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Cloud DX Achieves nearly 100 % Contract Renewals worth 1.5 million in revenue

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Cloud DX CEO Robert Kaul joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil some exciting developments as the company aims for a 100% renewal rate among its clients whose contracts are expiring in the first quarter of 2024. As of the current date, 11 out of 14 potential renewals have been secured, with the remaining 3 expected to follow suit.

Cloud DX specializes in executing contracts with various healthcare providers, offering Connected Health Kits that include approved medical devices and customized tablet computers. These kits are prescribed to patients for chronic care management, post-surgical recovery, remote rehabilitation, or palliative care purposes.

Kaul highlighted the diverse range of clients renewing their contracts in the first quarter, including Canadian hospitals, primary care clinics in Alberta, family health teams in Ontario, community paramedic services in Ontario, the Canadian Lung Health Foundation, and a Canadian Provincial health ministry. These clients collectively enrolled approximately 2,900 unique patients in 2023.

With the renewal of these contracts, Cloud DX has received orders for Connected Health Kits valued at $96,000 CAD.Furthermore, recurring subscription revenues from these contracts are projected to increase to $575,000 CAD per year, amounting to a total contract value of $1.5 million CAD by December 31, 2025. It's worth noting that Cloud DX maintains a robust gross margin of approximately 77%, as indicated in the company's most recent Financial Statements.

Overall, these developments underscore Cloud DX's commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative technology solutions, while also solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.


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