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ClearVue Technologies preparing for commercialization with U.S. a key market

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ClearVue Technologies CEO Martin Dell joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discussed the company's innovative glass technology. ClearVu has developed advanced glass technology that combines transparency with the ability to generate electricity from windows. This technology incorporates solar PV cells around the edges of an insulated glass unit (IGU) used in windows, allowing buildings to harness solar energy without compromising aesthetics. Dell highlighted ClearVue's strategic expansion of its product portfolio to meet growing market demands. The company has in-licensed photovoltaic solutions for the spandrel gap and wall cladding, enabling it to provide a comprehensive range of sustainable building solutions that cover the entire building envelope. ClearVue Technologies also conducted a test at the Skylab facility of the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore, comparing the performance of its Gen-2 PV integrated glazing units with a control cell over a four-week period. The results showed a 22.8% reduction in cooling energy usage and a 6.1% decrease in total building energy consumption, demonstrating the energy-saving potential of ClearVue's technology. This innovative glass technology has the potential to transform the construction industry by making buildings more energy-efficient while maintaining their aesthetics.



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