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CEDEN Makes Strategic Investment in LA Game Studio, Gammaker Inc.

News release by Ceden Network Ltd.

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CEDEN has garnered significant attention recently for their grand vision for the future of interactive entertainment, including gaming and metaverse level applications. The CEDEN team understands that to deliver on these goals, they have to take steps to deliver high quality content via the EDEN Engine ecosystem and high volumes of data across the CEDEN Network. To that end, CEDEN has made a significant investment into LA-based video game development studio, Gammaker Inc.

CEDEN is an open-source infrastructure company that facilitates the creation and distribution of gaming, educational and creative applications in the metaverse era. CEDEN offers a content delivery network (CDN) solution that optimizes interactive entertainment delivery, reduces costs and minimizes publishers’ ecological impacts. The CDN operates through an interconnected peer-to-peer network of non-fungible token (NFT) nodes.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the NFT nodes establish localized points of presence at the network edge, which enhance data communications efficiency. This will enable publishers to host and deliver content to their customer base at the edge of the network seamlessly. Users can interact with each other at high resolution and speed while minimizing costs, inefficiencies, and the ecological footprint of centralized data centers.

CEDEN has taken a minority stake in Gammaker Inc., which will deliver interactive entertainment to the Web2 gaming market, beginning with their unannounced current game title. Investing in companies like Gammaker allows CEDEN to guarantee usage of its infrastructure toolkit, and ensures significant workloads will be available for the CEDEN NFT node network. The CEDEN team is focused on targeted investment and acquisition like this in order to drive significant value in the form of network activity to the NFT node operators.

Michael Haller serves as Head of Gaming at CEDEN, and is Executive Chairman of Gammaker Inc. Gammaker has a proven track record of shipping successful titles. Gammaker is the first of several CEDEN investments that will generate early network traffic and demonstrate immediate, high-value usage of the CEDEN infrastructure toolkit.

The CEDEN team expects user demand for Gammaker products and games to inform the target location testnet rollouts for further CEDEN Network edge node expansion. CEDEN has ambitious plans to take equity ownership stakes in companies such as Gammaker, that align with CEDEN’s vision and values and will accelerate growth.

The mint for the CEDEN Mint Pass NFTs is scheduled for March 29 for early supporters, followed by the public mint on March 30.

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CEDEN is an open-source infrastructure company specializing in providing high-quality processing and content delivery for interactive entertainment, such as gaming and metaverse applications. CEDEN optimizes the delivery of interactive entertainment, reduces costs, and dramatically reduces the ecological footprint for game publishers. It is tailored to serve the needs of gamers and game developers in the metaverse era.


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