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Botala Energy addresses Botswana’s gas supply/demand issues

News release by BOTALA ENERGY LTD

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Botala Energy Ltd (ASX:BTE) energy development manager Dr Steve Lennon joins Proactive’s Jonathan Jackson to share his extensive expertise on the pressing gas supply and demand challenges facing Botswana.

With a distinguished career in energy management, Lennon brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to the table, emphasising the critical role Botala Energy plays in addressing these issues.

Botswana's gas market is at a pivotal point, grappling with the growing energy needs of its economy and the complexities of securing sustainable gas supplies.

Dr Lennon outlines the intricate dynamics of the local gas market and elaborates on Botala Energy's strategic position in this landscape.

Dr Lennon highlights how Botala Energy is poised to contribute significantly to meeting Botswana's increasing energy requirements.



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