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Breaking Ground: Coppernico CEO Reveals Bold Plans for Potential Copper-Gold Discovery in Peru

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Coppernico Metals CEO Ivan Bebek joined Steve Darling from Proactive to to discuss the company's ambitious exploration project known as Sombrero in southern Peru. The project is primarily focused on a copper-gold Skarn Porphyry target and exhibits potential as an extension of the prolific Andahuaylas geological belt.

Bebek emphasized the geological similarities between Sombrero and the notable Las Bambas mine. Surface samples at Sombrero have shown extensive widths with over half a percent of copper and gold, showcasing the project's promising mineralization potential.

Furthermore, Bebek highlighted the recent addition of mining industry veteran Kenan Jennings to Coppernico Metals' board. Jennings brings valuable expertise and strategic insights to the team.

The company's plan includes resuming exploration activities in February, with expectations to secure drill permits in March or April 2024. Coppernico aims to secure listing financing to cover drilling costs and leverage global financial markets for growth opportunities.

The interview underscores the significance of the upcoming drill program in the context of a copper deficit, positioning Sombrero as a potentially substantial discovery in the mining industry. Coppernico Metals is well-positioned to advance its exploration efforts and potentially make significant contributions to the copper and gold sectors.


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