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COVID-19 Dream Body: Gio Nation Goes In-Depth About The Pandemic & The Mental Effects Of Quarantine The sensational Gio Nation gives us a detailed walkthrough of his life during the COVID-19 outbreak and how he used this opportunity to evolve.

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 The COVID-19 outbreak spread worldwide at an alarming rate as 2019 ended. By 2020, the world itself came to a grinding halt. Every industry sustained heavy losses as production stopped and people went under lockdown. While everyone is staying at home to weather this pandemic, the fantastic American singer-songwriter, Gio Nation, talks about how he was able to use all of his free time to let his creativity flourish.

Even if quarantined, Gio explains that it doesn’t mean one can’t grow and learn from this experience. For Gio the pandemic was an opportunity to hone his craft, develop new skills, & improve his mental health. Gio admits he also became obsessed with physical fitness. Plunging himself into HIT training & achieving the body he's always dreamt of having.

We finally have the chance to sit with ourselves without all the usual manic minutiae of living in the 2020’s,” Gio Nation says, “ We have an abundance of time & an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips!”

Every creative person needs two things to work on their craft, time and a distraction-free environment. This lockdown offers up that chance on a silver platter. Gio Nation also encourages all to use this time to their advantage as well as focus on both their physical & mental health during this time.

I feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless in the pandemic. It’s like I took that pill, and I now have the mental space and freedom to create and make music; it's what I love to do. My creativity has gone through the roof because what else are you gonna do? Binge-watch Netflix? You've already done that for 12 hours!” – Gio Nation.

COVID-19 has given us a fresh perspective on the ways of the world. Every artist got hit hard when all the venues, concerts, and bars closed since nobody had a platform to perform anymore. Gio Nation shares how he went from having too many gigs to handle to none at all. That’s why in this digital age having a solid social media presence is good for business. Many things can be achieved through the genius of technology. Working from home, online concerts, online shopping, online classes, online medical care, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg; it is simply astounding.

The internet is the new frontier. It's been the new frontier, but I think people finally get it. You can spread art like a virus, and it can reach every pocket of the world. We knew that before but now we really know it. The digital platform is the frontier.” replied Gio Nation when asked what lessons will be learned from the COVID mess in the music industry.

With an idealistic point of view of the world, Gio’s biggest dream is to eliminate all the negative thoughts and spread love and positivity. He dreams of inspiring people through his music and guiding them on how they can use their creative juices to make the most out of their lives.



Gio Nation is a rising singer-songwriter, producer, and a thrilling performer from America, strongly influenced by pop culture. Hailing from a lower-middle-class family in Connecticut, Gio found his vocation in writing and performing at 7 years old, then found a flair for writing songs. His journey through depression, substance abuse, and even homelessness has given him a positive outlook on life that shows in his vibrant and ebullient personality.


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