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Bitget Adds DIMO Token to Its Trading Arsenal, Revolutionizing Vehicle Data Monetization

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Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is pleased to announce the listing of DIMO token on its innovative trading platform. DIMO is the utility token of ‘Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects’ (DIMO), a platform that aims to revolutionize the vehicle data market by empowering vehicle owners to collect and monetize their data directly.

DIMO token serves as both a utility and governance token within the DIMO ecosystem. Vehicle owners can use DIMO to access DIMO apps, allowing them to collect, use, and monetize the data from their vehicles. Additionally, DIMO tokens are paid to data providers, enabling them to monetize their vehicle data. Developers and data consumers can leverage DIMO tokens to access vehicle data and build apps and services on a stable, open platform.

“We are excited to welcome DIMO token to Bitget’s trading platform,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget. “DIMO represents a groundbreaking project that empowers vehicle owners to take control of their data and monetize it directly. By listing DIMO token on Bitget, we aim to provide our users with access to innovative projects that are shaping the future of the vehicle data market.”

DIMO is built with open-source components, fostering transparency, privacy, composability, and reliability in IoT networks. This approach enhances user and developer trust in connected devices and services, ultimately driving the adoption of blockchain technology in the vehicle data market.

The listing of DIMO token on Bitget’s platform offers users the opportunity to participate in the DIMO ecosystem and engage with its innovative solutions for vehicle data monetization. Bitget remains committed to supporting projects like DIMO that are driving innovation and creating new opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem.

Bitget has consistently expanded its market presence in both spot and derivatives trading within centralized exchanges. The addition of DIMO to the Bitget Innovation and Web3 Zone reinforces Bitget’s commitment to providing users with opportunities to invest in popular and valuable projects. In 2023 alone, the platform introduced over 350 new listings, showcasing its dedication to diversifying the digital assets available in its spot market. Meanwhile, Bitget Wallet supports over 100 mainnets and 250,000+ tokens. Its on-chain trading function Bitget Swap enables cross-chain trading between 40 mainnets.

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