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CSGO Case Opening Sites 2023: Best Free Cases and Skin Boxes Take a look at our ranking of the best CSGO case opening sites reviewed and ranked by our team.

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If you want to stock up your inventory with new skins, then look no further than the best CSGO case opening sites. As their name suggests, here you can buy boxes, open them, and obtain CSGO skins. You can also gamble with the cases and skins, giving you more opportunities to win legendary skins.

You need to choose a good CSGO case opening site to take advantage of generous bonuses, an incredible catalog of cases, and games to win even more skins, all within a safe and audited platform.

Choosing it on your own can take too much time, and that’s why we’ve built the following ranking, with the top case opening sites in 2023.

The Best 9 CSGO Case Opening Websites

We’ve carefully analyzed each one of the sites in this list, to bring you the best possible experience. Because you can win lots of valuable skins at these sites, and at the same time, take advantage of exclusive bonuses and gambling games. Take a look at the best CSGO case opening sites:

All you have to do is to pick your favorite site, join it, claim your welcome bonus and that’s it. You’ll be ready to open as many CSGO cases as possible.

 Farmskins: Best Daily Bonus

Farmskins is one of the most important cases opening sites in the world because it has tons of available cases and skins, a great cashback program, and a solid upgrader, as well as giveaways and promos for existing users. However, it stands out thanks to their Free Daily Case, which you can claim since you join the site.

Even though many sites offer free daily cases, Farmskins does it better. Based on our experience, this site tends to give better drops than the competition, so you stand a higher chance of obtaining more valuable skins instead of cheap ones.

The site is also popular due to its great Case Battles, so you can win even more skins. The only issue is that the customer support department could respond faster, but other than that, it’s our favorite CSGO case opening site.

 CSGOLuck: Best Welcome Bonus

CSGOLuck has the best welcome bonus because it will reward you with 5 FREE Cases when you join the site. Because your focus is on opening CSGO cases, then we’re sure that this bonus will be a perfect match for you.

CSGOLuck has lots of cases and skins, so you have a lot of options when it comes to opening boxes. You can also win more skins by playing Crash, Roulette, Coinflip, Towers and Mines.

The site is easy to use and the games are fun, and alongside with the huge welcome bonus and the other ongoing promotions, CSGOLuck is one of your best options.

 DaddySkins: Best Site with Upgrader

DaddySkins is a solid CS:GO case opening site, and in addition to their great selection of cases and skins, it also offers you an excellent Upgrader that will help you to turn cheap skins into valuable, rare, and legendary ones.

We’ve found that the Upgrader on DaddySkins tends to work better than in other sites, so it’s fair to say that you have a slightly bigger chance of succeeding in upgrading your skins.

They also have good daily bonuses and great features: Arenas and Gunfights. They both will allow you to win even more skins.

 DatDrop: Best Loyalty Program

DatDrop is one of the most popular sites nowadays, especially because they have an excellent loyalty program divided in 5 levels, which will reward you with free daily cases. The value of the drops will depend on your current level.

DatDrop is also popular because of its great Case Battles. Because it has so much liquidity, you can have battles practically at any time of the day.

The only issue is that you cannot withdraw skins directly, so that will make your day a bit harder when you want to cash out. Other than that, it’s one of the best sites at the moment.

 Hellcase: Best Free Money Bonus

If you want a free money bonus, look no further than Hellcase. It will bring you over $0.50 in free money, which is more than what the majority of the competition will ever give you.

Hellcase also offers you the classic Case Battles, an Upgrader, and a Mixxer, alongside frequent events and bonuses that will help you to win more cases and skins.

The only con of Hellcase is that it lacks more games beyond Case Battles, so if you want to venture into skins gambling, you will have a better time at sites like CSGOFast.

 CSGOFast: Best CSGO Case Games

If you’re here to open cases but you also want to wager your skins and cases, then CSGOFast will be ideal for you. On top of being a solid case opening site, it also offers a great selection of skins gambling games such as Crash, Hi-Lo, Slots, Tower, Wheel of Fortune, amongst others.

