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Best Essay Writing Service: Reddit Users' Recommendations in 2023 With so many spammy Reddit threads on the topic, it takes time to uncover what Redditors genuinely think are the best essay writing companies.

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With almost 50 million users, Reddit is a platform where people share knowledge and experiences, including opinions and reviews of products and services. Many of the people who use Reddit are college-age students.

A recurring theme for this age group on Reddit is online essay writing services. However, with so many new threads on the topic being created each month (and even more being deleted by moderation because of spam), it takes some time to uncover what Reddit users think are the best paper writing services.

Here you'll find the five top essay writing services with all the relevant details you want to know, including the positives and negatives of each. With the help of Reddit, we get a personal view of each of these services from thousands of different perspectives.

The 5 Best Essay Writing Services According To Reddit Community:

Although we listed these in order of their popularity, Each of the five services is an excellent choice for any job you might have. Picking the right essay service for you is a matter of preference and the project's specifics.

1. PaperHelp: The Number One Choice Among Redditors

Having been established in 2008, PaperHelp has positioned itself as the best essay writing company available for students seeking help with their college papers. Redditors on hundreds of different subreddits have expressed extreme pleasure in how the service helps them.

PaperHelp has proven to be a trustworthy and legitimate essay writing service, with most customers praising the company for having the best essay writers in the industry. Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber also give the service great reviews. These two sites are some of the most reliable platforms for viewing online companies and reading essay writing service reviews.

If you choose PaperHelp for your next essay, you won't have any trouble. It does cost a little bit more than some of the other services on this list, but if you want quality or need the best English writers available, the extra cost may be worth it to you. They can handle any deadline, which means they can take on any project.

Types Of Services

PaperHelp offers a wide range of services, as one might expect of the top pick. Although their focus is on essay writing, they also grade essays, rewrite initial drafts, offer help with dissertation writing, proofreading, and editing, and even have the option to order a custom paper with the assistance of a professional. Note that the professional costs a little extra.

But if you thought that was it, you're dead wrong. PaperHelp is an essay writing website where you can hire essay writers for the most tedious tasks. PaperHelp also offers written bibliographies, blog posts, case studies, argumentative essays, reports, research papers, business plans, dissertations, proposals for your thesis, public speeches, and term papers.

Depending on the level of education you are in, whether that's a freshman in high school or a PhD candidate, you'll be given an online essay writer who is up for the task. That way, you won't get someone who's overqualified or, worse, underqualified.


  • Easy to order.

  • A clean website with an intuitive interface.

  • Option for quick turnaround if the deadline is imminent.

  • Plenty of professional essay writers in all relevant fields.

  • Quality English writers.


  • Only a little information is given about your designated writer.

  • There are more affordable options.

How To Order

Ordering your essay is straightforward. You just need to go to the website's front page. You'll see their price calculator there, which will give you an estimate depending on your project and how soon you need it.

Just fill that out, pay them, and you're off to the races.


"Who will write my essay?", "What qualifications does a writer have?". These are the most common questions that students usually ask on Reddit.

The nice thing about PaperHelp is that they are very open about how they bring their talented writers on board. That way, there are no surprises and no need to be hesitant. Not only do they test them for grammar, but they also conduct interviews. In addition, onsite managers supervise the writers' work and give them more in-depth work the longer they work there.

Because they are such a reputable site, they can retain writers for longer. More professional paper writers mean better essays for you. It pays off to pay your writers well. Who knew?

Like many other essay writing services, PaperHelp lets you chat with the writer working on your essay. This is a huge bonus because it means you can keep track of the project's progress, answer any questions the professional essay writer might have, give finer details of what you need, or ask the writer about something related to the essay.

Even if they aren't online to chat with you when you need them, someone will be around to respond.


As usual, PaperHelp adjusts the cost of its product based on a few different factors. The type of essay or project, the level of education, the length, and the deadline. So, for example, for $12, you can purchase a high school-grade essay that's only a single page and not due for two weeks.

