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Crypto Projects With 100x Potential: Tron (TRX), Polkadot, Everlodge

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With a new cryptocurrency bull market on the way, investors are looking for high-potential projects. While there are thousands available, TRON, Everlodge and Polkadot are expected to offer the best returns.

Experts believe that Polkadot is significantly undervalued. With a rapidly growing ecosystem, it could hit new all-time highs over the next year. Meanwhile, TRON is gaining traction in markets worldwide, and has increased in value by 12.94% in the last year. Everlodge is yet to be released. However, the project provides game-changing utility and is expected to offer huge returns.

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Everlodge Is Taking Property Digital

 Everlodge is a groundbreaking new DeFi project. It utilizes DeFi technology to help investors purchase fractional shares in luxury villas, hotels, and vacation homes. With the market for vacation homes increasing a massive 4.6% annually, Everlodge is expected to provide investors with a number of lucrative opportunities.

The platform is designed to be simple for both sellers and buyers. Owners can mint their property as an NFT, which is then fractionalized. Investors can then purchase NFT fractions for a lower cost than if they were to buy the entire property. This reduces the barriers to entry, letting more investors profit throughout the market.

Everlodge will reward early investors with a guaranteed return. The project uses a dynamic pricing model in which ELDG tokens will increase after each phase of its presale has sold out. This, in addition to several token holder benefits, has put Everlodge in high demand despite the fact that its presale hasn’t started yet.

Once it begins, Everlodge tokens will start selling at $0.01 and are expected to reach $0.035 before its presale has finished. Holders will be able to stake tokens for a passive income. They will also receive free nightly stays in hotels and villas if they join the rewards club. These can be used as a free holiday or sold for a profit.

TRON’s Growth Slows In July

Over the last thirty days, TRON has increased in value by 0.60%. The project surged to $0.09 on the 22nd of the month after XRP won its case against the SEC. This was also a win for TRON, as its founder now faces legal action from the regulatory board.

Although TRON’s value has declined, investors remain bullish. The project's daily trading volume has remained above $150 million and is pushing $200 million going into August. As TRON’s popularity continues to increase, experts believe that TRON could hit $0.1 by the end of the year.

Polkadot Could Be Undervalued According To Analysts

Polkadots price has decreased by 3.04% in the past month. The project is now trading at $5.17 and remains 40% lower than its value just one year ago. However, both experts and investors agree that Polkadot is significantly undervalued.

In 2023, the Polkadot ecosystem has grown faster than ever. Its number of contributors has increased from 15,000 to 19,090, breaking a record in the process. As a result, Polkadot is now the second largest ecosystem in terms of contributors.

After breaking records, Polkadot continues to expand. 10 new decentralized apps have been launched, with several more planned for Q3. With its ecosystem continuing to expand, experts predict that Polkadot could hit new all-time highs during the next crypto bull market.

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