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Better Brain Health and Parkinson’s Disease: Recognizing Symptoms, Taking Control of Your Health A New Study from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research: One Action Everyone Can Take Today to Advance Critical Brain Research

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Recent advancements in science show that there is so much you can do as you age to boost brain health. From diet and exercise to social connection, research is piecing together the puzzle of how to best care for your brain to help prevent neurological disease, and how to treat it if it develops.

A newly expanded research study from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), is helping scientists better understand what it means to be at risk for brain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Through important contributions from study volunteers – via online questionnaires and at clinical sites around the country -- PPMI is revolutionizing what we know about Parkinson’s today. Would it surprise you to learn that new research points to long-term smell loss as a potential indicator of Parkinson’s? Or, that people who are recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s are the most valuable contributors to this groundbreaking research?

There is so much being done to better understand, identify and treat Parkinson’s – the world’s second most common brain disease. And PPMI is helping the field get closer than ever to answering those questions.

The Study That Could Change Everything

PPMI is on a mission to understand who is at risk for Parkinson’s, who gets it and why. The study’s recent expansion means that anyone over age 18 can help, regardless of whether you have Parkinson’s disease or not.

The more people who join PPMI and share valuable health data online, the faster we can change everything about how brain diseases like Parkinson’s are diagnosed, treated and ultimately, prevented.

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