You won't see much price increase between high school and undergraduate, but higher levels of academia will require a little cash. Of course, that level of expertise is costly, but hey, that's why you're getting the degree in the first place, right?

PaperHelp offers next-day service for a rush job, but you'll be paying the big bucks for that one, so don't wait if you don't have to. If you’re looking for the best essay writing service, Reddit users think that there’s no better website than PaperHelp.

2. SpeedyPaper: Excellent and Reliable Service

Reddit loves SpeedyPaper, and that love is backed up by the reputation of sites like Sitejabber and ScamFighter. SpeedyPaper is definitely not a scam.

They've got everything you need from a college paper writing service. They even offer free essays on health, psychology, philosophy, and many other disciplines. Please don't ask us how that works. We don't know. But go get some!

Types Of Services

SpeedyPaper is no different in terms of basic offerings. They can handle all academic levels, from high school to PhD and everything in between. They also do undergraduate dissertations.

They offer all types of essays, cover letters, resumes, case studies, book reviews, bibliographies, and all the rest you could ask for.


  • An extensive amount of positive reviews online, in the tens of thousands

  • Very affordable

  • A huge team of expert writers, over one thousand, in fact


  • Not all writers are available all the time.

Order Process

Just like the first two sites, go to their website to start the process. Use their calculator to get an estimate and continue to the checkout. Fill out the details and pay, and you're set.


SpeedyPaper claims to have access to over 1,600 professional college essay writers, which is a lot. Together, they've completed almost 200k orders and still have an impeccable reputation online. In fact, with nearly 100,000 essay service reviews, they have an average score of 4.6. That's the kind of public support you're looking for.


SpeedyPaper isn't just speedy. It's easy on the wallet. For $11, you can get a high school-grade essay due in two weeks if it's a single page. That makes it about what the other companies are offering.

But if you want your paper fast, they don't charge as much as the others. For example, you can get your essay back in as little as six hours, and instead of quadrupling the price, you pay about double. So if you need something speedy, try SpeedyPaper.

3. ExpertWriting: Affordable and Efficient Service

Even before its regular discounted rates, ExpertWriting has competitive and affordable prices. Usually, when picking a professional essay writing service, you are deciding between price and quality. The great thing about ExpertWriting is that you don't have to. You get both.

With over 500 expert writers and thousands of orders under their belt, it's no wonder they have such a good reputation.

Types of Services

Any college essay writing service you're going to come across worth its salt will offer all of the basic and premium products you need. ExpertWriting is no different. They do bibliographies, business plans, any type of essay you could need, homework assignments, case studies, and then some.

The academic level is no problem, either. They do high school and undergraduate projects, of course, but can also handle graduate and PhD essays.

They offer editing, proofreading, and other forms of writing help as well.


  • More than 20k orders filled

  • Free revisions

  • Great Customer Service

  • Rush jobs as quick as 3 hours

  • Hundreds of professional writers are available

  • Affordable


  • Can't chat directly with your writer

Order Process

Just go to ExpertWriting's website and use their price calculator to determine what you'll be paying. Then, continue to the checkout screen to fill out your details and pay.

Straightforward, easy, and exactly what you want when you're a busy student looking for some help.


With hundreds of experienced writers on their team, you won't need to worry about getting amateurs. Reddit can attest to the quality of their writing, which is why this site is number two. After all, without your writers, you're nothing.

A nice thing ExpertWriting offers is their free revisions. Because they don't give you direct access to your professional writer during the writing process, being able to send it in for final touch-ups is necessary to make sure you're getting what you need.

Just make sure to send the paper back in for revision as soon as you know it's necessary, and don't contradict your first version's instructions, or they won't do it.


As we mentioned before, Reddit loves ExpertWriting for its affordability and in case you haven't finished school yet, that means low prices. That one's free. ExpertWriting is a relatively cheap essay writing service, but the quality of papers they deliver is still very high.

For $10, you can get a high school-level essay due in two weeks if it's a single page. The price, of course, increases the more expertise is required and the quicker it needs to be done.

