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Compliant Maps Over 90% of Global Digital Media, Revealing Data Compliance Risk For the first time ever, advertisers can use data compliance alongside viewability, brand safety and sustainability as an essential part of their programmatic media mix

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Data compliance technology company, Compliant™ has released its worldwide Publisher Compliance Index (PCI) scores in support of the industry’s shift to a responsible media framework. The company has measured the data compliance of nearly all of the world’s publishers outside of China.

There are two indexes that advertisers, agencies and publishers can use for data compliance transparency. The Publisher Compliance Index (PCI) which measures data compliance and scores regulatory risk for individual publishers. And the Campaign Compliance Index (CCI) which measures data compliance across brands’ entire media spend. Data compliance is an increasingly urgent metric alongside viewability, brand safety and sustainability. It is the responsibility of all transacting parties in the digital media ecosystem and as such the tools to address these obligations are becoming mainstream.

  • Advertisers have transparency into the martech tools, site structures and data decisions digital publishers are making across the globe at scale, including which publishers are abiding by consumer privacy laws and data compliance obligations as well as which publishers are not.

  • Agencies can ensure they are not unintentionally putting their clients at risk for regulatory action due data compliance gaps in their media plans.

  • Publishers can identify their compliance risks and monetize compliant inventory, benchmark compliance against competitors, improve quality of impressions and drive higher demand for their inventory.

  • DSPs and SSPs can ensure the programmatic supply chains are informed by data compliance intelligence and rightfully omitting spend across non-compliant media.

“Our data supports the recent findings of the ANA Programmatic Study. Our industry is in a dangerous situation with pervasive data leakage, unlawful mass surveillance and broken consent. By making our Publisher Compliance Index scores available to advertisers, agencies and publishers, they can take immediate action to address issues before they lose millions in costs, fines, data, lost sales and compromised consumer trust,” said Jamie Barnard, CEO and co-founder, Compliant. “There is a violent gap between what the law requires, what consumers expect and what is happening in practice. With this data, we hope industry stakeholders will take action and narrow that gap.”

“Strong privacy, data protection and data compliance build consumer trust, which creates a clear competitive advantage for publishers and advertisers that get it right,” said David Kohl, President and CEO, TRUSTX. “We’ve seen Compliant’s indices and underlying data, and believe that media buyers will start to scrutinize data compliance alongside brand safety, viewability and ESG metrics when choosing their media partners and programmatic supply paths.”

“As our digital maturity has increased over the years, so has our ability to highlight potential risks that our brands could be exposed to when communicating to our audiences online. Our ambition is to ensure all Reckitt communications placements are in safe, suitable and responsible environments, that target relevant audiences with impactful messaging that foster trust,” said Sameer Amin, Global Director of Data Driven Marketing & Media, Reckitt. “Working with the likes of Compliant we have made significant strides to improve areas of our digital investments that allows us to be true to our ambition.”

“This year will be a pivotal moment for brands when it comes to operating responsible media principles throughout their supply chains," said Mario Diez, CEO, Peer39. "The growing awareness of consumers around privacy, along with the regulatory and platform changes, signal to brands and agencies that they need to prioritize compliant media practices. Complaint’s new universal access offering is a critical first step in helping all members of the digital media supply chain better measure and implement data compliance practices and as part of their responsible media frameworks.”

Recent studies by Compliant looked at billions of ad impressions across thousands of programmatic media campaigns and found nearly all (91 percent) U.S. publishers using a Consent Management Platform are passing consumer data to third parties before consent. Compliant’s findings prove that most of the online advertising ecosystem is out of sync with the patchwork of U.S. privacy laws (i.e. the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act [VCDPA]) because consumers are supposed to be given the right to:

  • Delete personal information collected from them (with some exceptions);

  • Opt-out of the sale or sharing of their personal information; and

  • Correct inaccurate personal information that a business has about them; and

  • Limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information collected about them.


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Compliant is pioneering a new standard for data compliance in the digital marketing industry. The compliance technology company offers risk management solutions to brands, agencies and publishers. Amidst ever-evolving privacy regulations and consumer expectations, Compliant provides the digital ad industry the tools it needs to be compliant. The company’s suite of data compliance solutions measure systematic privacy and compliance risks across owned-and-operated media and paid media, allowing companies to benchmark risk by market, category and brand. This industry-leading scoring system has been used in thousands of compliance audits across the world's leading advertiser and publisher sites. Compliant boasts a strong senior leadership team with unmatched expertise across privacy, digital governance and compliance technology, including Elliot Bell (former Facebook), Magid Souhami (former P&G), and Jamie Barnard (former Unilever). For more information and to view Compliant’s Annual Publisher Audits, visit


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