this Christmas?


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