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“Call the Cavalry!” Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing Campaign Launched Simple, memorable campaign asks accident victims to “Call the Cavalry!” for legal help with serious personal injury cases.

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NEW YORK, October 9, 2023 (500NewsWire) -- Victims need a legal team who will fight for them after a serious accident. Seizing on the symbolism of a cavalry brigade, a creative ad agency has launched “Call the Calvary!” a marketing campaign to drive phone calls for personal injury cases.

The agency is looking for one mid-size or large law firm to run the campaign exclusively. The “Call the Cavalry!” slogan can be used in different media markets by changing the telephone area code, offering the selected law firm a huge growth opportunity.

The campaign works across a choice of advertising media, both online and traditional. In TV commercials and radio spots, the campaign uses a catchy bugle charge jingle that commands attention.

“It’s a very solid brand idea for a firm going to market. Very creative, yet simple. I was actually surprised no one thought of it before,” said J.D. Cargill, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at The Lanier Law Firm, Houston.

“We’re looking for a law firm with ambitious growth plans,” commented Peter Wood, who created the concept. “There are 210 DMAs in the United States; the only thing limiting the campaign is a law firm’s capability to handle the cases. In states where the firm is not licensed to handle cases, they become referrals.”

Wood’s advertising agency, The Hucksters, created the campaign partly because, especially during a crisis, people struggle to remember law firm names. As one observer noted, “People not only can’t remember the name of law firms, sometimes they can’t even pronounce them!”

“Call the Cavalry!” cuts through the clutter of the personal injury ads that inundate consumers. The use of “cavalry” invokes an army of lawyers, rather than a sole practitioner, going head-to-head against insurance companies. In keeping with the fighting theme, the logo for the brand features a cavalry rider charging into battle. The logo can be used on a variety of guerrilla marketing materials, like coffee mugs, golf shirts and baseball caps.

The campaign can be viewed at https://thecavalrycampaign.com. For more information, email peter@callthecavalry.com.

About the “Call the Cavalry!” campaign

“Call the Cavalry!” is a unique brand advertising campaign created to drive personal injury phone calls to one select law firm. Law firms interested in being the exclusive licensing partner of the campaign should contact peter@callthecavalry.com.


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