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CommPRO and CommunicationsMatch™ Partner on New Business Generation Platform for Public Relations Industry Platforms offer seamless integration of client and agency matching tools, promoted profiles, RFPs, publishing and events to create connections and drive new business

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CommPRO and CommunicationsMatch™ have launched a new, innovative partnership to integrate CommunicationsMatch’s agency search and RFP tools with CommPRO’s publishing and events, to effectively drive new client-agency connections and business opportunities.

The partnership will provide clients, agencies, and service providers a new path to meaningfully engage, as well as create, view and respond to RFPs. It includes the ability to contribute thought leadership, share research, join exclusive leadership events, receive RFPs, and benefit from banner advertising.

"For over a decade, CommPRO has been a source of industry insights, thought leadership, connections, and high-profile events in the communications industry," said Fay Shapiro, publisher of CommPRO. "Integrating CommunicationsMatch’s capabilities into our membership offerings will provide a powerful tool for agencies to share their communications expertise, grow businesses and build brands."

The new integrated tools will be available to CommPRO members as part of new industry subscription offerings. Members will benefit from invitations to exclusive editorial coverage, the ability to contribute content and press releases, and promoted comprehensive CommunicationsMatch™ profiles to CommPRO’s network of 50,000 clients and agency professionals. These profiles are also searchable through and additional partner search tools, which have been used for 150,000 searches and 600,000 profile views.

"A significant challenge for agencies and service providers has always been to be top of mind when clients are looking to hire," said Simon Erskine Locke, founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch™. "The partnership provides a path for firms to highlight their expertise with CommPRO’s audience, maximize lead generation opportunities with the integration of profiles, tap into industry RFPs, and be found when clients use our tools to search for qualified firms.”

About CommPRO

Founded by Fay Shapiro, CommPRO has been a trailblazing force in the public relations and communications industry since 2010. As the premier publishing, events, and community media company, CommPRO is dedicated to delivering unparalleled insights, research, podcasts and thought leadership. With an unwavering commitment to serving the evolving needs of communication professionals, CommPRO remains at the forefront, providing a comprehensive platform that empowers industry leaders through events, and senior leaders connections.. Learn more at

About CommunicationsMatch

CommunicationsMatch™’s agency search, RFP tools, and services help companies save time, achieve better search outcomes, and build stronger brands. CommunicationsMatch™ powers search tools integrated into PRSA, Counselors Academy, and CommPRO. With thousands of agency and individual profiles, companies can search for PR and communications partners based on location, size, clients, keywords, ownership, designations, diversity, and more. Find out more at

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