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Combatting Planned Obsolescence Trendevice Opens New Stores Across Italy

News release by TrenDevice

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Milan, Italy | May 17, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TrenDevice, a company that sells refurbished phones, tablets, and other devices in retail stores and online, is opening its 3rd store in Rome this month. The company has seen a 147% growth in revenue in Q1 of 2022, and plans to have 6 stores in Italy by the end of the year. 

In a market where planned obsolescence is the norm, TrenDevice offers a unique sustainable solution. TrenDevice is one of the fastest-growing device refurbishment companies, with a mission to extend the life cycle of high-end hi-tech devices by bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

In addition to offering devices to consumers in stores and online, TrenDevice has also recently launched a device rental program for individuals, freelancers, and companies starting at 9,90€ per month.

TrenDevice is revolutionizing the device market, offering an alternative to the practices of tech giants like Apple. While these companies base their business on creating new products every year and restricting access to key parts, TrenDevice is working to create a circular economy that puts sustainability at the center of the device market. Their business is seeing results, with more than 100.000 devices sold and over 2.400 tons of CO2 saved.

TrenDevice takes care of the whole product lifecycle, providing in-house refurbishment operations done by the company’s specially-trained technicians. They also manage buyback, product testing, stock management, sales support, and all other aspects of the process through their proprietary ERP and CRM solution.

TrenDevice was founded by ecommerce veterans Alessandro Palmisano and Antonio Capaldo. The idea for the company was born during a trip to Silicon Valley in 2013, and within the year, revenues were already at 100.000€. In addition to opening additional stores in Italy, they plan to launch e-commerce operations in Belgium in 2022.


Antonio Capaldo and Alessandro Palmisano TrenDevice co-founders
Antonio Capaldo and Alessandro Palmisano TrenDevice co-founders



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