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Chill Brands Group makes major breakthrough with WHSmith agreement

Chill Brands Group PLC
News release by Chill Brands Group PLC

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Chill Brands Group PLC (LSE:CHLL, OTCQB:CHBRF) CEO Callum Sommerton speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the wellness and recreational products company announced it has secured a deal with major UK retailer WHSmith to stock Chill Brands' nicotine-free Chill Zero vape products.

The products will be available in 150 of WH Smith's travel stores, including airport and train station locations. These hubs offer high exposure, reaching thousands of daily travellers. Sommerton emphasises that the nicotine-free vape products target individuals aged 18-35, offering a healthier alternative to nicotine products.

Despite a 10-12% bump in share price following the announcement, Sommerton acknowledges challenges in the market, including geopolitical issues and concerns around vaping.

However, he remains optimistic about the industry's adaptability to regulations and reaffirms Chill Brands' commitment to ethical retailing.

Additionally, he hinted at expanding the platform, introducing new brands and product categories, including wellness items and hemp products. He says that "as we continue to grow the channel and add additional retailers off the back of this announcement, I think people will understand that we are here to stay."


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