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Cookie Co. Celebrated as Pandemic Success Story, Now Franchising Redlands is home to the flagship location for Cookie Co., where signature cookies are baked fresh daily from nearly 80 recipes curated by local Elise Thomas during the height of the pandemic

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For most people, the pandemic brought about radical shifts both personally and professionally. For locals Matt and Elise Thomas, 2020 – 2021 was a period of time that was riddled with setbacks that challenged their grit and perseverance. Looking for a way to make ends meet during one of the most distressing times in our nation’s history, Elise decided to do what would fuel her soul. In the stressful and reflective early days of the national stay-at-home orders, Elise often thought about the simple things she loved growing up – like fresh baked cookies. She remembered times when a neighbor would be having a rough day and her mom would bake them some fresh baked cookies to help spread a little cheer; and times when a tragic loss would occur and while her mother was powerless to change the tragedy, she could bake cookies as an offering of comfort to those in need. As a mother of 3 at the time, Elise recognized that this tradition of yesteryears often goes by the wayside as most women work these days, with baking last on the to-do list.

Beginning as a simple way to comfort locals, pass the time, and bring in a little income, Elise started baking cookies at home with what she now calls “a Barbie size mixer” for purchase via Instagram (where she has amassed a following of over 33K followers). Cookies were for sale from “the cookie lady” (which she became known as) via social media with curbside pick-up in her driveway. Sales quickly skyrocketed and Elise found herself working around the clock to make hundreds of cookies a day. Out of space and managing increasing demand, Elise and her husband did the unthinkable – they opened their flagship location in Redlands in August of 2020. Despite mandates, a house fire, and a fourth child on the way, Elise and her team were able to make Cookie Co. soar. Elise channeled her perseverance from her Boston marathon training to ride the waves of chaos and establish a new standard in her industry. Today, Elise and her team are more excited than ever about the next phase of Cookie Co., which includes franchising.

“What I cherish the most about Cookie Co. is the ability it gives us to bring joy to people in times of both success and sadness. Time is precious and if we can help others maximize time while giving them a resource to help impart love and light in the lives of others, then we have succeeded.” –Elise Thomas, Co-Founder, Cookie Co.


About Cookie Co: Where there is love, life is better. Founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Cookie Co. began as a labor of love, offering the simplest of comfort foods – fresh baked cookies. Baked right at home with curbside pick-up in their driveway, Founders Elise and Matt Thomas discovered peace in providing an experience that reminded them of hopeful childhood memories. Opening the first location in August 2020 in Redlands, California, Cookie Co. is known for its signature cookies which are proprietary to the company. Cookie Co. has thrived thanks to raving fans across the community with their gourmet cookies made locally and is now available as a franchise. Interested franchise partners can learn more here. 


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