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Bitget Prepares for IO Net (IO) Pre-Market Listing, Opening New Avenues for Crypto Enthusiasts

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Bitget, the leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company, is gearing up for the pre-market listing of IO Net (IO), the native coin of the IOG Network. IO Coins serve as the backbone of the IOG Network, facilitating economic incentives among GPU Renters, GPU Owners, and IO Coin Holders within the ecosystem.

 IO Net is a decentralized network that harnesses GPU computing power from various sources, including data centers, crypto miners, and decentralized storage providers. It aggregates this computing power to offer cost-efficient GPU resources for AI and ML teams, enabling parallel training, hyperparameter tuning, inference, and other workloads across a distributed network of devices.

Bitget's pre-market trading platform serves as an over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to engage in peer-to-peer trading of new coins before their official listing. This unique offering enables investors to secure liquidity in advance and acquire coins at optimal prices. Sellers can establish orders in advance and complete delivery at a mutually agreed upon time, eliminating the need to own the new coins beforehand.

"Bitget's pre-market trading platform provides a valuable opportunity for investors to access new coins before they hit the market," said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget. "We're excited to facilitate the pre-market listing of IO Net (IO), offering our users early access to this innovative project and enabling them to participate in the future of decentralized GPU computing."

With Bitget's pre-market trading, investors can capitalize on the potential price movements of new coins and secure liquidity in advance, ensuring a seamless trading experience when spot trading becomes available. Stay tuned for IO Net (IO)'s pre-market listing on Bitget, opening up new avenues for crypto enthusiasts to explore and invest in emerging projects.

For more information about Bitget's pre-market trading platform and upcoming listings, visit Link.

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