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Clinical Squared and PlatoHealth Join Forces to Revolutionize Healthcare with Advanced Data Orchestration Powered by AI.
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Washington DC, September 20th, 2023Clinical Squared (C2) and are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership that promises to reshape the healthcare landscape. Their collaboration brings together the healthcare expertise of C2 and the cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities of to create innovative solutions.

Clinical Squared, a leader in healthcare market expertise, data architecture, software development, consultation and implementation services, will lend its extensive industry knowledge to's platform. In turn, will provide advanced AI and machine learning mechanisms to enhance C2's products and services.

This strategic partnership aims to deliver more efficient and effective healthcare solutions for consumers, organizations and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Marquis Allen, CEO of C2

"We are thrilled to partner with in our mission to transform healthcare experiences and outcomes using cutting-edge technology. Our collaboration represents a significant milestone for Clinical Squared as we leverage's superior AI capabilities to power our data navigation and orchestration tools for consumers and enterprises in the healthcare sector."

Bryan Feinberg, CEO of PlatoHealth

"This announcement comes at an opportune moment for both companies and we are excited to join forces with Clinical Squared to create transformative healthcare solutions powered by AI and machine learning. This partnership underscores our commitment to improving patient outcomes and healthcare processes. We look forward to the exciting innovations that will emerge from this collaboration."

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Healthcare Expertise: Clinical Squared's deep healthcare domain expertise will enrich's AI models, ensuring that they are tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

Advanced AI:'s advanced AI and machine learning mechanisms will be integrated into C2 products, enhancing their capabilities for healthcare organizations and technology users of varying skill levels

Innovation: The partnership aims to drive innovation in healthcare by developing solutions that provide security and portability of data as well as deep analytical context for users of the products they collaborate on.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes: By combining industry knowledge with AI-driven insights, the collaboration seeks to contribute to better patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality.

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the quest to harness the power of technology for the betterment of healthcare. Together, Clinical Squared and are committed to creating solutions that address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, improving efficiency, and ultimately delivering better care to patients.

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Marquis Allen: CEO Clincial Squared. 


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Bryan Feinberg: CEO Plato Technologies Inc.

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