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Best Crash Gambling Sites for Real Money 2023 - Crash Crypto Bitcoin Game

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Crash gambling is a game that involves a graph and changing betting odds, but it is very simple to play. The line on the graph represents how the odds will change over time. Once the game starts it can crash at any point. So you need to cash out before that happens or the wager will be lost. For example, if the odds have changed to 2x as indicated on the graph and you wagered $50, then you can cash out $100 as a reward.

In this informative guide, you will learn about the different types of crash game and what casinos allow you to try them out. Also, read to the end to learn about the answers to frequently asked questions.

Best Crash Gambling Sites – Top 5



In this section, we cover a few casinos where you can start playing crash. They are a great starting points for players that don’t know where to find those offerings: - Best Crash Gambling Site Overall

Customers are satisfied with this gambling website and it accepts players from many countries. Also, the live chat help functionality is a great resource for those who are stuck. This website was established in 2018 and you can also deposit in cryptocurrencies if you wish to play crash. - The BestWelcome Bonus

They offer some of the top software developers in the gambling industry. Also, the 256-bit encryption ensures that your private information is kept safe while playing. Bitcoin and Ethereum are offered when playing the crash game. was founded in 2014 and the gaming licence is by Curacao. - Biggest Library of Crash Betting Games (+47)

This is not a licensed casino and their customer support is lacking. However, they provide crypto deposits and withdrawals, which is not possible at many casinos worldwide. They offer a range of gaming options, which include baccarat, blackjack, keno and crash. Also, has a nice user interface that allows players to find the games they are looking for quickly. The registration process is also quick, which means you can start gaming within a few minutes. - You Should Play JetX Here

This website was established in 2018 and they have a licence from the Curacao eGaming Authority. There is mobile support and the cash-out period takes only 1 hour. The payment processors include Bitcoin, Sitcpay, U-Net, EOS and Tether. Also, there is a 100% deposit bonus offer that can be used when sending Bitcoin to the cashier. There is a lot to like about the reputation and choice of games at this digital casino.

 7Bit Casino - The Original Crash Games

This casino provides bitcoins are the deposit method, which is great for gamblers that want to use cryptocurrencies for wagering. However, it’s the only method of deposit and this can be limiting for some customers. You can download the mobile app to enjoy crash game on your smartphone. The low house edge of the casino means that you get a better deal here than many alternatives. Also, the user interface is easy to use, which is great for new players.


You can create an account at this casino and deposit using Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin. However, the only payout option is Ethereum. Make sure that this is not a deal-breaker before registering for an account. Players from the United States are accepted and the minimum amount that you need to deposit is $0.01.


Players from the United States are not accepted here and you can only withdraw with Ethereum. However, you can deposit using Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This casino was as launched in 2019 and it provides the crash betting game. The action works by providing a racket with fuel by depositing Ether, which then causes it to go up and increase the return on investment. Cash out before the rocket crashes to win money.

Top 3 Csgo Crash Betting Sties

Now it is time to take a look at the top 3 CSGO crash betting websites where you can try the action out for yourself. These are popular options that have been tested and have a good reputation among the player base.

  1.  CSGOLuck: this is one of the more popular options in this space. They have a commitment to delivering goods odds and frequent bonuses that incentivize players to continue gaming. There is a live-chat box feature to get help and an active community. Also, the free-sign up bonus ensures that new players can enjoy the quality of the experience with extra rewards.

  2.  Duelbits: this CSGO crash betting website was founded in 2016 and that continued to increase the player base over the years. The streamlined easy registration process allows players to start gambling within minutes. Also, there is a free sign-up bonus offer that provides new players with a reason to join today. One of the benefits of gaming at Gamdom is the large choice of deposit and withdrawal methods. However, no live chat is offered to get help when it’s needed.

  3.  CSGORoll: this website first opened in 206 but was forced to close for a period because of Steam’s CSGO skins policy. Back in 2020 it reopened and is not flourishing with players and bonuses. In fact, new players receive a good bonus offer that makes the quick registration process worthwhile. Furthermore, you will get free daily bonuses, which means that coming back to gamble on a daily basis is a good deal.

Crash Gambling – What Are the Rules

This game is loosely based on the concept of trading and caters to players that enjoy that kind of thing. The action involves a graph with a line that constantly goes up. While this occurs the odds for withdrawing go up and you can cash out at any point. However, eventually the game will crash and players that have not cashed out before this happens will lose the wager.

