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Creo Medical CEO "very happy with where we are at the moment"

Creo Medical Group PLC
News release by Creo Medical Group PLC

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Creo Medical Group PLC (AIM:CREO) CEO Craig Gulliford speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the minimally invasive electrosurgical device company announced positive news on its Speedboat UltraSlim product.

The UltraSlim variant of Creo's Speedboat product has received FDA clearance in the US, and has also been granted an unexpectedly short regulatory pathway into European markets.

Gulliford emphasises the significance of the technology, highlighting its unique ability to effectively use bipolar radiofrequency for cutting in surgery. The UltraSlim model, the culmination of extensive engineering efforts, represents another significant step forward for Creo Medical.

With the scientific groundwork completed, Gulliford outlines plans for line extensions and tweaks based on customer feedback to enhance device capabilities. The company is set to explore additional applications for the technology in procedures beyond the upper and lower gastrointestinal areas.

He goes on to acknowledge the challenges in the med-tech market, particularly the regulatory process, and commended his team for navigating the complexities. He says he's "very happy with where we are at the moment."

Despite the regulatory hurdles, Gulliford expressed satisfaction with the steady growth and progress across all facets of the business.


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