CSGOFast has the best selection of games in this category, because it also offers new titles such as X50, Poggi, and Double Game.

This site will also reward you with free money that you can use on all of these games, just by using a promo code. All in all, it’s a solid site that you can join today.

 G4Skins: Best New CSGO Case Opening Site

G4Skins has been around since 2019, making it one of the newest sites in the industry. It’s started to pick up pace thanks to the great platform they’ve managed to build, which brings you benefits such as deposit bonuses, lots of cases and skins, exclusive events, skin gambling games, and more.

The site is fairly easy to use, so you can get started right off the bat. The only downside of G4Skins is that they don’t host frequent giveaways or promotions for existing users, so this is something that they can definitely improve.

The reason why many people join G4Skins is because of the big variety of skins and cases, as well as the Battles, which bring you more opportunities to win big prizes.

 KeyDrop: Best Giveaways

KeyDrop is one of our favorite CSGO case-opening sites because it hosts the best giveaways in the sector. Just click on “Giveaways” and you’ll find all the active campaigns at the moment, which are several throughout the day. Although they’re not worth thousands of dollars, they are enough to give your account a good boost.

The site is easy to navigate and fun to use because they’ve designed it with the goal of providing an excellent UX. Apart from opening cases, you can also play games such as Case Battles and use the Upgrader.

The downside of KeyDrop is that it doesn’t offer many games, the only one you can play is Case Battles, and then you have the Upgrader. Pretty limited in this sense, but it’s still the best site when it comes to giveaways.

 GGDrop: Best First Deposit Bonus

If you want to make a first deposit and receive an extra percentage as a bonus, then look no further than GGDrop. This site will reward you with a nice 11% extra on your first deposit, which is far more than what other sites offer, including giants like DatDrop. Most of them limit the bonus to 5% extra.

Apart from the bonus, GGDrop hosts a big variety of cases and skins, alongside games like Case Battles and Roulette, promos and bonuses for existing users.

The only downside of GGDrop is that it lacks more games beyond Case Battles and Roulette, so this might be a con to consider if you want to do something more besides case opening and a little skins gambling.

How to Sign Up on a CSGO Case Unboxing Site

If you’ve already picked your favorite CSGO case opening site, it’s time to show you how to join it really fast - here’s the entire process, step by step:

  1. Choose a site from our list

  2. Sign up or join via Steam

  3. Create your account instructed

  4. Use your promo code

  5. Claim your bonus and start opening cases!

As you can see the process is quite easy. It might change a little bit depending on the site, but for the most part, these are the unique steps you will have to follow.

Are Third-Party Case Opening Sites Better Than Valve?

The sites we recommended are third-party, and hence, they are not owned by Valve. However, are they really better than just buying cases from Valve? Here’s what you need to know.

Get cases for cheaper

Third-party case opening sites are way cheaper than Valve. Here the prices for the cases are cheaper because you don’t have to buy expensive keys, so it will drive down the costs of your gambling by a significant margin.

Obtain more skins

In addition to the official cases that you can find at CS:GO, these sites also invent their own cases. For example, you can find knives only cases, which as the name clearly suggests, only contain knife skins. You can find such types of special cases at our recommended sites, so you will get access to even more chances of winning valuable skins.

Take part in exciting games.

Many of our recommended sites also offer different CSGO skin gambling games where you can place a bet to win outstanding prizes. For example, if you obtain cheap skins from a case, you can opt for wagering them on games like Crash, which can easily turn your not-so-valuable skins into pretty expensive ones.

One of the most popular games on our recommended sites is Case Battles, where you can bet against another player to see who gets the most valuable skins from all the cases you decide to wager. Whoever wins, takes the entire lot of skins.

How to Select The Top CSGO Case Opening Sites: Complete Checklist

Here’s the exact process that we used at the hour of analyzing each one of the sites from our ranking. You’re free to follow it yourself to pick your own CSGO case opening sites, or you can simply read this section to verify that we know what we’re talking about.

Licenses and Audits

For a CS:GO case opening site to be trustworthy, it needs to be licensed. It can be a license from a gambling control board from Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, or any other relevant jurisdiction that’s known for issuing licenses to gambling platforms.

