Creo Medical Group reveals good growth prospects at Capital Markets Day - Proactive Research Analyst | News Direct

Creo Medical Group reveals good growth prospects at Capital Markets Day - Proactive Research Analyst

Creo Medical Group PLC
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Creo Medical Group PLC (AIM:CREO), an innovative UK-based medical technology company, recently showcased significant advancements during their Capital Markets Day, as highlighted by Proactive Research Analyst John Savin in his latest research note.

The primary focus was on Creo's new version of their Speedboat product, Speedboat UltraSlim, now compatible with all endoscopy systems worldwide, which marks a major leap in bowel surgery technology for removing cancerous and precancerous polyps. This miniaturization, integrating multiple surgical functions into a 2.8 mm diameter device, signifies Creo's technological prowess and opens a broader market reach. Another critical development is Creo's growing collaboration with robotic surgery companies, notably with Intuitive, the world's largest robotic surgery company.

Creo's technology, particularly in coagulation, is seen as pivotal for these partnerships. The company is expected to earn royalties from its technological contributions, enhancing its revenue streams. A notable product in this regard is the SpydrBlade, a miniaturized tool with dual cutting and coagulation capabilities, currently awaiting regulatory approvals. Creo's innovations also address the need for specialized training for surgeons and endoscopists, underscoring the importance of their products in delicate procedures like removing oesophageal cancer.

The company's approach involves establishing centers of excellence to concentrate expertise and training, a strategy likely to boost sales and market presence in the UK, US, and Asia Pacific. Financially, Creo is well-positioned, having raised significant capital in March 2023 and expecting to be EBITDA positive by 2025. This financial stability supports their ambitious sales, marketing, and product development plans.


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