Therefore, it is a risk and reward gameplay mechanic. To win money players need to be patient and wait for the odds to increase so the winnings are higher. However, if they get too greedy, then the entire wager will be lost due to the game crashing.

At the time of writing, crash is not one of the easiest gaming options to find online because the top software providers have not developed it. For example, you will not find it available from industry-leading software companies like Microgaming and NetEnt.



What Are the Game Odds

The game odds are usually set on the casino or website where you are playing. Therefore, they can be different and you need to adjust your strategy. Ideally, you will find a website that offers the best gambling odds by reducing the house edge.

Keep in mind that many crash games have a mechanic of around 1% chance to instantly crash when the game starts. This means that no matter what you do, there is no chance of winning money for that round.

Note that the odds on the betting line start small and increase rapidly over time. You will start at 1x and potentially end up at 10x, which means that you can cash out for 10 times the wager amount.

What Are Crash Game Payouts Like

This section covers topics that relate to the payouts and multipliers within the game. Note that these are just a rule of thumb. The actual details of the action will be different for each caisno where you are playing. Therefore, make sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure you have the relevant information.

  • Game rules: the game starts when you wager an amount of money. The amount that you can bet will be based on where you are playing. There might be a minimum and a maximum amount that you can wager. Once you have placed a bet the action starts and the point on the betting line goes up. This increases the odds and the game ends when you cash out or the game crashes, and you lose the entire wager.

  • The multiplier: these are the chances of cash out odds as the game changes. So the action starts at 1x and it may increase to a 2x multiplier incrementally or it will jump there in one go. Each casino creates different multipliers so you will need to play to figure out what you will face. Note that the idea is to get the highest multiplier to win the most cash possible.

  • The minimum and the maximum crash point: this is the range of multipliers where the game can crash. The house edge typically works by creating a crash point immediately after the game starts. The maximum crash point is the higher possible multiplier for the game. You can risk your wager by waiting for the betting line to reach this number, but there is a high chance of the game going bust before that happens.

  • The minimum cash out: this refers to the smallest multiplier that you can hit to get your wager back and winnings. Most games provide a minimum cash out point that is around 2x, which means you will get double your wager. However, this is not set in stone and will be different at each casino. You could use a strategy where you always try to hit the minimum cash out to keep the risk low.   



Crash Betting Games Based on Currency

This section shares the various currencies that can be used when enjoying this game. You will see that the game can be played in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Being aware of the options allows you to get the most out of the experience.

CS:GO Crash Gambling

  • Skins: one of the best ways to show off in CSGO is by sharing a rare skin. These are essentially cosmetics that change the look of your character. The rarity of skins varies from common all the way to rare. You can win skins from the crash game and the rarity of the skin increases as you increase the risks by waiting for the betting line to increase.

  • Cases: the cases in CSGO have a weapon inside them that are locked. Opening a case provides a new weapon, that also have different rarities. They are usually dropped in game as a random item or you can win them from mission rewards. However, they are also used as the payout option in crash gambling. This means you can win cool new weapons using this method, which might be faster than grinding for them in-game.

  • Loot boxes: as the name suggests, these items are boxes that when opened provide some loot. The item that is received is random and the chance of getting something rare is low. The odds that you have for getting each item in a loot pool are shared online since this is required by law for transparency reasons. You can win loot boxes by playing crash and the number of loot boxes that you receive increases with the multiplier.

Crypto Crash Gambling

  •  Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC): these are arguably 2 of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the planet. Many casinos where crash bitcoin game is available provide cryptocurrency as a means of gambling. It’s a good option because you can deposit funds anonymously and withdraw them the same way. However, the price of these cryptocurrencies fluctuates daily so you need to be aware of this when figuring out your gambling strategy.

  •  Ethereum (ETH): this cryptocurrency take around 7.5 days to mine and you can use it to gamble on crash. For example, one casino allows you to fuel a rocket with Ether, which makes it increase on the betting line. However, at any moment it can crash and that will result in a loss of all the Ether that was used to fuel the rocket.

  •  EOS/USDT: this refers to cryptocurrencies on the Binance blockchain. They can also be used to wager on crash gambling, which provides holders of these coins to get involved. However, this is not as widely available as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, you need to check with the casino where you are applying to ensure that it is an option open to players.