Case opening is gambling, so you need to ensure that the odds are not against you. The best way to ensure this is to verify that the site you want to use is Provably Fair. This blockchain system makes it possible to generate 100% random results that no party can know beforehand.

If a CSGO case opening site is licensed and Provably Fair, then you have a good start. But you also need to verify if the site has been audited. This will guarantee that the Provably Fair system works properly, in order for you to deposit and open cases at the site without problems.

Online Reputation

You also need to check the online reputation of the CS:GO case opening site. Start by searching its name on Google, so you can obtain the following data:

  • Relevant news

  • Reviews

  • Ratings

  • Comments

  • Etc.

Gather as much info as possible that will help you to determine if the site in question is reputable or not. If you see that there are too many bad reviews and accusations, then it’s better to dismiss the site.

On the other hand, if the majority of news, reviews, ratings and comments are positive, you can move on with the rest of the items in this checklist, to see if the site in question is actually good for you.

Quality of Cases and Skins

You’re here to open cases and win valuable skins, so after verifying that the site is licensed, legal, fair, and reputable, it’s time to check the quality of their offering in terms of cases and skins. Because you need lots of them.

You can check this by joining the site and analyzing the options on their marketplace, or when you try to buy/open a CSGO case. You will get a full list of all the cases you can buy from the site, be it original ones or cases created by the site itself.

If you see that the variety is good enough, then you can proceed with the other steps in this checklist.

You can go the extra mile and check their prices, so you can compare it against other sites, to see if they’re really bringing you a competitive edge in this sense or not.


Even though the focus is on case opening, it’s also good that a case opening site can bring you gambling games that will allow you to win even more skins. For example, these are the games we usually look for when selecting a case opening website:

  • Case Battles

  • Roulette

  • Crash

  • Dice

  • Coinflip

  • Minesweepers

  • Plinko

Case Battles, Dice, and Coinflip fall into the category of Peer to Peer games, because you will be playing against another user, removing the house edge from the equation. These games allow you to bet different cases/skins against other players, and whoever wins the battle, will take the whole prize home.

As you can see, these games are a good addition to any CSGO case opening site, because they will bring you more possibilities when it comes to opening cases and winning skins.

Welcome Bonuses and Offers

For a CSGO case opening site to be excellent, it also needs to offer solid bonuses, offers and promotions. We usually look for the following bonuses and promos when evaluating a new website:

  • Free skins bonuses

  • Free money bonuses

  • First deposit bonuses

  • Cashback bonuses

We also look for seasonal or frequent giveaways, because these can help you to win even more skins. You can participate in these giveaways for free, so that’s another huge plus that you will obtain by joining our recommended sites.

We also analyze the Terms and Conditions of every bonus and promotion, to make sure that there are no problematic restrictions or hard wagering requirements.

Online Security

A proper CSGO case opening site also needs to protect you as a customer. That’s why we verify that they have high standards of online security, by implementing solutions such as…

  • SSL Certificate

  • Encryption of Communications

  • CDN

  • DDoS Protection

  • 2FA and Email/SMS Alerts for Logging Attempts

  • Dedicated Online Security Team

These security measures will protect your information and your assets, as well as the money you have on the website, be it in the form of credits or crypto.

We understand that these sites are always on the radar of hackers and cyber criminals, and that’s why we’ve only selected the sites that can really guarantee your online safety.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

It’s also important for the site you select to bring you a wide myriad of deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can administer your money and assets the way you wish. Most of our recommended sites support the following payment methods:

  • CS:GO Skins

  • PayPal

  • Skrill

  • Neteller

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • AmericanExpress

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Pay by Mobile

  • AstroPay

  • Etc.

As you can see, you can administer your assets and money the way you wish at our recommended sites. But we also verify the following:

  • The sites must be able to process the payments quickly

  • They must be able to offer high limits for deposits and withdrawals

  • The KYC procedures must be fast and easy to complete

  • The sites must be able to process the payments with little or no fees.