If you need something fast, you can get the essay written in as little as three hours. Of course, you'll be paying top dollar for that kind of speed, but if you need it fast and can't sacrifice quality, they've got you covered.

4. GradeMiners: Great For Speed

Free revisions are a nice perk. They give you peace of mind that even if your essay isn't exactly what you need it to be, and sometimes it won't be, you can send it back to get touched up. GradeMiners offers a free revision, and you can pay for further rewrites or proofreading if you need.

Types Of Services

You guessed it, GradeMiners does what GradeMiners need to do in order to get you the grades you want. They offer all types of essays, cover letters, resumes, business plans, book reports, case studies, capstones, dissertations, homework assignments, blog articles, bibliographies, and anything else you can think of that's made out of words.

And if you're a big-brain graduate student, you're in luck. They offer these services for PhD students all the way down to high school and everything in between.


  • 3,500 Writers on their team

  • Rush jobs as fast as one hour

  • Fantastic reputation on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber

  • Discounts for your first project


  • It could be easier to get in touch with your assigned writer

Order Process

You guessed it, head to GradeMiners' website and check out the pre-order calculator. This will give you an estimate based on your needs. Just select the type of service you need, when you need it by, how long it is, and how big your brain needs to be to write it. Then, click continue, fill out your details and pay them. Bingo bango.


GradeMiners' expert essay writers are so good at what they do, 90% of their customers say they have better grades after using their services. With a few thousand big-brain writers, anything is possible. Give them a try and see for yourself.


Don't worry. Those grades won't come at a premium. GradeMiners are an affordable option. For $10.70, you can get a high school-grade essay due in two weeks if it's a single page. But with your first order discount, it's only $9.09, so go ahead and buy yourself something nice with those savings, bud.

A nice perk of this service is that if you need something fast, and we mean running out the door fast, you can get your project back in just one hour. Of course, you'll be paying a premium, but that kind of job only goes to the best of the best, so you'll still look smart.

5. 99Papers: Great Customer Service

Reddit sure loves its essay writers, don't they? And so should you. Even though it's last on this list, there's a long list after them that we're not putting here, so don't let that phase you. 99Papers is legit, and the hundreds of Redditors who said so are backing us up on that one.

You can expect top-notch customer service from these guys and girls as they really focus on your needs. Not only that, but they give you samplers on their website. So if you don't believe me, just head on over there and take a look for yourself.

Sitejabber,, and EssayScamBusters all give 99Papers the green light. So don't worry about the reputation. They'll deliver.

Types Of Service

99Papers does it all. They've got essays, case studies, dissertations, research papers, homework assignments, term papers, resumes, cover letters, and business plans. You need it. They got it.


  • Full-fledged customer support team

  • You can order your essay from the main page

  • A wide array of services

  • Thousands of writers proficient in the English language


  • Tough to narrow down specific deadlines

Ordering Process

It will not be a surprise to you, but head over to their website to start your order. On their main page, you'll see the price calculator. Instead of an estimate, you order the project right then and there.

Go ahead and fill in your details and hit checkout. Pay the people, and off you go.


The team at 99Papers is huge, in the thousands. Their history? Even bigger, with almost 900,000 orders being completed by them. No wonder they need a full-time support staff. That's a lot of orders!

A great perk of having that support staff is that they can facilitate connecting you with your online paper writer, so you'll have access to them every step of the way.


You can't beat these prices. For $9.95, you can get a high school-grade essay that's a single page if you don't need it for more than two weeks. Get a quote on their website to see the different ranges for yourself.

An interesting thing to note about this price scale is that undergraduate work is differentiated into the first and second half. So for pricing, you'll pay less for your first and second year than you will for your third and fourth-year classes.

What Are Paper Writing Services?

A recent introduction into the academic world, as far as the internet is concerned, essay writing services online help college students with writing assignments. These companies have a team of professional essay writers on hand who are paid to write any type of essay or other writing-based assignments a student might need.