Coin Crash Gambling Canada

You can also gamble with FIAT money using popular currencies like Euros, USD and British Pound Sterling. These currencies are available at many casinos where you can use to deposit and withdraw with several methods.

However, keep in mind that some casinos only support crypto-based currencies. This means that currencies like USD or EUR cannot be used for depositing to the cashier and betting. This might be because the financial infrastructure for supporting crypto and FIAT currencies are different.



What Crash Gambling Game Should You Choose

With so many varieties of the game you need to decide on what version to play. First, choose a currency that matches your available funds. For example, if you hold crypto then choose a coin that you have and are familiar with. On the other hand, if you are a fan of CSGO, then you can try out that version to win skins, cases and loot boxes.

A good idea would be to try out the various options at each casino for yourself to see how they are different. Through trial and error you can find one version that you like the best ad provides the most fun.

How to Start Playing at a Crash Casino

To get started you will need to register for a new account. The number of details and steps taken to create a new account will differ based on where you are playing. Here is a summary of what you need to know:

  • Email registration: you can create a new account using only your email address. This is fast and requires you to visit the inbox to verify the account.

  • Google account: you can click on the Google account button to sign up using the information in your Google user profile. This is fast and cuts down on the number of fields required to enter.

  • Steam account: you can register using your Steam details and it is a good choice if you are playing for CSGO skins.

  • Making a first deposit: first you need to discover the available currencies of the casino where you are playing. Then head over to the cashier and deposit using the instructions.

The Process of Playing Crash

Here is an overview of how to play crash:

  • Setting a “base bet”: this is the regular amount that you would like to wager for each round.

  • Choosing a strategy: select a strategy that you feel provides the best chance of winning. We provide a few options further on in this guide.

  • Auto bet settings: play around with the autobet setting so you can automate the betting process to increase the speed of play.

Can You Play Free Cash Games for Fun

At some casinos, you can use play money to try out the crash gaming action free of charge. This means that there is no financial risk to enjoying the gameplay. However, you also cannot win any real money, which might not provide the adrenaline rush of gambling.

Dealing With Disconnections

Disconnections are a problem based on the quality of your internet connection. However, many casinos are aware of this and implement security measures to protect your funds. They are different for every casino so you will need to read the rules where you are playing. You may find that once you have reconnected the game was paused and you can reconnect at any time.



Strategies to Try in Crash Gambling

It is a good idea to consider different strategies and here are the popular ones:

  • Automatic cashout: you can use a function to trigger an automatic cashout when a specific multiplier is hit. This is a great way to ensure that you keep control of the action and don’t increase the risk too much.

  • The Martingale strategy: this tactic involves increasing the size of bets when you lose in the hopes that you recoup your initial investment. However, it can get risky when the betting size becomes very big.

  • The Fibonacci strategy: this strategy involves a specific sequence that takes place over 10 rounds. The strategy involves creating odds that roughly have a 50/50 chance of winning. Over the 10 rounds the betting sizes are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 5, 2 and 3.

  • The Anti-Martingale strategy: this strategy involves you doubling bets that win and reducing bets after losses.

Promotions and Vip Programs

Many crash gambling casinos provide bonuses for new players. This means that there is an incentive to join new casino to take advantage of these offers. You will need to consider the bonus code when registering for a new account and making a deposit. Also, daily bonuses might be offered to keep you coming back in the hopes of extra rewards.

Also, look for casinos where you can enjoy a VIP program. These usually deliver loyalty points that can be redeemed for cash to use for betting. It provides players with extra reasons to play at one casino.

Amount Limits and Time

When playing a game of crash there might be an upper limit in terms of what multipliers can be triggered. This means there is a maximum amount that you can win. When this upper limit is reached, then the cashout will be automatic.

Also, the amount of time that you can play each round depends on when the game crashes. This might be shortly after starting or when you cash out. The decision is up to you regarding how much time you want to risk.

Playing the Roobet Crash Game

In this section, we outline the process of how to play the Roobet version:

  •  Get a secure VPN: you may need a VPN to start playing the game. This allows you to change the connection to a different country so that you can get around the restrictions list.

  •  Sign up for Roobet: start by completing the sign up process, which takes just a few minutes. You can choose from sign-up options such as email and you will need to verify the email by clicking on the link in the inbox.

