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Chariot has "very exciting weeks ahead" after gaining Anchois EIA approval

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Chariot Ltd (AIM:CHAR, OTC:OIGLF) Head of Gas Business & Morocco Country Director Pierre Raillard speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the Africa-focused transitional energy group announced it has received approval for the Environmental Impact Assessment at its Anchois offshore gas project.

Raillard explains that the company has been making significant strides in Morocco before going on to explain that the EIA covers various aspects of the project, including well drilling, construction of offshore subsea infrastructure, and connections to the Maghreb gas pipeline.

The approval, resulting from over a year of rigorous collaboration and assessments, is valid for five years. Raillard highlights Chariot's focus on fast-tracking developments in Morocco to meet the nation's increasing energy demands and facilitate the transition to lower carbon sources.

In the coming weeks, stakeholders can expect updates on various projects, including from the wider Lixus license area and the Loukos Onshore licence area. Chariot remains optimistic about its scalable projects that aim to provide affordable, sustainable energy solutions across Africa.


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