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Chesnara well-positioned for the year ahead following pivotal 2023

Chesnara PLC
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Chesnara PLC CEO Steve Murray discusses the company's milestones achieved in 2023, which marked a pivotal year for the company.

Highlighting a major partnership with fintech market leader SS&C in the UK, Murray noted the collaboration as a cornerstone for enhancing Chesnara's M&A strategy and operational efficiency, particularly for outsourced services. The company also completed two key acquisitions: an insurance portfolio from Conservatrix in the Netherlands and a protection portfolio from Canada Life in the UK. These moves underscore Chesnara's commitment to expanding its scale through strategic M&A activities.

Murray also discussed leadership transitions within the company, including the appointment of Tom Howard as the new group finance director, succeeding Dave Rimmington. This change, along with the introduction of three new chief executives to its underlying businesses, was positioned as a testament to Chesnara's stable and strong foundation, which facilitated these significant organisational changes.

Reflecting on the macroeconomic challenges of 2023, Murray expressed confidence in Chesnara's resilience and its ability to maintain a solid solvency position and generate cash, despite volatile conditions. Looking ahead to 2024, Murray Chesnara is well-prepared after a year marked by strategic achievements and robust performance amidst challenges.


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