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Bitcoin Slump Spurs Investor Rush to Raboo and Toncoin: A New Crypto Safe Haven?

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The Bitcoin price is just not doing what everyone wants it to. It’s way too low for anyone’s liking and defying all predictions, and this is causing investors to look at better performers. Toncoin is one of the better performers in the large-cap tokens at the moment, and the new crypto Raboo’s presale is drawing investors thanks to its unique product offering. A closer look at these coins sheds some light on investment decisions.

Bitcoin (BTC): Infuriatingly And Confusingly Low Bitcoin Price Leaves Investors Puzzled.

ETFs, halving cycles, commercial adoption… all the things everyone said would be needed for a 100k Bitcoin price are in place, and yet Bitcoin is sitting at $63.5k, 13.6% below its ATH. Analysts have been predicting a Bitcoin price breakout for months now. Still, Bitcoin remains stubbornly sluggish, and it seems nobody can agree on why the Bitcoin price refuses to go up.

This Bitcoin slump is a double-edged sword as the lower price gives investors a prime opportunity to ‘buy the dip’, but the dip is lasting too long. All the catalyst elements for a bear market have come and gone without the Bitcoin price moving much, leaving investors to wonder if there may not be better investments elsewhere.

Toncoin (TON): Not your average coin!

Toncoin has been surging on the news of Notcoin. Notcoin? A telegram-based game with over 35 million players. The new crypto Notcoin will be minted on the Toncoin network. The news of Notcoin has seen Toncoin spike with a 8% increase over the last thirty days, making Toncoin a singular green candle in a sea of red.

Toncoin has already grabbed headlines as it plows through into the top 10 tokens. A year ago, it was nowhere, but currently, Toncoin sits at a higher market cap than Cardano (ADA), and Shiba Inu (SHIB). With the massive user base of Telegram, Toncoin is probably one of the best coins to invest in. The market loves utility coins, and Toncoin is delivering.

Raboo (RABT): New Crypto Combines Meme Coin Cred With Finance Foundations

The new crypto coin Raboo is drawing a lot of investor input thanks to its unique blend of AI tech, Meme cool, and financial chops. Raboo has a lot of street cred in the meme department, and the AI engine which creates and curates the memes ensures that Raboo is always fresh, always fun.

But let’s be honest: there needs to be more than memes to make a currency worth something, and ‘more’ is something Raboo has in spades. The Raboo ecosystem includes an NFT market to give token holders access to the $40 billion non-fungible token market and a liquidity pool where Raboo can be staked for passive income at astonishing APY rates. Tokenomics-wise, Raboo is limited to 1.8 billion tokens, which already places a scarcity on the token, but with regular token burns, the deflationary model will only see the tokens go up in value over time.

And as a cherry on the top – Raboo will even offer branded merchandise because, honestly, who doesn’t want to belong to one of the coolest meme coin communities around!

The good news is Raboo is still in presale, which means $RABT tokens are still available at rock-bottom prices. It is expected to explode 100x once it hits the open market.


As the Bitcoin price battles to bounce back, the new crypto token Notcoin is giving life to Toncoin and demonstrating that there is still life in the bull market. And speaking of new crypto tokens, the Raboo presale has already gained over $1.6 million in liquidity thanks to the 2,500 token holders and 8,000 subscribers, making it the hottest presale of the year. Raboo’s $RABT tokens are now available in presale at $0.0048.

 You can participate in the Raboo presale here. 


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