Our CSGO case opening sites will make your experience incredible because you won’t have to deal with limited, slow or expensive payment methods

Customer Support Service

We also make sure that the sites can bring you the customer support service you deserve. We check the following:

  • The sites must be able to offer 24/7 customer support service (or 24/5 at least)

  • They must be able to help you through live chat, phone or email

  • They must have a proper F.A.Q section

  • They must be able to respond to questions and solve issues fast.

Testing the customer support service of every site is a really big task, so we’ve done it for you. Just choose a site from our list and you will have the peace of mind that you’re joining a good CSGO case opening platform.

Free Cases and Promotions Available on CSGO Case Opening Sites

These sites also offer different bonuses and promotions that will help you to win even more skins. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Free Money Bonus

These bonuses bring you a specific amount of free money that you can use to open different cases. Most of these bonuses bring you anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 in free credits, with no deposit required, and most of the time, with very easy or non-existent wagering requirements.

Free Skins/Cases Bonus

This is one of the coolest bonuses when you want to focus on case opening, because you will get either free skins or cases. For example, CSGOLuck will bring you 5 FREE cases as a welcome bonus, just by joining the site with a special promo code.

Extra Percentage Deposit Bonus

If you’re ready to deposit real money, then you should take advantage of this bonus. For example, sites like DatDrop will bring you an extra 5% on your first deposit, so you can grow your funds to buy even more cases. This is especially sound if you’re ready to deposit big money, because you want to get serious on obtaining valuable and legendary skins.

The Best CSGO Cases To Open

You can find dozens over dozens of cases in CSGO, but what are the best ones you can open at our recommended sites? We’ll recommend the top cases, so you can focus your attention and resources on obtaining them:

  • Recoil Case

  • Gamma 2 Case

  • Operation Broken Fang Case

  • Winter Offensive Weapon Case

  • Operation Riptide Case

  • Prisma Case

  • Operation Hydra Case

  • Prisma 2 Case

  • Falchion Case

  • Chroma 3 Case

All of these cases contain valuable skins, so it’s a good idea to focus on them. Be it by buying them directly or using them in Case Battles, you stand a fair chance at winning expensive skins that will have a huge positive impact on your inventory and CS:GO finances.

For example, you can get a USP-S | Printstream from the Recoil Case, which can cost up to $300 USD if it’s factory-new. Another example is the StatTrak™ M4A4 | Asiimov from the Winter Offensive Weapon Case, which can cost over $500 USD.

As you can see, you can find lots of valuable cases at our recommended sites, be it for opening them or gambling. You can use them to take your inventory to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have questions about our recommended CSGO case opening sites, then this section will bring you the answers you need.

Are CSGO case opening sites legal?

Yes, as long as your jurisdiction considers online gambling as legal. This is true for the majority of countries, but certain regions such as North America might have a different take on it. Therefore, to make sure that a CSGO case opening site is legal in your country, check your local regulations and laws.

Is CS:GO case opening the same as gambling?

In many senses, yes. Because you’re placing a bet (paying the price to open the case) and you don’t really know what you will get in return. It could be a very valuable skin, or a dirt cheap one. You’re at the mercy of luck once you open the case, so it’s very similar to gambling.

Can you open CSGO cases only with knives?

Yes, you can find cases that will only contain knives at our recommended CS:GO case opening sites. Make sure to read the description so that you can verify that the content is 100% composed of knife skins. Remember that these cases are usually created by the site itself, so they do not belong to any official collection by CS:GO, but they’re rather grouped up together to form a knives only case.

Are CS:GO case opening sites backed up by Valve?

No, since all of our recommended sites are third-party, they’re not recommended, endorsed or supported by Valve. However, as we’ve seen on this page, third-party case opening sites are superior to Valve because you can get cases for a cheaper price, obtain more and valuable skins, and even take part in games to win even more skins and items.

Can you play at CSGO case opening sites with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, many of our recommended CSGO case opening sites support different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, XRP, SOL, etc. You can use them for deposits and withdrawals whenever you want, and they usually process such payments real fast with very small fees.


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