  •  Use Roobet promo codes: when making a deposit, you need to take advantage of the Roobet promotional codes. These will give you access to bonuses and extra rewards.

Turstdice or Roobet Crash Money Game – Which is Better


Trustdice allows you to win TXT tokens when you play, which can be traded for real money or you can use them to wager in games and win real money. The rate at which you can win these coins and redeem them changes, so you will need to check the website for more details.

Roobet offers a VIP personal account manager to add a nice touch to their program. Also, exclusive bonuses and VIP events are hosted, which means they offer one of the best programs in the industry for gamblers to enjoy.




Top Bitcoin Crash Gambling Game to Play

The games vary based on the casino where you are playing. The top casino where you can play the crash gambling game includes Crashino, 7BitCasino, Winz.IO, Bitcasino.IO, Mbit Casino, Rocketpot.IO and Parmiatch. You will enjoy the action at each of these casinos because of the amazing bonus offers and quality of the user interface.

Is Crash Gaming Safe With Cryptos Such as Bitcoin

Generally speaking, it is safe to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when playing crash. You will need to check what gaming licenses a casino has to ensure it is legit. Also, look at the reputation of the website on review portals like TrustPilot. This can help you understand if you are playing at a location that is trusted by the player base.

Bitcoin Crash and Csgo Crash Gambling – Which is Better

Let’s take a look at the difference between these 2 forms of crash so you can decide the better choice:

  •  Winning potential of Bitcoin: you can win a lot more money with Bitcoin than you can with CSGO. Therefore, if you want to make serious money, then Bitcoin is the clear winner.

  •  Popularity of CSGO: the nudge player base of CSGO means that its crash game is a lot more popular. Therefore, you will find the websites to be more reputable and tested.

  •  Bitcoin crash bonuses: the quality of the bonuses of Bitcoin games are much better. That is because casinos make more money from Bitcoin games and they can reward players with bigger bonuses as a result.

  •  CSGO crash codes: there are many crash codes that you can take advantage when playing the CSGO version. This means you can get extra rewards by taking advantage of these codes.

Tips and Tricks When Playing Crash Gambling

The first tip is to look for a casino that offers a low house edge. It means the chances of winning money over the long-term are increased. Also, pick a strategy and stick with it for an extended period of time. This allows you to understand if it works or doesn’t instead of making random bets.

Consider playing a demo version to try out the mechanics and strategies. This enables you to figure out what you need to watch out for when playing with real money. Finally, take advantage of bonuses and promotions to get more rewards while playing.

Where Can You View Top Crash Streamers

Here are the top 2 places where you should visit to check out the most popular streamers playing the game live:

  • YouTube gaming: you can search for streamers on one of the most popular video sharing websites. You will find streams that provide good connection speeds and the ability to interact via live chat. The number of streams is growing there every day. Also, you can view video clips of their streams on YouTube if you missed the live action.

  • Twitch: this platform is primarily aimed at video game streamers, but crash is another game that is rising in popularity. This is especially true of CSGO crash since it is part of the popular FPS game.


Final Thoughts

Overall, crash gambling is a good experience if you use one of the top casinos mentioned at the start of this guide. Also, there are many strategies and tips to consider before you start gambling. The choice of different currencies is one of the highlights, which means you can gamble in crypto and that is not possible at many regular casinos.

Finally, the list of new player bonuses and VIP programs is impressive. Take advantage of the promotions to increase your odds of winning. After all, the more you win the more you can continue to play.


Are there differences between crash and Aviator games?

Aviator games are a type of crash game so there is no difference between them. They have the same rules and gameplay mechanics for you to learn.

Is Bitcoin the only currency for crash gaming?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies when enjoying crash, but it is not the only one. You can also use Fiat currency and other crypto coins such as Litecoin and Ether. The available currencies depend on where you are playing.

Does crash gaming have a bonus?

Many casinos that provide this game also offer new players bonuses and other promotions. These can be used when wagering on crash to get extra rewards.

Is a download required to enjoy crash gambling?

When you are playing with a browser, there is no need to download software to enjoy the action. However, if you are trying to play from a mobile phone, then an app download is required to start gambling.

Is crash gaming possible for beginners?

Overall, the rules and mechanics of the action are easy to understand so even beginners can start playing. However, at the start, you may want to practice by using a demo version.


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