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Crypto Financing: Top Stable Passive Income Ideas for 2023

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With the everchanging global economy and tightening of crypto regulations by the SEC, the cryptocurrency market continues to have consolidated movements.

This year, memecoins have experienced a momentary rise but quickly fell alongside the overall market. Crypto enthusiasts have gradually learned from the market that a gambler's mindset is not the way to survive. Here are the most frequently asked questions from this year:

What are the more stable passive income options that can preserve the value of coins and generate substantial returns?

Secure and dependable investment products offered by exchanges have become highly coveted for portfolio allocation.

Exchanges like Huobi, Binance, OKX, and others have launched various interestbearing investment products.he challenge lies in choosing the right product among these offerings.

Guiding Principles

We are already halfway through 2023, how have you been progressing toward your goals for the year?

Regardless of whether you have achieved remarkable profits or mediocre returns, investors need a secure and trustworthy investment approach for their solid funds.

Simple but useful principles to choose financial products:

1. Larger exchanges are better than small ones.

Reason: It is the safety of your funds matter the most. Generally speaking, larger exchanges are more dependable in terms of security and compliance.

After the FTX fallout, exchanges choose to open their reserves to the public through auditable proof of reserves with a Merkle Tree, ensuring transparency.

Therefore, for enhanced security of your digital assets, it is advisable to select exchanges that regularly report Merkle Tree-based proof of reserves.

2. New financial products outperform old competitors.

Reason: New products often offer higher returns.

3. Exchanges with diverse product offerings surpass others

Reason: A professional standpoint unpacks that exchanges' proficiency in the passive income arena lies in whether the dual requirements of asset security and returns can be met.

How to Find a Financial Product that Suits You Well? (Take Huobi's Products for Example)

1. MaxEarn

Advantages: Flexible deposits and redemptions, secure asset management, and stable returns.

Applicable token: USDT (More options are coming)

Deposit amount requirement: ≥ 10,000 USDT

See below for APY and redemption fee rates:



Fee Rate


4.00% + 1.00% (bonus)


Tiered redemption fee rate

Holding duration: ≤ 180 days


Holding duration: >180 days and ≤ 365 days


Holding duration: >365 days




Target users:

1. High Net Worth Individual Investors: If you have accumulated significant wealth and are seeking investment opportunities with high returns, this product is suitable for you as a robust long-term asset allocation strategy. It does contain short-term redemption fees.

2. Professional Investors: For institutional investors, fund managers, or other professional investors who can select high-quality passive income products based on market insights and investment experience, this product is well-suited as a stable and high-return investment option.

3. LongTerm Investors: If you have funds set aside for a longterm investmentsuch as retirement reserves or education funds for your children,and are open to committing these funds to passive income products over an extended period, this product is an excellent fit for you. It can help you hedge against shortterm market fluctuations while securing stable yields.

Please note: You should fully understand the product characteristics and earning features of MaxEarn, assess your risk tolerance, and consider factors like liquidity and redemption fees to ensure that the product aligns with your financial needs and investment horizon.

2. Regular Invest

Advantages: Regular investment plans help you earn in a convenient and effortless way

Shield yourself from market volatility, amass gains, and lower average costs.

Flexible investment portfolio: You can create a portfolio by investing in one crypto or multiple cryptos.

Tailored recurring cycle: You can select from 6 options including: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Applicable cryptos: 70 trending coins and tokens, such as BTC, ETH, and HT

The minimum deposit amount for a single-crypto portfolio is 15 USDTwhile for a multi-crypto portfoliois 100 USDT.

If the cryptocurrency you deposited has a corresponding Flexible product with the remaining subscription amount, it will be transferred to the Flexible product. If the available subscription amount is insufficient, a portion of your deposit will be transferred to the Flexible productwhile the rest will be transferred to your Spot account. If there is no Flexible product available for the crypto, it will be automatically transferred into your Spot account.

Target users:

1. Dollar cost averaging investors

2. People with less time to invest

3. Long term investors

4. Investors with a small budget

Regular Invest is suitable for individuals with limited investment experience and time, seeking long term growth and risk diversification. It is especially beneficial for investors who are willing to hold their investment portfolios for an extended period and regularly allocate funds.

3. Auto Invest Your Balance

Advantages: One click activation, flexible subscription and redemption, safe and stable, abundant applicable assets, and automatic compound interest

Applicable cryptos: All coins and tokens available on Huobi Earn

4. Two Options with Limited time APY

Advantages: Flexible deposits and redemptions, and high APYs

Target users: BETH and ETH holders who pursue high gains on their holdings

The BETH Flexible product offers up to 10% APY.



Subscription Amount

Est. APY



0-10 BETH


10-100 BETH


100-5,000 BETH


>5,000 BETH



The ETH Flexible product provides 2%-6% APYs.



Subscription Amount

Est. APY



0-0.2 ETH


0.2-1 ETH


> 1 ETH



Why Huobi Passive Income Products?

Huobi meets the selection criteria we mentioned earlier:

1. Adequate security

Huobi is a well established andleading exchange. It regularly discloses 100% proof of reserves through the Merkle Tree mechanism.

Asset security is a top concern for everyone. Huobi completed the development of the Merkle Tree on December 2022 and adopted it for Proof of Reserves.It enables users to verify that their assets are fully backed (1:1) on the platform. The launch of this service realizes an open source verification of the Merkle Tree, wallet address ownership, and on-chain assets.

2. Constant pools of new financial products:

Huobi Earn has recently unveiled multiple new productsincluding MaxEarn, Regular Invest, Auto-invest Your Balance, and flexible products for BETH and ETH, offering up to 10% APY.

3. Comprehensive and extensive selection of financial options

Leveraging a robust risk management system and ensuring the security of user assets, Huobi Earn offers a diverse range of financial products to meet the increasing demands for the value appreciation of digital assets. Whether you're looking for earning opportunities for large assets or making regular investment plans, Huobi Earn is the perfect platform to find secure and suitable products.

It's worth noting that on June 8 2023, Huobi announced its latest Merkle Tree-based proof of reserves. Users can view Huobi reserves of BTC, ETH, BETH, TRX, USDT, and HT in detail on the asset audit page of Huobi's official website, including reserve ratio, Huobi wallet's assets, and user assets. Huobi's reserves are updated monthly, with a snapshot taken on the 1st day of each month. The Merkle Tree data update is generally completed in the first week of the month.

Asset reserve security and transparent management are crucial for an exchange.

Huobi's dedication to asset security goes beyond the monthly disclosure of 100% proof of reserves through the Merkle Tree for the past six months. It is ingrained in every aspect of their business operations. On a decade-long crypto road, Huobi has maintained an impeccable record with no major incidents compromising asset security.

Huobi Earn is making continuous efforts on its journey to regain its position among the top 3 exchanges. With its profession, compliance, and security, Huobi Earn has introduced multiple products with efficient features. You can discover them by visiting Huobi's official website and navigating to Huobi Earn.

Looking back at the investment returns of cryptocurrencies in the past six months, it is evident that stable wealth management has been the least risky option. In the present situation, adopting stable wealth management strategies to achieve significant returns deserves the attention of every cryptocurrency investor.



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