That includes PowerPoint presentations, public speeches, resumes, cover letters, dissertations, term papers, you name it.

With the rising demand for extracurricular activities, student leadership roles, and perfect grades, it can get stressful and demanding for students to perform well academically. The ability to call in support from a trusted essay writing service backed by a qualified team of writers can help ease the burden of writing it yourself.

There are other services these companies provide, too. For example, students may want to get an essay sample from an expert, so they have something to work off of as they write their own version. There's also the writing assistance these companies provide.

Dozens of companies exist on the internet which offer this service. Each of them specializes in a particular niche, whether that's the best experts, the best prices, or the most personal touch. It can be tough to find out which of these services is good, especially if you don't know anyone who's used them before.

That's why we scoured Reddit for the most legit essay writing service providers. The top five picks were PaperHelp, ExpertWriting, SpeedyPaper, GradeMiners, and 99Papers.

What Are Reddit Users Looking For When Reviewing Essay Writing Services?

When it comes to essay writing services, Reddit users are quite picky and never hold back on criticism. Because Redditors are regular people with their own individual needs, each will be looking at these services from their own perspective. But generally speaking, there are a few things that people reference when it comes to these companies.

Here it is, so you don't have to break the bank figuring it out by yourself.


The last thing you need is to be stressed out about a project only to find out that the paper writer service you used to help you has dropped the ball. That's why reliability was the number one factor for Redditors.

That means the company has good grammar, and papers are written in proper English and delivered on time. Although you may only be concerned with getting it turned in on time, you will definitely want it to sound like it's coming from you.

Quality, User-Friendly Website

It may seem like a small thing, but using an essay writer service can be intimidating. If you've never used one before and don't know what you're doing, you'll feel less comfortable giving out your credit card information if the website looks like it was put together in an hour.

A clean, professional website with an intuitive interface and no ads increases a company's public perception. Nobody wants to wander around trying to figure out how to ask for what they need.

PaperHelp is a good example of this. As soon as you open up their website, you get their calculator, which you can look at and intuit what information it needs and why it needs it. That way, you understand why things cost the price they cost, and you can adjust your specifications to fit your budget.

Quality of Writers

Because most college paper writing services don't do in-depth profiling of their writers but instead talk about how many writers they have, it can be difficult to gauge just how good the quality of their team is. How is one to consider this factor if there are thousands of writers?

Some companies will give statistics on the number of orders completed by your writer and their rating based on previous work alongside a short bio. Companies that prioritize the quality of their writers will go into even more depth than that.


Students are poor. Most of them, anyway. They don't normally have full-time jobs if they're in school full-time, which means budgeting. So when an academic writing company is basing its clientele off students, price is important.

The cost varies between companies, especially as you get into niche projects like PhD work or quick deadlines. When Redditors talk about essay writing services, cheaper companies often fare better.

Reddit Essay Writing Service: Conclusion

School can be tough, and education gets more demanding every year. The internet promised us many things, more connectedness or fewer barriers, and it gave us many things. One of those things is essay writing services.

It used to be that you'd have to find someone at your college that was a genius writer, and you could pay him to help you out. Now those writers are working for companies that do that job professionally.

Discretion is likely advised when using these services. Your university may have specific guidelines against the use of these services, so check the rules and obligations they have provided before paying for a project you can't use.

Knowing that you can focus on the important aspects of your education because there are teams of people eager and willing to help you with the less important aspects frees you up to pursue the extracurricular activities that will help you grow into the professional you hope to become.

Or maybe you work full-time and are struggling to keep up with classwork. Why not spend some hard-earned cash on a custom essay writing service so you can do both?

Whatever your reason for searching for essay writing services, Reddit has you covered. You don't need to scrounge around the dark web to find the company for you, only to have your credit card stolen and your bank account emptied. Redditors have the community's interest at heart, and that includes you.

Don't forget to double-check the work before you turn it in. You wouldn't want anything embarrassing to accidentally pop up unexpectedly. Or your teacher will have to call you over and ask why you forgot basic English grammar.


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