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Cepton discusses national security and cybersecurity concerns in LiDAR industry

News release by Cepton Inc

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Brunno Moretti, vice president of product at Cepton Inc, discusses the implications of potential action against Chinese LiDAR companies by Washington in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

Moretti highlights two main concerns: national security and cybersecurity.

LiDAR technology is crucial for creating high-definition maps around vehicles, but if parts are produced by state-backed entities from non-allied countries, there are risks related to data security and mapping sensitive areas.

Moretti also emphasizes the importance of a level playing field in the LiDAR industry and the need to ensure fair competition by preventing state-subsidized companies from gaining an unfair advantage. Cepton is part of the LiDAR Coalition, which includes US and US ally-based companies aiming to raise these concerns with lawmakers.

Moretti underlines the significance of this discussion, especially as LiDAR technology is just emerging in the automotive sector.

He concludes by reaffirming Cepton's commitment to safety and consumer awareness regarding the technology embedded in their vehicles.


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